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u/sn44 路 1 pointr/overlanding

A few...

101 Things to do with a Dutch Oven

My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook: 101 Popular & Delicious Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

This same author did a bunch for "scouts." I like them because they are pretty simple and easy to follow:

u/DCW5 路 1 pointr/overlanding

I recommend that you get a copy of Tony Huegel鈥檚 Utah Byways .

Also, I bet you will enjoy the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands NP.

u/plantgreen 路 1 pointr/overlanding

I've been prowling around la baja since October, skipping winter! Here are my hot tips:

u/shamarctic 路 8 pointsr/overlanding

I was asked to post this custom map here. I made it for an upcoming trip to death valley.

It's pretty straight forward to import .GPX files into google my maps. To get the GPX files, I worked from a series of waypoints, which I converted using GPS Visualizer. From here, I export to .KMZ and use one of a variety of iPhone apps to access the map without cell service. I use map plus today, but have been recomended GAIA GPS and have been giving that a shot.

I found most of my routes from trails.com as well as Southern California BackCountry Adventures which is terrific, albeit out of print :(

AMA about the process, the particular map, etc. If you have any suggestions for routes, hit me up!

u/mcwelby6 路 3 pointsr/overlanding

If you're looking for a cheap lightweight option, I picked up one of these and it's great: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WG73GGY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_OthRDb0BX8WK7

u/Oricle10110 路 2 pointsr/overlanding

Its in the Backcountry Adventures book I bought, and marked as a trip I plan to do this summer.


u/mr_masamune 路 2 pointsr/overlanding

I buy the National Geographic maps. I carry that, and an atlas whenever I go out. I don't have a GPS yet, and even if I did, I still would have these.

u/WeArePachari 路 1 pointr/overlanding

Tons of regular cars have made this trip, if you鈥檙e referring to the Panamerican Highway. Spend some time on google and YouTube and you鈥檒l find lots of examples. Check out the book Overlanders鈥 Handbook by Chris Scott

u/ForcedIntoThis 路 2 pointsr/overlanding

"Don't Go There. It's Not Safe. You'll Die.: And other more rational advice for overlanding Mexico & Central America"

Check this out if you haven't already. I haven't read it yet but its on my list.