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u/Donny-Thornberry · 8 pointsr/pelletgrills

I'm not OP but I make a brisket about twice a month for my family. Here are my steps, done on a Rec Tec Bull 700.

  1. Trim brisket. Remove decal, trim fat cap down to ~1/4", remove any silverskin on top.
  2. Rub it. Use S&P to stay pure, or whatever makes you happy. Occasionally I will break all the rules and inject with a mixture of melted Kerrygold butter and cajun seasoning. It's always a hit.
  3. Place brisket fat-cap-side-down on your smoker and get the temp set to 225.
  4. When brisket internal temp gets to ~160, and has developed a nice crust, pull it and wrap in peach butcher paper. Can be found on Amazon Here
  5. Let brisket continue to cook until internal temp reaches ~204 degrees.
  6. Let rest in cooler for no less than about 2 hours.
  7. Slice 1/4" thick.
  8. Shove down your gullet.
  9. Share with friends, family, neighbors...etc.
  10. Take any leftovers and make chopped beef sandwiches, or use as tamale stuffing.
u/catfashion · 5 pointsr/pelletgrills

It isn't that they've made it where you can, they just use the same control panels for both.

I can't vouch for every one, but I bought one recently and did the following:

-When the grill was turned on, I put my phone on top of the hopper and picked up a WiFi signal (the name says something about GMG and DB for Daniel Boone with a bunch of numbers).

-Ordered a WiFi antenna from Amazon. this worked perfectly

-Removed the screws holding in the control panel and found where the small end of the cable shown on the previous link connects to the circuit board, and connected the two.

-Drilled a small hole in the bottom back corner of where the hopper is (it should be hollow if you look underneath the grill).

-Removed the nut from the coaxial end of the cable and connected that to the hole that I drilled in the previous step.

-Connected the antenna to the coaxial end of the cable that is now affixed to the back of the grill.

-Turned the grill on, connect to the WiFi signal from the grill on your smartphone. The password should be the serial number on your grill.

-Download the Green Mountain Grill app, connect, and enjoy.

The only thing I can't figure out is how to link the grill through my WiFi router, which is supposed to be possible.

It sounds like a lot of steps, but it is super simple.

u/Trophlin · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

I would recommend searing over a chimney. You can get the coals hot while the steaks are cooking then put them on the grates over the chimney to sear. It's the quickest method with the best results.

The cost to purchase a chimney and grate are pretty cheap. This grate will give you the best fitment for a chimney (I have the same grate and it's heavy duty!!). DISCLAIMER: Make sure the chimney isn't made of galvanized metal since it emits a poisonous gass when heated which will get on your food!!!

Here's an example video (17:24 if on mobile). Watch the entire video if you so desire. Spoiler: They both picked the chimney method.

u/GMG_noob · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

I have 2 of the therm pro wireless ones. Each one has 2 probes that I have placed around. I adjusted for the smoke today and its much better at least. Will need to keep practicing to dial in the temp settings on this thing.

The ribs turned out great. Flavor was perfect just cooked a little to fast so did get the clean bone pull.

This one:

u/johndoe60610 · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

Congrats! Something I wish I'd done sooner is add some insulation around the lid. Cheap and effective way to keep smoke (and heat) from billowing out the sides. Helps reduce pellet use and lessen temperature fluctuations.

u/Blzfan · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

I use this Greek seasoning and love it! Everyone I ever make chicken for loves it too!

Cavenders Seasoning Greek, 8 oz

Just a heads up, I rub olive oil on first to get the seasoning to stick well.

u/Bamboozle87 · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

Buy a nice thermometer like this if you don’t have one, two even.

Make sure the heat shield is in the right position to get the best heat distribution and limit hot spots. A laser temp gun makes this easier.

Setup an ambient temp probe near the meat to monitor temperature. My grills internal sensor is not always accurate. So I’ll just manage the temp with a few extra probes I set up.

Low and slow and you’ll be fine. Don’t go off time, use a meat probe and cook until it reaches temp. I second A brisket will take awhile depending on size.

u/TheSnideOne · 4 pointsr/pelletgrills

You can not go wrong with these.

However, I also have what is called "cash & carry" stores by me and I buy my pellets from them. They sell "Bear Mountain" pellets. I buy 20# bags of assorted woods and blend them myself, for $10.33 a bag. They burn great. Best, lowest cost, pellet I have personally found.

u/Canadian_Couple · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

Yea it was way better than those really thin bbq grill splatter mats they sell for decks and that purpose. Plus the horse stall mats are super heavy duty and can be cut or notched fairly easily

u/heybroooody · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

I put this on the lid (rather around the barrel where the lid closes) on my Pit Boss and am thrilled with the difference in smoke going out of the chimney rather than the lid.


u/shmaltz_herring · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

I just did some random searching for green mountain grills and came across this late. Definitely get the A-maze-n tube smoker. It works good for adding extra smoke at the start of a long cook. You'll need to by a small propane torch from lowes or home depot to get it going.

u/Fents_Post · 12 pointsr/pelletgrills

I use this. This size will fit 20 pounds of pellets. They also make a larger size that could probably hold 40 pounds.

u/scoobdude22 · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

I bought two of these. The 12# will hold a 20# bag and the 24# will hold a 40# bag. Water tight to. And much easier to pour than a bucket

u/polpotwasright · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

You could always try this:

Don't remember the specific user, but they recommended it on another thread on this sub.

u/evrydayzawrkday · 3 pointsr/pelletgrills

Maybe? Here is the Amazon page, and here is the context in terms of fit...

> Fits any pellet grill with a centered burnpot and a 19-1/2″ diameter barrel

Looking at the Rec Tec website, the diameter of my cook chamber (width) is 20 inches. The GMG JB is 24 inches (wide).

The website shows the only grill not compatible is the Pit Boss 1100, but you can contact them and see?

u/PM_me_ur_launch_code · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

Another option is the [A-maze-n pellet tubes](
A-MAZE-N AMNTS12 EMW8592230, Stainless : Pellet Smoker)

You fill them full of pellets and light with a blow torch. My six inch one smokes for about 2-3 hours which is all you really need for smoke flavor.

u/JustWanderful · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

In the lower temperatures, 170-250 there's plenty of smoke. Above 250 there's not as much as the pellets are burning up faster to keep up with the heat demands.

But remember, if you want a smokier flavor to your meat, use mesquite or hickory pellets, as fruit woods such as apple or cherry have a lighter smoke flavor.

If you still need more smokey flavor, get a smoker tube.

u/McFeely_Smackup · 1 pointr/pelletgrills

spatchcocking is the answer to your problem.

get a decent set of shears (these are the ones I use) and it literally takes about 20 seconds to spatchcock.

u/komark- · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

Were you able to put in the password too?

You don’t cut anything. You connect the antenna onto the silver little chip in between the two control panels. What I do is just run the cable out from under the grill then I have it taped to the side of my pellet hopper.

The tone is the low pellet alarm. Open hopper and place something in front of the sensor to stop it.

this is the antenna I got. It comes with 2, you could probably by another brand or whatever, just make sure it’s the same connecting size