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u/DoritoLocoTaco · 1 pointr/perfectgift

I'm probably too late, but some ideas!

The mug is a cute idea, I love these "Surprise Mugs"

We don't know which country you or she is from, but it might be nice to get hers something small from her country (or something from your country that's super distinct if she's very excited about living there).

For instance, if she is from Germany, you could get her some Hanuta -- I know when I moved away from home, it was very comforting to get reminders from there.

Or if she's from Belgium, Stroopwafels might be nice to go with tea! Just something small that represents her home.

As for relaxation items (which seems to me to be one of your best options seeing as your ultimate goal is to help her relax, right?), I have a few:

Gong for her desk at work?

A zen "Desktop Garden?"

A Buddha Board for work?

A little desktop fountain?

A diffuser for at home (SUPER relaxing, but you'd also need essential oils)?

Or even a necklace diffuser?

u/Fit_Shaced · 6 pointsr/perfectgift

Single item? Easy. 25lb bag of rainbow goddamn sprinkles. for just 30 bucks.

Or, if you really want to get this guy's dick hard, you can spread the comically sized foodstuffs love around with a 7 pound tin of chocolate/other flavor of pudding, a 4.5 pound tub of Reese's peanut butter sauce, a still respectable 5lb bag of chocolate sprinkles, and a dozen premade pie crusts for a mediocre but hilariously abundant batch of chocolate peanut butter pies for 50 bucks spot on. Shipping will take you over budget, depends on how much you like the idea.

You could also nix the peanut butter sauce and get oreo pie crusts with a vanilla/other pudding base if you take the person for an oreo lover (and who the fuck isn't?). Additionally there exists an 11lb bucket of goopy marshmallow gunk if you want to get truly insane. That one could also be a base for some other strange recipes. Or just give the massive marshmallow sludge-bucket with the 25# psychadelic sprinkles and leave this weirdo to his own batshit devices.

Just some ideas. Get creative. is going to be your go to for this one, but you may need to flesh some of the extras out with amazon or another bulk food store.

One gargantuan pack of a single foodstuff? Ha, look at all the sprinkles I have! One for each fuck I don't give!

Multiple merely huge packs of symbiotic ingredients? Now we've got a ridiculous party going that everyone can enjoy.

I got my first girlfriend by getting her 15 bags of marshmallows for her birthday, since I had no fucking clue what she liked and was supposed to be at her party in less than an hour. She dug it.

Since then, foods in silly quantities have been a go-to for me in gifting. It's seriously my favorite. Have fun!

u/deadkactus · 1 pointr/perfectgift

If she enjoys all kinds of music... Get her a pair of good headphones. The super lux HD668B is the best bang for the buck when it comes to headphones and matches headphones at higher price ranges
Superlux HD668B

Then go to /r/audiophile on the link below and check out all the audiophile grade records of 2014 posted there.

Once you listen to music recorded with the audiophile crowd in mind, its hard to listen to anything of lesser quality, even if the file being played is an mp3. A great recording or production translates well even when compressed.

And next year you can upgrade her setup to include a better digital to analog converter and headphone amp. They can be found for mobile applications or MAC/PC.

You can research headphone gear here

u/Im-Probably-Lying · 2 pointsr/perfectgift

Boot warmers. My father in law loves his, he uses them every time he goes out hunting.

These are the kind we got him, he says they work great even years later:

A UV flashlight to help detect blood trails at night. He loves that as well. Here's the kind we got him:

A deer target. Costs about 80 bucks for a good one and it will last for years. Here's the one we got him:

You can probably get one at Cabelas or Academy for a little less though.

I'll ask my wife for more ideas when she gets home tonight too.

RemindMe! 6:30 PM Eastern Time

u/not_charles_grodin · 1 pointr/perfectgift

This camera bag is my quick, go-to bag when I'm in a hurry and need the essentials in a small, durable container. It holds just enough to get the job done and is the perfect size to lug into most situations without drawing too much attention to yourself. Also, there is a perfect spot to get it monogrammed right under the logo, which you should consider because these are very common in certain circles. Plus, even with monogramming, your cost is less than $50.

u/MinxyMiyagi · 1 pointr/perfectgift

The Book With No Pictures is a fun book. It requires some effort from you during the reading but it's sure to get a laugh.

u/ammiritecomeon · 1 pointr/perfectgift

Bubbles or a bubble wand machine only require one hand, a plush wand (wizard or fairy), Walking play balance paving stones! , Horsepole! , or a teeter!

u/--X88B88-- · 1 pointr/perfectgift

These are great for that:

My daughter and I spent many hours searching and finding with them.

u/DeathSpaghetti · 1 pointr/perfectgift

Taken from the [Lucid Dreaming sub-reddit:] (
[This book is a perfect tool for a person trying to understand lucid-dreaming.] ( It's considered a necessary read in the sub-reddit!

u/JLWDGCSU · 2 pointsr/perfectgift

The Treasures of Major League Baseball: It's a book and it also has reproduced baseball memorabilia throughout the years.

u/Pudie · 1 pointr/perfectgift

I got my dad this book and one othe rby the same photographer the Xmas after he moved in to his cabin themed home and he loved them.

u/ooogy · 2 pointsr/perfectgift

Hmm, this could be a difficult choice. I believe since he is getting quite old you should purchase something that will make life a little easier for those soon to be brittle bones. I suggest the Rocket Fishing Rod found at Amazon for a steal of a deal $49.89.