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u/massivebilly · 2 pointsr/perfectionism

Yo beans. I know that feeling well, and I've been there for many years, until recently. It's especially hard because you base your entire value of self-worth on what you achieve (or don't) rather than just feeling an inherent self worth. Or at least this was how it felt to me. It's super hard to know how to break the cycle without the benefit of having someone show you how. For me, that was with a therapist - she specialised in the area and gave me exercises and reading material to help me break the cycle. I'd really recommend this book as a start: Happy to talk more if you need.

u/Akatchuk · 1 pointr/perfectionism

Sounds like you could do with a dose of self-compassion. Kristin Neff wrote a book on the subject, and there's loads of related resources, so you start by testing yourself to see how self-compassionate you are, and maybe follow the meditation and exercises or even do a course?

In any case, I don't think what people say will matter as much as how your perceive yourself, and I think self-compassion could help you get rid of that feeling :)

EDIT: Just spotted The Gift of Imperfection by Brené Brown which might interest you too?

u/WriterVAgentleman · 1 pointr/perfectionism

There's an awesome chapter from Dr. Alice Boyles' "The Anxiety Toolkit" that I come back to often. The whole book is fantastic; I think perfectionism — for me at least — manifests in so many ways: procrastination, ruminating to "right" an episode, shyness, impossible standards/inferiority complex. It addresses many of those separately, which I find helpful.