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u/CurlyHairedGirlTX · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

TL;DR Try insect growth regulators, and find ways to dehumidify the house (and keep the dehumidifier drain pan emptied). Boric acid or diatomaceous earth with a puff hand duster in wall voids, under sinks, behind electrical outlets.


Ask the pest control company if they applied any insect growth regulator. If they didn't (and maybe just to be sure) get some Gentrol Point Source discs. Put them on every wall of every room you have cockroaches in, and the other side of the wall on rooms next to the rooms where you've seen cockroaches. And under every sink.

Get a hand powder duster like this one . Fill with diatomaceous earth or boric acid or both depending on your comfort with toxicity and whether you have kids or pets or anyone with asthma in the house. Do some reading on this, I'm not an expert. Unscrew and remove your electrical outlet plates, and send a couple puffs in each outlet. Then replace the outlet plates. Also use the hand duster to puff in the cracks that you have mentioned.

I tried putting dabs of gel bait in back of the outlet plates as well. (edited to say that someone else on another thread said I shouldn't do that because the bait is wet and there's an electrical hazard)

Did pest control treat every room in the house, or just the kitchen? If they were focusing on the kitchen, that's probably where they applied most of the pesticides. Have pest control come back and treat any room where you've seen roaches. Or ask which pesticide they've been using, and see if they can switch to another in case the smokybrown roaches are resistant. Most of the over the counter products I've seen seem to have Fipronil, so it's possible that if the previous residents were only using roach motels instead of calling an exterminator, that they have become resistant to that specific pesticide. Someone on another thread said Fipronil is generally a good pesticide.

Have you been plugging the drains at night? That's one potential way that roaches could be getting in the house. As a random idea, try putting glue boards down at night in the sinks of the rooms where you see the most roaches.

Are there any dripping faucets or sources of humidity beyond that of a Texas summer? Can you install a dehumidifier and frequently empty out the drain pan? Apparently water and plant material are the main things smoky brown roaches are attracted to.

It's also possible that since smoky brown roaches aren't attracted to food like peanut butter, that the roaches aren't eating the bait the exterminator is putting out. Is there stuff in the attic they might be eating? I know that most Texas houses don't have basements.

u/chardar4 · 6 pointsr/pestcontrol

You'll need a gallon pump sprayer to apply these

Alpine wsg is a pesticide with a super high transfer rate. Can be mixed up to 30 grams a gallon for interior treatmentsπ=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=alpine+wsg&dpPl=1&dpID=41d4g8YLSML&ref=plSrch

Archer insect growth regulator mixed at 2 ounces per gallon (mix with alpine)π=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=archer+igr&dpPl=1&dpID=4115-aiourL&ref=plSrch

You'll need to use a gel bait. Best applied in commonly found harborage areas like around warm, moist areas, (the mechanical workings of refrigerator, behind stoves, in cabinets, under sinks, any other areas you commonly see them) place the bait in pea sized drops, and use more then you think you'll need. The idea is if they eat the bait, come back looking for more, wwr want it to be the for them to find

A good dust for void applications is alpine or delta dust. Applied with a bulb duster.π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=alpine+dust&dpPl=1&dpID=51NCSADMxqL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=alpine+dust&dpPl=1&dpID=31fGp0QNQjL&ref=plSrch

These products are great for areas you can't reach or see like inside walls. You'd remove outlet covers, lights switch covers etc. Place tip of duster inside the wall, and "blow" the dust inside the wall.

A few things to look for after applying, firstly, dead cockroaches show they're getting in the product. Also, the growth regulator will mutate the females appearance, curling the wings on their backs. Seeing these will also give you a clue you're applying the product in the correct place. All of these products are expensive, but when applied correctly will be very effective at solving your problem. Good luck to you

u/thesusie93 · 2 pointsr/pestcontrol

Buy some glue traps from Amazon (These were the brand my pest control technician used, they are not baited glue traps, but it sticks it works: ) place them on the floors along the walls and i guess on your toilet too if you think you were seeing poop there. If there is a problem, sooner or later one of your traps will have something and you can show it to your building manager and their pest control. Let your building manager know asap you suspect a roach issue, at least then he can start making appointments to get them out to your apartment and see if they spot anything.

In the mean time, I recommend

  1. reading the sticky as well as other posts particular by a user dragonfly(?), since he did DYI with baiting with Advion Gel and IGR sprays. But hopefully your building manager will take responsibility for this and pay for it.
  2. I would NOT mention you think it is brown branded, since it can imply you had brought it in rather than the building being at fault (idk weird/cheap minds) and plus it may steer your tech in the wrong direction (some material is better on germans vs. brown banded apparently).
  3. Look at microwave,stove, coffee maker, to see if they are hiding under or even in them (coffee maker seems to be a common place from other posts).

    If your building manager does pay for the pest control, some tips:

  4. have good conversation with the technician and ask what kind of material they are using, some keywords for the spray my guy used was Alpine WSG, Tekko Pro, Phantom and IGR (MUST HAVE THIS it inhibits their growth, aka no baby roaches).
  5. If he might have glue traps (so you dont have to keep buying your own) to set out to really monitor the situation after the spray.
  6. Mention you've read about baiting and see if that may be an option for treatment down the line (you can approach this after your first spray, since i'd imagine its hard to address this is the roach issue is not yet confirmed).

    I was fortunate to have a good tech who conversed with me via text with all the questions I had to understand the material.

    My studio was suspected of german vs. brown branded since I only had nymphs and look pretty similar at that stage. If they are adult its easier to identify, so the glue traps will help either way. If it is brown branded, then it is not limited to only wet areas like kitchen and restrooms unfortunately, they like EVERYTHING. Did extensive search online when my pest control guy suspected brown branded. They do not need as much water as the typical german, so are okay to venture into bedroom spaces and hide in electronics and other spaces.
u/RegularPhilosophy · 2 pointsr/pestcontrol

in this situation pest control is only money wasted, if you get rid of these squirrels others will move into this territory.

The only hope is to enclose the cable in something that they can't chew through. Don't know if soft wrapping will help, but it seems that if it's soft it will be great for a nest too.

for the thicker parts with jumper cables I would use something like this:
with a cover.

u/thejshep · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

If you're dealing with camel crickets and don't want to use pesticide then I would recommend getting a box of glue traps. Set a few of these out every 2-3 days and watch as the traps fill up and do their job. These traps are scented to attract pests and I have good luck catching crickets in basements with them.

u/SarcasticSocialist · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

Since I haven't seen it here yet, a good way to kill any roaches and prevent reinfestation is by using Cimexa dust. Buy a duster and some Cimexa and lightly dust the interior of the ps4 through the air vents. Bonus points if you open it up and dust the inside too. Watch some videos on dusting appliances so you get a feel for how little you need to use to be effective. This Cimexa is not a poison but rather it dehydrates the insects and doesn't harm electronics. Best part is you can use it in other areas of infestation as well.

If you decide to go this route make sure you use a dust mask when applying and read the label on the Cimexa bottle before you use it. It's not poison but I'm you still don't want to put it somewhere where someone could breathe it in so make sure you know how to apply it before you so.

u/GamesOverLifeStarts · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

You will be fine. Don’t consume anything that was open. Wipe down all counters. And don’t use a flea bomb next time. Try this. It’s an amazing product. The company I work for has a renowned R&D team, we test almost every product on the market to see what we should use in our protocol. This is our winner.

You can probably find cheaper elsewhere.

u/oheysup · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

No plants or anything. I think the reason I ask is I watched the last guy and he just simply sprayed all around then left, seemed easy as I don't have much going on in my apartment/balcony.

I was looking at what they use and it's basically this but in a better delivery system

u/bigmikemofo · 3 pointsr/pestcontrol

OK so you have two options here.

1: You buy what's called a bait box that holds pellets. If placed correctly a dog won't be able to get to the pellets. Here's a link to what they look like:

2: You actively trap them. With this method you'll need to buy some corn and/or sunflower seeds to lure them into the traps.

If you don't like these options you could try to get a pest control tech. out to your home for a consult. Depending on what state you live in he might be able to use specialty pesticides.

u/wafflesareforever · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

I had those for a while too. I used something like this product and it worked.

u/afetidfiend · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

Granular bait is a good suggestion, but Advion Insect Granules specifically are not labeled for Red Imported Fire Ants.

I typically used Advance 375A select granular ant bait to treat these guys during my time operating in CA.

u/RusticSurgery · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

I'm guessing you mean what I know as "drain flies."

These breed in decaying, wet organic matter. This is usually a sign that your drains need cleaning with something like roto-rooter but some times an enzymatic drain cleaner will do. That said: it COULD be something as simple as a potato that got kicked under a kitchen appliance and forgotten about. The point here is to find the breeding source and clean it. Sometimes a garbage disposal is the issue...maybe you just need to hose out your trash bins.

u/PandaWanton · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

I bought some of this stuff:

Going to disperse it this weekend and see how well it works.

u/oddoutlier · 2 pointsr/pestcontrol

I honesty don't know what number would be considered an infestation.

This is the gel bait I used btw.

I suggest placing the gel not just in the closet, but a bit around the perimeter inside the garage (like near the corners). Place some particularly near the pipes (as shown in the pic in the link), and anywhere there are cracks in the wall. I'd also consider putting some in your own home (like under the sink, corners of the kitchen, under the fridge, stove, and in the bathroom). Then just wait for two weeks. Then use the traps to check if they're still there.

u/Dlz628 · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

Not a bed bug so I wouldn't sweat it too much, but Diatomaceous earth is a cheap, safe desiccant that is fatal to insects but harmless to humans and pets

u/FinalF137 · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

A insect net RESTCLOUD Insect and Butterfly Net with 12" Ring, 24" Net Depth, Handle Extends to 59 Inches

u/rockker60 · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

This seems to be pretty comprehensive.

I would bathe the animals that can be bathed in flea killer shampoo and use Advantage or Frontline killer on animals (cats) that don't like water and some Boric acid (aka Boraxo) powder on your carpets/furniture. Here is the article suggested "Fleabuster" powder on Amazon, it also has some suggestions on what to in the reviews of the product.

We've used Advantage (or another external on pet flea chemical), but haven't needed to do the carpets, etc., but this seems very thorough.

u/[deleted] · -6 pointsr/pestcontrol on all of our surfaces around the bed. It'll eventually kill them but you need to use yourself s bait for about 2 weeks. Vacuum and put it back down every few days.

u/Wildwoodywoodpecker · 2 pointsr/pestcontrol

Flea bombs in that room will not do a damn thing. thiscomes with a small plastic tube you can use to stick in to cracks and holes. It's not necessarily my best suggestion I could offer but it's exactly what you're looking for. Sounds like your on top of the nest so stick the tube into the holes where the sawdust and dead ants are falling from. If it works correctly it'll flush out the ants and they'll be all gone in a day or two. If
It doesn't work correctly you'll have to drill holes and possibly remove boards to access the nest.

u/vzw · 1 pointr/pestcontrol

Pest Control guy here. For even the worst German roach services, I do this:

Advion roach bait in all kitchen cabinet hinges and drawer rails (dime sized). Sprays of D-Force in all cracks and crevices, and Archer IGR sprayed around the perimeter of the infested area with a B&G. This is will completely eliminate and control German roaches. Depending on the infestation (mild by the sound of it), it will take 2-4 days before you see the roaches dead and another week or so before they are completely controlled.

A pest control company should be charging around $100-$150 for this service and it takes about 20-30 min.