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u/Glitch_King · 2 pointsr/petplay

As someone who likes chewing on stuff myself maybe get her a chew toy. To get her more used to acting like a cow maybe set up like a small track for a toy car, and have her continually push it back and forth with her muzzle. Or some other similar activity to get her into the habit of interacting with things like a cow, mostly by pushing at it with her muzzle.

Have you been working with bit gags for her? like a cow would have something like this so maybe having a bit gag for her when walking her around would be nice? Or for the car rides you talked about. Animals are usually leached somewhere inside the vehicle for transport so they don't move around too much, so that could be a good option for that. I have some fun ideas for the car ride, like maybe having her wear a spreader bar in the car to enhance her feeling of being on public display without actually revealing anything to anyone looking in.

Though for all the car related stuff safety is of course a thing to consider, so a potential leach or spreader bar should be more symbolic than practical, something easily breakable if needed. She seems like a nice docile cow so I don't think she would try to break out anyway. :)

u/Pastvariant · 3 pointsr/petplay

It sounds to me like you want to get some kind of construction kneepad since they have a flat front which is better for being on your knees for a long duration vs. "tactical"/military focused kneepads which are designed to stay on well while moving and give protection while transitioning into different firing positions in rough terrain.

Any of the mid priced options here will probably work fine for your purposes, you definitely want something with gel though.

As for military knee pads, my personal favorite is the Hatch X-Tak, and I am speaking as someone who has worn them for the past 6 years between being in the military, training after the military, and while hiking to keep my knees from getting wrecked while doing camp chores.

I figured black would be more your speed, but the OD green is my favorite. Make sure you are getting the knee pads and not the elbow pads.

Anyways, cheers and I hope you find what you are looking for. Remember, soft front pads will wear out faster, but they might be easier to conceal/wear without distracting you with noise, etc.

u/ItsAbby789 · 5 pointsr/petplay

Hmmm....I’ve seen these plastic containers/boxes for shoes, and something like that could work. Or really any type of Tupperware or container. Even an empty shoebox (you could even decorate it if you were feeling festive!).
You could also use plastic freezer bags to keep everything separate if you wanted to. I know it would take up some room to have a container like that in your travel bag, but that’s the best thing I could think of!

If you wanted a separate bag all together, you could get a small one that has a hard case.

I hope that helps!

Edit: They also sell things like this:

I just searched “travel cubes for packing” and there were lots of options.

u/tswannabe · 2 pointsr/petplay

I also like puppy play. I think the best way to do it is buy a couple items to help get yourself in the mindset. The problem is masks and paws can be very expensive. I have a butt plug tail and a collar. That puts me in the zone. From there, let go of your inhibitions and fully accept the fact that you are a pup and nothing more. Crawl around and woof, lick water from a bowl, watch videos of other pups. That's what has worked for me.

this is the tail I have, the plug is kind of big so be cautious if you aren't practiced in anal play

u/nextjr · 2 pointsr/petplay

ClearUmm Women Sexy Punk Leather Harness Garter Belt Adjustable Waist Leg Cincher Cage Belt - Free Size - 6 Leg Rings

Have fun 😉

u/Faeidal · 2 pointsr/petplay

I have at least a dozen of these in different colors. They are the most comfortable underwear I own. Though they are an off-brand they hold up well and fit as expected. Sofishie bow back panties

u/asterisk20xx · 2 pointsr/petplay

Try an over the door organizer. Something like this:

u/fpAlexandra · 1 pointr/petplay

I got both from my local Amazon version (.de)





The Bonegag can be found on with a bit of searching, but I didn't see the mask. The first place I saw the mask was on but they wouldn't ship in my area.