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u/KurtDog200 · 0 pointsr/phenibut

I'm new to the Phenibut, but have had ~15 years of experience with depression and anxiety along with all the side effects they bring.

I've taken all kinds of anti-depressants, benzos, supplements, herbal remedies, you name it. By far the best and only long term solution is not drinking alcohol at all, diet, and exercise along with getting enough sleep. There is no cure for depression, it's a constant battle, but you can win it. As for diet, cut out sugar and processed foods, especially refined grains. 80% of your calories should come from fruits and vegetables, mostly vegetables. The rest should come from good fats(omegas) and a little bit of animal protein. Get at least an hour of exercise 4 times a week including cardio as well as strength training.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps as well. It's basically retraining your thought pattern to not harp on the negative thoughts and learn to manage them. A good book for this is felling good. If you read the book and do the exercises it really helps.

From my limited experience with phenibut, I don't think it's a good solution to depression or anxiety.

But if you do need a crutch, I've found Kratom to be a very good for short term relief. It's great for anxiety, depression, pain, energy and sleep.

Best of luck.

u/RickZanches · 3 pointsr/phenibut

Yo you tried to snort it!? I commend your effort but that's a huge waste of time and god knows what it did to your nose. Not trying to be rude, but don't do that again man, yikes.

Have you thought of parachuting it? Amazon sells these little edible papers you can wrap your dose up in and swallow in one shot, no taste at all. People use them for Kratom a lot.

I forget what they're called, but if you're interested, I'll look them up for you. I'm on mobile rn or I'd just link to them.

Also, if you're trying to taper down, I've heard anecdotal reports of people cutting their large doses in half with minimal withdrawals. Kratom also helps with the withdrawal while tapering when taken on a as needed basis (you can get addicted to it too, so there's that).

Best of luck man.


These are what I was talking about:

You can put the dose inside, seal it with a lil water, and swallow it whole.

u/nootronium · 6 pointsr/phenibut

I strongly recommend that you do not take this or any other powdered compound without measuring with a scale, each time. The type of phenibut (FAA/HCL), crystal size, different batches, how you load the spoon, etc., all make it hard to get reliable, repeated doses.

The scales are cheap--here is a very popular one on Amazon:

Phenibut can be a fantastic aid to better living--let us know how it goes!

u/Trooper636 · 3 pointsr/phenibut

From what I've read, you also need a bit of vitamin k2 in order to efficiently process the D - But you can find capsules with k2+D for basically the same price. Good luck!

u/srubek · 1 pointr/phenibut

It's so much easier if you use these capsules and just mash them into the powder (or pour the powder into the lid and then mash the capsule onto it) until packed tight, and then put the small end of the capsule on the other end. You will have a 100mg F-phenibut capsule, pretty reliably/consistently.. Though with something like this, I suggest getting a scale to be sure of accuracy.

u/Phanners · 1 pointr/phenibut

$10. Seriously do yourself a favor and purchase this scale. Got mine a year and a half ago, use it multiple times every day, still works perfectly.

u/The5thHorseman666 · 1 pointr/phenibut

Yes I have one of those and it's pretty damn accurate. Then again you don't need to be 100% accurate so i bought a scale with a bigger surface for doing both pheni and kratom which should be plenty and you don't need to use a special weighing surface

u/Saviour- · 24 pointsr/phenibut

If you don't like caps, try oblates. It's an edible film you can swallow, people use it for stuff like kratom so they don't have to deal with the taste. Way better than dealing with caps.

u/KarmaYogadog · 1 pointr/phenibut

I didn't find any advantage to sublingual over toss & wash. I'm still searching for my optimal once-per-week dosage and I'm moving down from the 1700 mg with a 500 mg booster I tried last night. That was too much. Next week I'll try 2000 mg with no booster. I think more than once per week is a no go for me but I'm still experimenting.

I also ordered oblate discs from Amazon so I don't have to wash the phenibut over my teeth, I can just swallow it like parachuting but with cornstarch instead of toilet paper:

I know the F.A.A. form is not acidic like the HCl but even so, it irritates my mouth and my teeth feel sensitive after taking it. I'll see if that changes when I start parachuting with the oblate discs.

u/MrHumanRevolution · 2 pointsr/phenibut

First thing you will do is get a cheap scale that can weight this before you use it because it can be more or less depending on the powder if its tight or loose.

Get atleast something like this

for your own safety

u/pompr · 3 pointsr/phenibut

Use a .00 scale. Something like this.

u/LordBeefus · 1 pointr/phenibut

Each of these Amazon link holds 500 to 600mg... usually, be sure to double check with a scale.)

You should be able to find them at healthfood or drugstores too

Never taste it again.

u/jewlintherough · 2 pointsr/phenibut

Here's a quick link to buying L-Theanine.

u/77thandkingston · 1 pointr/phenibut

this is the scale I use it's a little difficult sometimes though but it works most the time

u/Ezeirb · 2 pointsr/phenibut

I bought these pills:

I thought kratom was illegal in US now. Baclofen doesn't help him. He also tried kava which does help but he over does it and pukes.