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u/AWierzOne · 2 pointsr/phillycycling

My set up is one on the handlebars (White light), one on the seat post (blinking red), one clipped to the back of my helmet (blinking red). I prefer the on-bike ones for MY vision because they're more stable and at a lower angle, so they tend to show the road a bit better. The red blinkers don't matter as much to me, I've found even the cheap ones help you be seen.


- Brightness (1,000 lumens is preferred for front lights if you have NO lighting on your route, otherwise you can get away with as little as 200)

- Battery set up (most are rechargable these days, but batter life can be an issue)

- Modes (some front lights offer different brightness levels and blinking options, useful to help extend battery life if you're in a well lit area or using them in daytime)

- Ease on and off (You'll want to take them off pretty much any time you leave your bike locked up... or at least take off the more expensive front light)

Models I've used:

- Trek/Bontrager makes good ones, I have older version of the ones seen here

- This guy (which was the first one I bought, not as expensive, not as bright, but gets the job done in lit areas)

As I said, rear blinkers come in such varieties that all seem to get the job done... but I like the ones that I've gotten for free from events and that came with other lights from amazon. Its also worth noting that I actually have my rear light on at all times when riding.... kind of like a daytime light for a car. While it makes you more visible it means you need to charge it much more frequently than otherwise.

u/Renjishino · 1 pointr/phillycycling

Hi @Mlydon11,

I know it's been a while, but i finally tried on the Shimano RP5 Cycling Road Shoe's cleat with your recommendation. Testing if my toes is press up against the front of the shoe (It had a small amount of space in the front and not too tight, besides a little snug on my bigger foot. However, I was wearing cotton socks, which is not a super thin socks.). I did the heel check by leaning over and there seems to be no movement or wiggle without me leaving my heels off the floor. It seems like a good fit to me! Thanks!

I do have some more questions on deciding between Looks,Shimano, or Bontrager Road shoe Clipless Pedals. I want like you to give me a honest opinion on which one I should get. I remember you saying the weight of the Bontrager Clipless pedals was twice as heavy as the Looks. However when I looked up each brand's product based on comparing the pricing of the product, it's not too much heavier. Non the less, which pedal will you recommend if you were to purchase one for the quality and usage capability?

It only say it has a weight of 282g.... Which I believe is a weight of the 2 total?

Shimano ultegra is 255g for the pair.


LOOK Keo 2 Max Carbon S Road Pedals. Weight, 132g/pedal

Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you soon!

u/thedoomfinger · 3 pointsr/phillycycling

Probably less love than you'd think . It was most likely cheaper than Ubering back and forth to the music festival, so I'm guessing it lives there now.

u/Freakazoidberg · 1 pointr/phillycycling

These ones are great:

Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Bike Mirror - Safety Bicycle Mirror - Pair Dropbar (Black)

u/jawnmower · 1 pointr/phillycycling

I salvaged this out of road shoulder debris:
The bar attachment part isn’t there. I’ve had it wire tied onto my drop bars for ~4500mi and it’s indestructible.

u/ap1kenobi · 1 pointr/phillycycling

I started with this book (mine is the older version): Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance

u/crawsome · 4 pointsr/phillycycling

For your #2, from what I understand

  1. Stand in front of your bike
  2. Strattle the front wheel with your legs, hold the wheel so it cannot move.
  3. While restraining the wheel, turn your handlebars until your alignment is back. If there's no give after a few light torques, you can either buy a wrench that fits the nut, or you can take it to a shop.

    Also, you can google your bike for it's specifications if you want to find the proper wrench size. They make This, which might be cheaper than taking it to a shop.

u/Cogged · 2 pointsr/phillycycling

Avoid the plastic heads/housings. I've had those fail under such light usage and swore off them.

Since then my go to has been this Portland Design Works head. It is fantastic and quality.
Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator

u/RockyK · 1 pointr/phillycycling

I purchased this guy -

Took it with me because I wanted a foldy-bike during my vacation to bike-friendly Portland and Austin. It actually replaced my street bike, and now I ride it every day to work. Very rarely do I bring it on the subway, and usually either very late at night or early in the morning. People lose their minds when they see it unfold (because they never seen that before), and I rather not attract attention.

Note that my commute is only about 3 miles away, so the small tires are just about right. Rides longer than that, and you might need bigger wheels.

Only good in the street though. I tried it on trails, and it was TERRIBLE.