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u/wav4rm · 4 pointsr/phish

Oh holy god... the blurb from her book

"From the first moment that Ben sees Laura, she seems too good to be true. Stunning, elegant, adventurous, and intolerably charming, she is everything that he wants in a woman. She even shares his passion for Bruce Springsteen's music. And before he even realizes that it's happened, Ben has turned his whole life upside down to follow Bruce around the country with her. Laura fascinates him because everything about her is a contradiction. She never lies, but she never quite tells the truth either. She's wildly outspoken and passionate, yet smoothly changes the subject whenever she is asked a direct question about herself. She manages to intrigue and infuriate, attract and repel, charm and disarm Ben at every turn. Yet there's something sweet beneath her flippant exterior; something that Ben realizes that only he is allowed to see. And no matter how much he tries to stay away, he is unable to resist her. But Laura has secrets that threaten to destroy their unlikely friendship. She is wealthy, yet unemployed. She has no family, and she seems to have almost no past, except for an older man whose relationship to her Ben cannot figure out. And she claims that she doesn't believe in love. When the tour ends, Ben knows that he wants more from his relationship with Laura. But he doesn't know what Laura wants. And neither does she."

Gag me with a fucking spoon.

u/SpiritofHemispheres · 3 pointsr/phish

It was the helping friendly book. I made friends with the guy who had it and the rail riders allowed him to come to the front at the start of the show to toss it to the band. I believe I saw Page pick it up after they finished the a capella number. We were really excited about it.


Page and Trey on the cover, as well as a lizard and a mockingbird. Mike is in the book, there is a poem about "it" and a page teaching how to sing in layered parts like Bouncing Around the Room. Also published in 1983.

Edit 2: Skippy the Wonder mouse on the cover too

u/mungchamp · 15 pointsr/phish

You ABSOLUTELY should wear earplugs. It is horrible advice and negligent to not take care of your ears at a rock show.

There are cheap options online that will save you from Tinnitus. I have custom earplugs, and have been to a few hundred shows, Phish being a majority, but the only way to have a lifetime of music enjoyment is to take care of your ears.

Take care of your shoes too.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/phish

Just an FYI, those wax earplugs are generally for water protection, not sound protection. They don't have the proper decibel ratings to protect eardrums.

You really should get some foam plugs, rubber "plunger" plugs, or since she's such a rockstar, some custom-fitted plastic earplugs. Custom-fitted are cool because they're comfortable, and you can let her pick colors or designs (Fishman donuts!) so she can be stylish on the lot.

If you don't go custom-fit, the next best option is Etymotic ER20 earplugs. They are designed to lower the decibel ratings, but they maintain sound profile and don't muffle anything so you still get the full experience. You can also leave them in and hold a conversation in between the songs. They're the best earplug for a concert situation, imo.

u/sofaloafa · 1 pointr/phish

i think the best part of it is that she's a published author... here's one of her books... which is about her and her dude following springsteen tour. bwhahahhahahahaa...

if you wanna have some fun write up some reviews for her book.

edit: her google + site is getting hit pretty hilariously too

u/wharpua · 1 pointr/phish

Hadn't seen the paperback cover design before - it's far better than the hardcover design for the same book.

I too was given this as a gift, but never really gave it a fair shot - maybe having already read The Phish Book by Richard Gehr and the band and also The Phishing Manual by Dean Budnick, what I saw retread a bunch of what I had already read before, and the writing didn't exactly impress. (I highly recommend the first book, by the way)

Maybe I should give it another shot to see what it says about 2.0 and the dawn of 3.0. The books I linked came out in '99 and '96, so there's a good bit of history not covered by those. But I think when I tried reading those in Puterbaugh's book I felt I already had an understanding of those events just because I was paying close attention to the band during those times.

u/beepboopblorp · 3 pointsr/phish

Honestly, everyone one of us should have proper hearing protection for EVERY SHOW YOU GO TO. A pair of these will do fine, and they make everything quieter, but not muffled like cheaper foam plugs.

The day you start using plugs at shows is the best you're going to hear for the rest of your life. Start protecting your ears now.

u/pyramid_of_greatness · 2 pointsr/phish

I remember thinking that The Phishing Manual was pretty good back in the day, though it's probably been eclipsed by others by now?

u/writenroll · 2 pointsr/phish

You can buy used copies on Amazon for $5-10. I still flip through my copy of vol. 5 every few months. Best bathroom reading ever.

u/PageSideRageSide · 1 pointr/phish

Helping Friendly Book. Although he would probably want you to buy Mike's Corner: Daunting Literary Snippets

u/navajow · 3 pointsr/phish

you need some real earplugs. I started using these now and its amazing. You can't hear a soul but the band sounds just the same (abit quieter but like normal headphone listening levels)

u/smckenzie23 · 2 pointsr/phish

Nice. I have it and need to read it too. Just need to finish Love Goes to Buildings on Fire, and SNFU: What No One Else Wanted To Say first...


u/DrGraffix · 1 pointr/phish

This is the defacto standard in portfolio:

but make sure you follow /u/metrodrone instructions about flattening.

If you have prints larger than 18x24 let me know and i will link you to a larger portfolio, but they get much more expensive.

What prints do you have?

u/TheNetisUnbreakable · 3 pointsr/phish

These profolios hold 48 posters! They fluctuate in price ($35-$52) on Amazon. $35 right now! Grab one! Get those things out of those tubes! Store under bed.

Itoya Profolio

u/Kernel_Forbin · 6 pointsr/phish

Also seeing that they have a show in September at the 9:30 Club in DC. Looking like we may have a lil Vida tour coming up?

DC Show:

Album Release:

u/PhoneWentWest311 · 2 pointsr/phish

I use these. They're comfortable and don't take the bass out. I didn't use them for SBB2, but did for the Forum. GA both nights.

u/S_teven_ · 1 pointr/phish

yes they have kind of been going in order reissuing a new (old) phish album each year. Billy Breathes is next, then ghost.

u/Poster_Nutsack · 3 pointsr/phish

A Live One - Vinyl (4 LP, 180 Gram, Red / Blue Vinyl, Includes Download)

u/mdmiles19 · 3 pointsr/phish

Pharmer's Almanac is most likely the book his uncle owns

Edit: link I think this is the most recent printing of the book, but I could be wrong.