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u/Sorry_I_Judge · 3 pointsr/photoshopbattles

This is great! That picture is on the cover of my copy of The Cambridge History of Medicine. Pretty great read if you're into history or medicine :)

u/jm001 · 1 pointr/photoshopbattles

Junji Ito's work has been known to be a little peculiar at times.

I'd thoroughly recommend it (as someone who doesn't even normally read manga).

The one that really gripped my imagination was The Enigma of Amigara Fault - not necessarily the most terrifying overall but kind of played to my particular fears. Read it in English free online here, and if you fancy a copy it was reprinted in English in the back of Gyo vol. 2 - buy online from Amazon UK/US or it will be just as easy to find in your respective country. The main story is decent too - hell, there are sharks with legs at one point (don't mind tumblr link).

The above page is from the second book of Uzamaki, but I'd recommend starting from the beginning if are going to give it a go. The middle of the second volume is where I think it really shines, but you should read what leads up to that if you want to get into it properly. Again, it's fairly easy to find all of this stuff both online for free and in purchasable copies if you like it.

I'm never quite sure on the line between 'helpful' and 'shill-like' so feel free to ignore my evangelizing if your "oh god what" was "oh god I don't like it" rather than "oh god what is this I need to see more to see what other fucked up stuff there is."

u/Antinerf · 2 pointsr/photoshopbattles

Oh, nice! I can't buy a Wacom right now (I'd love to), so I settled for Astropad instead. It's pretty nice and works well with the stylus that I have. It's not pressure-sensitive or anything, but it gets the job done.

EDIT: Forgot to add this. I use Astropad for my desktop editing software which I just got. Before then, I used my iPad. I don't like Adobe's payment model (I'm only 16 and don't have my own source of income), so I went with Affinity Photo (like Photoshop) and Affinity Designer (like Illustrator) instead. I'm still toying around with it but it looks like a solid alternative.

u/BobVosh · 23 pointsr/photoshopbattles
  1. I can't believe this is a thing
  2. I like the other cover art better.

    Was it any good?
u/DrawerFullOfDicks · 1 pointr/photoshopbattles

Reminds me of this book I had when I was a kid! It would be super cool if you could get some stickers or cheap souvenirs from places in the photos to give to the kid!

u/GeorgeFromTheUK · 10 pointsr/photoshopbattles



I use this version of Pixelmator for all my photoshops, if anyone is interested.

u/Perdendosi · 8 pointsr/photoshopbattles

> Although, I'm sure the film is more well-known than this band.

Or the book.

u/drakedaaegaming · 8 pointsr/photoshopbattles

They actually do especially if they're in back and they go flying into windshield. They actually make these leash clips clip into seat belt thing.