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u/HomicidalCucumber · 3 pointsr/picrequests

Thanks, but there is a sleeve inside the original package that contains the five install disks. I was hoping to frame an install CD for each guy along with the art for that sleeve. Like it were an album. Something like this:

Craig Frames CD1WB3BK CD Display

u/transitoryspace · 1 pointr/picrequests

Oh it was actual 35mm scan?
If so then same principal applies, The washed out edges will still be there along with scratches but I or anyone else would be able to easily lean it up. I would love to tackle this pic but spending lots of time cleaning it up only to look subpar is just not worth it.
Try this one has good reviews.

u/goboinouterspace · 2 pointsr/picrequests

Sure, that would be great. I'd like to have a copy of the image without the text too if that's alright. Something like [this] (

I'll pm you the other information

u/luckysvent · 1 pointr/picrequests

This is actually really good!! I appreciate your work tremendously

I actually meant for the red part to be in place of the body lol
Here's an example-

u/Jerseyprophet · 1 pointr/picrequests

It sure did! Thank you so much for asking! 800 copies in two weeks! They were mostly all free. I'd make it free forever if Amazon would let me. The response has been so wonderful. It really seems to have resonated with a lot of readers!

Here's the link, but if you don't have the funds, just send me a private message with an email address and I'll send you the PDF of the e-book.

u/WILLYumD · 1 pointr/picrequests

How would we go about doing it? (I cannot use PayPal.)
Are you in the US? Can you receive Amazon gift money like this?

u/KalisCoraven · 2 pointsr/picrequests

You could also grab a picture of an identical collar from amazon, it's a pretty common style:

u/SilverCyclist · 8 pointsr/picrequests

Amazon has the image without markings. I just google "World of warcraft original packaging"


u/th3walkers · 3 pointsr/picrequests

Amazon Link to the mugs and a photo comparison of the mugs. Its called a Waechtersbach Smiley Face Mug

u/In-Jail-Out-Soon · 1 pointr/picrequests

What is the brand of shirt? Could possible find one already tied that I can blend back in. Like these examples

u/RGBPeter · 1 pointr/picrequests

I tried different search engines but nothing turned up.
My best bet is that the picture is most likely featured in a book about her called "Gilda: An Intimate Portrait" by David Saltman. It's about her struggle with cancer.