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u/mrtravis2772 · 4 pointsr/plastidip

From what I've heard, you don't actually need to take your wheels off to dip. If you don't know what tools you'll need to do it, then you probably should go this route.

However if you still want to get some good tools to learn how to work on your car, here's what you'll need:

Floor jack this is the Harbor Freight one. It can be found in stores for as low as $70 depending on coupons. It's actually a pretty decent jack. Its very low and it lifts well. It's pretty good quality too, just very heavy. If you're not in the states/near a HF, do some research on a decent one as you don't want to drop your car on anyone/anything.

Jack stands you'll need four if you want to take all your wheels off at once. I don't have these stands and I don't know anything about them so do your research on some good ones (they don't have to be very expensive) and make sure to get some that will support your vehicles weight. Remember, be safe.

Breaker bar this will help you get the leverage you need to break your lug nuts loose. It's a very smart idea to properly torque your lug nuts back down when you put your wheels back on so they don't fall off or you don't snap a stud. Here's a combo kit with a torque wrench and that same breaker bar I have a few Tekton brand tools and I'm very pleased with them. They are a fantastic budget option that isn't junk. I would definitely buy from them again (and I'm a bit of a tool snob)

Lug nut sockets this is a generic kit that I have no experience with. You'll need a socket to fit on your breaker bar and torque wrench. This is a set with multiple sizes, you only need one size for your car so if you want to save some money, figure out what size your lug nuts are and just get one socket. The ones in this kit and some you'll find elsewhere are coated in a plastic sleeve to prevent scratching on your wheels.

Gloves Gloves aren't necessary but some people like them to keep from getting their hands super dirty. You can get as cheap or as expensive as you like with gloves. These seem to be popular. If you do go to HF to buy a floor jack, I like their heavy duty black nitrile gloves. They're disposable and very strong.

This should be all you need to get started with changing tires and whatnot. I'm on mobile so sorry for the inevitable typo. Good luck with your wheels and don't forget to post pictures on the finished product. I'll link some more tools below this if you'd like to build of a kit to do basic maintenance like changing your oil, etc...

Socket set This is a very good place to start with sockets. I linked a 1/4 drive and 3/8 combo set. The smaller 1/4 inch drive sockets are great for small places and will be fine for a lot of your car. The 3/8 inch drive set is good for larger fasteners or things that are a bit tighter. If you were only going to get one, I'd get the 3/8 drive. Alternatively if you want something a little bit better, GearWrench makes very good sockets and ratchets for a good price as well (more than Tekton but way less than "professional" tool truck brands)

Oil drain pan Doing an oil change is a great way to do maintenance on your car and get started before you do bigger things. You'll need to drain the old oil somewhere so a pan like this is perfect. You don't need anything too fancy. I think I got mine from my local auto parts store for ~$10.

Screwdrivers There's a million different options for these. My personal favorites are the Wera Kraftform screwdrivers they are super comfortable and they have a special non slip tip that is amazing. I don't want to use any other screwdriver ever after this. (They're on sale now too!! They're usually about ~$10 more than this. I almost want to get an other set just because)

Pliers These are great pliers at a good price. Keep them clean and they should last a long time. I'm very happy with mine.

I can't think of much more right now. You'll know when you need something else. This also depends on what kind of car you have. Jeeps for example, use a lot of torx fasteners so you'd need torx sockets for a lot of stuff. Just make sure you watch a lot of videos on how to do things and make sure you're comfortable doing whatever it is you're doing. The last thing you want to do is damage you or your car.

u/skyliner33v · 3 pointsr/plastidip

Is the the hard plastic trim on the outside that you are trying to cover? Like the bumpers and fender covers and stuff?

If so I would honestly recommend dying it black rather than plasti dipping it.

I did the same dye to my wife's old Volvo Cross Country and her new JK Jeep fenders and bumpers and it restored the faded blue plastic back to an even deep black.

I've tried a few different dyes and the best ones I've used so far is this stuff called Forever Black.

Forever Black Bumper & Trim Conditioner 32oz.

Absolutely amazing stuff. 1 quart should be enough to do the entire vehicle. Just apply with a sponge and use a cloth to wipe up the excess.

u/mspeedshop · 2 pointsr/plastidip

Try this for removing the decals. It will usually take up everything including the gunk and sticky left if you do it by hand, and this won't mark up the underlying paint like some other methods.


The two biggest things I'd say to be aware of-- make sure your surface is super clean and free of any contaminants. Everyone says it, and you can't say it enough.


Second-- if you are taping off, remove the tape promptly-- while its still wet. If you hit a dry spot, stop pulling and grab an exacto or razor and try to cut along the tape pull rather than pulling up the dip.

u/beengel · 3 pointsr/plastidip

it would peel off quickly. if you wanted that feel on something not expensive, try an automotive undercoating instead. it will not be removable however.

I found that this rustoleum has a pretty smooth texture. sand the mouse with 400ish before hand. and remember, it will not come off anywhere as nicely as dipping it

u/code-sloth · 2 pointsr/plastidip

It's a drying chamois with a different coating to make it slide over dip easier while holding a bit more fluid. These are pretty good on dip and paint, and it's what the Dip Washer cloth is based on. You can pick up the chamois online or at Walmart and stuff.

u/Fatel28 · 1 pointr/plastidip

I've heard good things about this

I'd measure your trim and make sure it's wide enough before ordering though. Make sure you get some as wide as the trim you're blacking out.

u/unknown0227 · 1 pointr/plastidip

Still debating on doing full truck yet. Black would look nice but I don't Know if I would gloss it or if I would do the bed cover ect...

I used Flexdip for the plastic trim and also Protectdip for the rims. Will update on how the quality is.

If I do decide to dip the entire thing will this sprayer be good? I assume it will be and I am only choosing this sprayer because it is available for me to use without having to buy one myself.

u/tinytankzz · 3 pointsr/plastidip

I had ordered a grab bag of tips from them awhile back on a kick to try my hand at painting with spray cans. When I went to dip I just found one that fit and sprayed fat.


u/Harmonic_Content · 1 pointr/plastidip

Buy this, and get a foam pad that can attach to a cordless drill. It's amazing stuff. It also includes UV protection in the final step. I've had experience with this many times for people in my club

u/meltmyface · 4 pointsr/plastidip

I weighed 235 when I got it in May, and weigh 220 now.

I guess I shouldn't say stock. Forgot I dropped a tooth on the front sprocket the first week I got it and was able to hit 60 with no headwind, but that costs like 9 bucks on Amazon and takes about 15 mins to swap.

All the other stuff I did just made it quicker, like exhaust, ecu, intake, and clutch springs (which barely helped, should have gotten stronger ones) because the clutch sucks.

u/Guano- · 2 pointsr/plastidip

They sell plastidip as a non spray. That's how it got its name Dip.

Could just fling it on, I'd do a test area. Stuff is thick so it may be easier to peel that spray can. It will also give some more texture to it.

If you use the plastidip rattle cans I would cut some templates of splatter tape them to your car. Spray the template with 4-5 coats and when still wet peal the template away.

u/munr · 1 pointr/plastidip

> Most importantly you should invest in a spray handle because your hand is going to get tired without one and you risk bad coats.

Can't recommend this highly enough. Just dipped my rims this past weekend, and two days later, my finger is still completely numb from spraying all that plastidip.

Planning to redip at least one of the rims (probably two), and ordered this sprayer from Amazon for the next time (, after my hands have recovered!