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u/travisjd2012 · 2 pointsr/playingcards

No paper cards are going to hold up to years of use, a lot of home poker games end with throwing away the deck and casinos throw out cards constantly. If you want a deck that lasts you will need to look at plastic cards. The most famous brands are Kem and Copag and both are nice for different reasons (Copag feels more like paper but with IMO uglier faces, Kem are also more expensive.) You can see them both here:

This said, it also depends what you are doing with the cards. If it's for magic/flourishes you will not want to use plastic cards but if it's for card games then they are what you want. If you are using paper cards it's best just to buy in bulk and understand they will not last with any amount of handling. If you want exceptional quality paper cards that are cheap enough to buy in bulk, generally Tally-Ho are considered a high-quality standard:

Casinos themselves use Bee cards which are also of good quality and affordable in bulk.

Monarchs and the like are beautiful but these are more like collector's items, paper absorbs oils and moisture from the skin, corners separate and wear and cards are easily bent. While Monarchs and this class of playing card are printed with special inks and foils making them very attractive, at the end of the day it does not make them significantly more durable than a standard deck of Bikes.

TL;DR: Paper cards will show wear after only hours of use, for applications besides cardistry one must consider plastic cards such as Kem or Copag.

u/ewells35 · 2 pointsr/playingcards

are you looking for something like this in this video

here is one off Amazon

there are a few out there like this. if you need help finding any more, you can comment back or even DM me any time and ill help ya. there are ones out there in the shape of certain suites as well - hearts, spades, etc. then, some people have used nail polish displays to display their decks as well

u/Bitznbites · 1 pointr/playingcards

I think it works great! Nice and cheap and you can barely see it. I got it from amazon. Highly recommend!

u/ANormalSpudBoy · 2 pointsr/playingcards

I got two of these and hung them on my wall it's my favorite thing recently. I get to keep rearranging decks and adding new ones as nice new ones come in. It's great.

u/MyopicJedi · 1 pointr/playingcards

I'm not sure, but it looks like a baseball card organizer box. Comic book and Baseball Card stores should have them.
Something like this, possibly.
Looks like they have different lengths of one row boxes all the way up to 5 row boxes.

u/emailanimal · 5 pointsr/playingcards

Alright, I am going to be quite blunt here.

  • A lot of your stock is something I can buy on aliexpress for half the price, if not less. All those plastic "goldfoil" decks, etc.... These are ok as novelty cards, but they are not really collectible items. The choice to carry so many of these somewhat cheapens the overall impression from your store.

  • Your prices for some other decks show 100% markup over Barnes&Noble/Amazon/other prices. It is possible that despite pricing your decks in dollars you are catering to the audience outside of the United States, in which case these prices may be a bit more justifiable, but it's not like Warrior Horse (as an example) or SteamPunk are particularly rare decks to justify a markup like that.

  • The actual pages for individual decks lack pictures. A picture of a tuck is not sufficient. People want to know how the cards themselves look. A standard set of photos should include: (1) backs; (2) Ace of Spades; (3) Jokers; (4) a sample of courts; (5) some non-court faces. This does not require five separate photographs (multiple cards can be present on a single shot), but if you want people to make purchasing decisions while they are staring at your web site (rather than having them google the deck and discover that cheaper alternatives are available), you need to work on this.
u/SomethingOverTheTop · 0 pointsr/playingcards

these are great, but I'll have to find another deck of these for cheaper. Thank.

UPDATE: These cards are more of what I wanted.

u/Tower607 · 3 pointsr/playingcards


It’s the 25 deck frame from Amazon.

The Playing Card Frame - 25 Deck...

u/Vital_Granade · 1 pointr/playingcards

I actually bought something very similar at first

Then because I was disappointed I bought some others

And they all feel like the first ones I bought, like cheap copies made in china.

The Guy in that other Post said bicycle doesnt sell cards on amazon at all so none of the cards come directly from them. Maybe I should buy some from official bicycle store and compare?

u/skadipress · 1 pointr/playingcards

I'm not 100 sure of what you're looking for ... do you want a tarot deck with the "ordinary" (french) suits? Something like this (which doesn't have all the pip cards), or this (which does --- 78 cards)?

u/ellanox · 1 pointr/playingcards

Asked the wife where she got it and cringed a little with sticker shock. She said there are some similar ones on ebay that are a little cheaper, but wanted to get it through Amazon in case there were return problems,etc.

warning to anyone. This doesn't have really sturdy brackets on the back for mounting. Reason the picture is taken on the floor is that I'm going to replace them myself to be safe before hanging it.

u/iFightForUsers · 3 pointsr/playingcards

Talking about these?

These are the Bicycle tactical field playing cards. They're designed to be more weather resistant than your normal bikes and to be visible when used with a red lens flash light so the pips don't disappear when under the light.

u/Nil_Occurring · 6 pointsr/playingcards

I got mine on amazon for around $16 each. There is room for 24 decks per rack with 6 tiers.

u/aceyprime · 1 pointr/playingcards

I pre-ordered this deck after seeing it on Amazon a few days ago. They'll be released on Feb. 8.