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u/OhAbaDis · 8 pointsr/ploompax

A comment I submitted in a different thread:

Awesome! I've had my pax over a year and I'm still loving it. It still hits like a champ and the cleaning is to me easier than its made out to be. The stealthiness of it amazing. I've told a bouncer its a portable battery or an ecig and gotten no questions. Just a heads up the very first time cooking a fresh bowl definitely smells like weed. All vaping smells some, but that first heating and first few hits are by far the strongest. After that is gets much less pungent. If I'm packing it at home before going to a venue I'm nervous about, I'll take the first 2-3 hits at home. Out of a full oven I can get 3-6 good sessions with stirring, depending on the weed and people.

Here's a couple tips I've picked up.

Be careful of the mouthpiece spring. It's deceptively strong and will launch your mouthpiece to dark places. Also, when pushing down the mouthpiece to lock it, the "sweet spot" is juuuuust before all the way down. It's hard to explain. But you can actually push the mouthpiece down too far and it won't always lock. My first time using it I was pissed because it wasn't locking. But I was pushing it too hard and past the lock point. Pushing it down lighter was the answer.

Dental brushes dipped in alcohol work great for scrubbing out the oven and mouthpiece and can be purchased at any store/pharmacy. The lube is food grade propylene glycol and can be purchased at certain stores or online for cheap. Such as Rub a few drops on/inside the mouthpiece tube every time you clean it to keep it from sticking.

When you're cleaning it be careful of getting the temp change button wet. If it gets wet, it will think it's on and the oven will start heating. That sucks if you are cleaning it and don't notice.

I've found its better to Charge the pax right side up with the charger on top. It helps makes sure that no resin leaks up the tube and is more stable.

If you rotate it on its long axis (doing a barrel roll) 3 times, it enters party mode and the front light flashes. This means it won't stop heating if it's kept still. Normally if it's kept still for a few seconds it goes "idle" and stops heating. The flashing light also looks pretty cool. You can also play Simon says against your pax by turning it on its long axis 7 times I think. YouTube has a good pax Simon says video with the steps. Both tricks are great when showing your pax to friends.

u/ShlomoBoardstein · 1 pointr/ploompax

I've heard good reviews about this product but haven't tried it myself

On the other hand I use a pelican case everyday and I've been happy with it. Definitely smell proof, water tight and durable.

Lastly I carry a medtainer. Also, water/smell proof and durable. Holds my flowers and does a great job getting that nice fine grind I like for my pax.

That's been my set up for almost a year in an illegal state. It's worked very well for me.

u/Akhalyndra · -1 pointsr/ploompax

I had this issue once. And I fixed it. Here's how I did it:

Buy or own these:
Pipe cleaners, 70% Iso Rubbing Alcohol, maybe some Q-tips and I'm sure you have toilet paper or a paper towel.

Step 1: Pour some of that 70% rubbing alcohol into a small cup/mug/glass. Submerge your mouthpiece and screen into the rubbing alcohol. Don't put anything else in there. Don't put the PAX body in there, don't put the door in there. Let those suckers soak for about five minutes while you do Step 2. BUT don't soak them for longer than five minutes. ESPECIALLY if you're using 98% Iso alcohol for whatever reason.

Step 2: Those pipe cleaners? Yup, scrub the inside of your PAX and use as many of those things as you want until they start to look clean. This should only take you about five minutes, and your soaking process started in Step 1 should be finished.

Step 3: Prioritize your mouthpiece. Your screen can really soak in that thing all day, but it's the plastic you want to get out of there after those five minutes. Use the pipe cleaner to swab the inside of the metal tubing. Use Q-tips / toilet paper / paper towels to clean the resin off the top of the mouthpiece.

Step 4: You can rinse the mouthpiece off in the sink. Plug the drain for this and/or for when you do your screen. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly. Put it aside to dry and grab the screen. You can rub it between your thumb and index to get the gunk off (you should be able to, anyway) and rinse thoroughly. Let both pieces dry. You can blow through the mouthpiece as well to get all that unreachable stuff.

Step 5: Reassemble and you're done. You have a surplus of supplies and didn't have to spend $20 on lube or the PAX cleaning kit. Happy vaping!

Obviously, I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you or PAX by doing any of this. So be smart about it, please.

u/idejmcd · 1 pointr/ploompax

Super important that you clean the stem of the mouth piece and the area between the mouthpiece and the draw stem (essentially, the area where the stem is inserted). If this area is not cleaned thoroughly, the mechanism for the mouthpiece will become gunked up, the mouthpiece will get stuck, and the device will have difficulty recognizing when the mouthpiece is in the on or off position.

Stronly recommend this tool for cleaning, it has a few different sized wire brushes that will help you keep the mouthpiece, draw path, oven AND the area described above all nice and clean:


u/mixolocrian · 3 pointsr/ploompax

case (pouch)

flower vial(s)

mlfb finishing grinder you can use a regular grinder and hold it upside down to grind finer, but the finishing grinder is beautiful and short enough to fit in my case.

edit: amazon lube

amazon pipe cleaners

case and vials above are smell safe. my every day carry is that bag with the pax, two jyarz (one for fresh one for abv), the finishing grinder, and a couple extra pipe screens in case i am a klutz.

oh also a stirring tool.

u/tomzak14 · 4 pointsr/ploompax

Buy the vented lid with built in pusher and new screen. This improves the experience immensely. There is a rod you can buy from this site but I rarely use it. Every time you turn off the pax, make sure you take another pull. You should also keep the pax straight up and down when still hit. I rarely need to clean mine by doing this. Use the pusher fully extended with about half a chamber filled. Grind your weed as fine as you can. Flip your grinder upside down for a dinner grind.

I also suggest this case to help with smell. The main smell is from abv.

Pax 2 / Pax 3 protective case SMELL PROOF with removable stash container; pocket carry with screw top (black) by Skunkcase


u/lhr0909 · 1 pointr/ploompax

The solid red light you are having is the temperature-light issue. Make sure you clean it regularly, and leave it upside down (oven at the bottom) so that the piece stays as clean as possible.

I will buy some mouthpiece lubricant (or just Propylene Glycol (Amazon Link)) to lubricate the mouth piece connection part thoroughly. You don't need a lot, but make sure it is lubed up in the connection part. It always solves my temp-light issues.

Make sure to checkout the wiki in this subreddit on how to clean the pax.

u/tarzan_boy · 5 pointsr/ploompax

Ill always recommend #1 but I have seen other people suggest #2 as a safe alternative.

  1. Pax Official Site

  2. Amazon Merchant

    Before you make your decision on using an alternative take heed of this warning from Ploom (source: some site called "Rich Malley's blog", but it seems like a legit CSR Reply):

    >Regarding my suggestion that AstroGlide is an acceptable substitute for the lube they offer for purchase, Ploom pointed out that if a Pax owner damages her vaporizer by using anything other than their officially approved lubricant, she could void her 10yr. warranty.

u/JFKush420 · 1 pointr/ploompax

I use the Zen pipe cleaners that have those hard bristles and abrasive red pieces. You should have those on hand always anyway in my opinion. Then just iso clean them and they last forever.

Put iso on one end and clean the sticky area, then clean it off with water and clear out any iso left down there until it's good and you're done. Takes under a minute.

Plus they're disposable.

u/slackwaredragon · 2 pointsr/ploompax

Just like /u/dontcallmebjorn said, get the MFLB Finishing Grinder. It'll grind to that perfect consistency and pairs really well with the Delta 3D Loading Funnel.

On the expensive side but I've heard good things about the Kannastor gr8tr for Vape but have no direct experience. I do have a Kannastor 2.2 grinder w/changeable screens though and it's my favorite so far. Paid like $40 at my local shop.

u/funkbass87 · 1 pointr/ploompax

Great product, but get it unbranded for cheaper! Picture shown is not actual grinder - I will post picture of mine later.

A friend suggested that to me over my sharpstone grinder and I'm very impressed by the fine grinding i received.

my tip - pack it, close the lid, turn it upside down, turn one direction until you don't feel any resistance

u/Kookle_Shnooks · 1 pointr/ploompax

Its not exactly the coolest accessory, but an important one nonetheless. For cleaning purposes this works great. It has small brushes for the mouthpiece that you can use instead of those disposable dental brushes like most people suggest, and larger bruses for the vapor path.

u/Nocoffeesnob · 12 pointsr/ploompax

To add on to this, the big source of smell with the Pax is the device itself and of course the herb; specifically getting it on your fingers as you load it. Don't forget to do a really great job of washing your hands after loading it and perhaps think of getting a smell proof case for it like this one. Personally I prefer these hard cases over the soft ones as they can be more thoroughly cleaned and hence remain smell free in the long term and also won't allow the bottom of the pax to pop open and spill your herb everywhere.

u/TheEndsOfInvention · 2 pointsr/ploompax

Nice! I also use a Pelican 1010 case, the Pax2 fits perfectly.

I use a travel size of Visine instead, and I also use Nalgene 15ml containers for the herb, which just barely fit in the case.

u/OCDPacMan · 2 pointsr/ploompax

Sorry, somehow I did not see that there were some comments on here. Yeah, I got the Titan case that a lot of people raved about, and did not care for it very much. But this skunk case on Amazon is totally perfect. Completely airtight an odor proof. Weird right now it shows as being out of stock on Amazon.

Pax 2 Smell-proof Hard Plastic Case; Pocket-carry with Flip-top for Easy Access (Black) By Skunkcase

u/Cecily011 · 3 pointsr/ploompax

I have this one. It's expensive, but I love it.

u/R3dcell · 1 pointr/ploompax

I picked up this one on amazon for $5 thats a 4piece and made of aluminum, it grinds really finely and i love it, been using it for about 4 years. Link

u/prodbryanoz · 1 pointr/ploompax

yeah, I ended up using it twice. It still functions fine and temp is good, it's just it feels like the fuzziness is killing the drag and not allowing smoke to come out well

just for opinion, do you think this product is good for Pax?

u/Benevolent_Truculent · 2 pointsr/ploompax

Bought the skunkcase on Amazon. Have had it for 2 weeks now. Works amazingly well.

Pax 2 Smell-proof Hard Plastic Case; Pocket-carry with Flip-top for Easy Access (Black) By Skunkcase

u/busybox42 · 5 pointsr/ploompax

Ya the only case I use is to hide the smell. So not really the question your asking but the skunkcase is fantastic, durable and water proof.

u/pds12345 · 2 pointsr/ploompax

I just ordered this about 2 weeks ago. it is the exact stuff ploom gives you and its really cheap for a lot of it!

Edit: All it takes is a couple drops of the stuff a couple times a week. So it is definitely worth it.

u/Toonah · 2 pointsr/ploompax

They were $60 when I looked at them (years ago).

Looks like they're only $30 now.. :)

I still prefer the coffee grinder, portability isn't a factor for me as I only smoke in my room and if I'm with a buddy I use their stuff.

u/Echuu · 3 pointsr/ploompax

What that really is is this or something very similar:

However after i got like a liter of that stuff i noticed when i clean it regularly you don't even need to lube it.

u/fill3r · 6 pointsr/ploompax

Got one of these for my 2 and it does the job really well. Hinge, lock, etc.

Pax 2 / Pax 3 Smell-proof Hard Plastic Case; Pocket-carry with Flip-top for Easy Access (Black) By Skunkcase

u/sadson215 · 1 pointr/ploompax

nah this is the best purchase.

second best

Then the screen....

Then a water adapter.

u/Jimskalajim · 1 pointr/ploompax

Nope, get the pax caps...
Prescott Plastics 10 Pack: 3/4 Inch Round Black Vinyl End Cap, Cover Rubber Flexible Tube Pipe Marine Safety Tip 0.75"

u/rafoolik · 1 pointr/ploompax

I dont know if im the only one that feels no issue. I use a combination of two things.

  1. a window or smoke buddy
  2. this: Pax 2 Smell-proof Hard Plastic Case; Pocket-carry with Flip-top for Easy Access (Black) By Skunkcase

    When the session is over I just put it back in its home. Sacrifice a little portability for peace of mind IMO
u/funwithnopantson · 2 pointsr/ploompax

I'm from the UK and other people Ive seen suggesting it are from the US. Where are you?
Here's pretty much what I got in the UK

u/XdefeatsY · 2 pointsr/ploompax

I personally recommend investing in one of these for when you aren't using your PAX:

They are pretty discrete and will block out the smell from the vaporizer itself.

u/Byronic_Man · 1 pointr/ploompax

or the screw-top model. I got that one and like it.

u/v64 · 4 pointsr/ploompax

This happens when the mouthpiece loses its connection to the slot it's plugged into, making the Pax think you took the mouthpiece out. This can happen if a lot of resin has built up on the mouthpiece stem.

To fix, clean your mouthpiece stem really well. Cover the stem in the Pax provided mouthpiece lubricant (or if you want to buy it in bulk yourself, it's simply food grade Propylene Glycol) and plug it in.

To prevent build up in the future, never store your Pax mouthpiece side down. When I charge it after a session, I leave it mouthpiece up and plug the adapter onto it upside down. This way, the oils don't run down and gunk up the mouthpiece and stem.

DON'T put alcohol in there to clean it out. Ploom advises against it, and I disregarded that advice and ended up having to send mine in for an exchange (credit to Ploom's customer service though, I was able to get a new unit in less than a week, no extra charge).

u/inlinesix · 1 pointr/ploompax

FYI, they already make a silicone type sleeve. [Here.] ( I prefer the feel of a naked PAX myself, but I rarely use mine out of the house.

u/TheChronicBubonic · 3 pointsr/ploompax

its called food grade propylene glycol, and you can buy it at your local drugstore.
also you can buy a quart of it (which will last forever) on Amazon:

u/CanoDonta · 4 pointsr/ploompax

I bought Propylene Glycol off of amazon. That's what I've seen everyone suggest as an alternative.

u/_treefingers_ · 3 pointsr/ploompax

Because its $7.99 for a 4.7ml bottle, and a pint (473ml) of it on amazon is $7.83... I don't mind giving Ploom my hard earned, they make nice products, but I'm not going to pay 100x markup, either.

u/BrokeTheInternetKid · 2 pointsr/ploompax

I bought a skunkcase for my 2, and I'm assuming here that the dimensions are the same for the 3.

It works well enough. It's like setting off a bomb though opening it.

u/j1zzfist · 3 pointsr/ploompax

You want these pipecleaners with the hard bristles. Use 91% isopropyl (or the highest concentration you can find) alcohol and dip them in there. I also use a q-tip for cleaning parts of the oven and the mouthpiece. When you're done, use a little of the mouthpiece lube (included with Pax, more or alternatives available online) and apply it to the sliding ring on the mouthpiece. This will prevent the issue some people have where the mouthpiece isn't detected.

u/firentxxx · 2 pointsr/ploompax

Your math is off.

Amazon: $4.20 for 130 pipecleaners or 3.2¢ each (cut in half becomes 260 or 1.6¢ each)

Walmart: $1 for 25 pipecleaners or 4¢ each (cut in half becomes 50 or 2¢ each)

So Amazon is the winner!


u/rengfx · 3 pointsr/ploompax

This is what I got

less than ~$8 and will last literally as long as you could possibly need it to

I stick my pinky finger in there and dab a little bit on the metal portion of the mouthpiece, you don't need much

u/Adfran1 · 1 pointr/ploompax

Storz & Bickel 2 piece plastic grinder! This thing rocks! Cheap and a fiiiine grind!
Official Volcano Vaporizer Herb...

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/ploompax

i cant help you with the local part, but amazon has it

u/brexruls · 7 pointsr/ploompax

The lube from ploom is marked up like goddamn popcorn at theatres.

This is what you want.

u/RagingFilm · 3 pointsr/ploompax

Zen Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count

Get these. This pack has lasted me almost a year. I hardly ever use the brush that came with my Pax.

u/St3amb0atW1lly · 2 pointsr/ploompax

Amazon bro. Skunk case makes it.
Pax 2 / Pax 3, NO SMELL protective case with removable stash container; pocket carry with screw top (black) by Skunkcase

u/mrlightyear22 · 2 pointsr/ploompax

This is the same. Im unsure about what you posted. Propylene Glycol 1 Pint

u/Dilated_Pupils · 1 pointr/ploompax


I'm curious why the black is almost $40, the blue is almost $30, and the green and purple are $25. WTF?