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u/RodneyBowen · 1 pointr/podcast

[TALK] Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith |#166 - “I Will Survive” – Believing God Can Get You Through: Gloria Gaynor and Jeff Huxford – Episode #166 (SFW)
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Welcome to the Jesus Calling Podcast. Today’s guests remind us that no matter the challenges we face, with God’s help, we can survive life’s toughest moments: music legend Gloria Gaynor and author Jeff Huxford.

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith podcast - Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.
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u/ChefResearcher · 1 pointr/podcast

I really like the Samson Go Mic Portable USB. Super small mic, so it's easy to throw in your backpack and go. Audio quality is fantastic. And it runs under $40 (see Amazon price below.) Good to pair it with a pop screen and mic stand tho.



u/HighCrimesandHistory · 3 pointsr/podcast

Build since someone else asked in the other thread. Thought someone could use this in an apartment or spare room.

1.) Get a screen room divider off of Amazon. I used a 6 panel with a paper film on it for $80, but you can pick up 4-panels for $60. I shopped around a bit for it, YMMV. The panels determine the size of your space that it encompasses. I stand and record and found that 6 panels is comfortable enough to enclose the shelf and I and leave plenty of elbow room. W/o the shelf it'd probably fit two people sitting, if a little snug.

2.) Buy some 12 inch acoustic foam squares. Double check the dimensions of each panel to determine size (mine was 15 inch, so I cut some squares into 1/4s to cover the whole panel). I originally started with 24 1x1 squares and eventually picked up another 24 to cover both the wall and the bottom 2/5s of the divider. Most manufacturers come with sticky tabs for mounting.

3.) When you mount, give the tabs an hour on the acoustic panels to set, then another hour set on the divider. Only had two pieces come off the first time and just reapplied spare pads I had laying around.

Overall, came out to be $150 for something I can save space with and take with me if I need to move or record elsewhere.

u/Whamolabass · 3 pointsr/podcast

The other issue with the spring arm stands is that they don't hold a lot of weight. Most condenser mics are just too heavy for them, but that may just be the ones we have. The answer to shock mount is always yes, it's a worth while investment.

EDIT: AH, for the behringer weight wouldn't be an issue. As for stands, I have something like this and it does the job perfectly. This

u/Wesxenoge · 1 pointr/podcast

Are you doing it live? If not, you could take something like a game recorder, record the whole game, then edit certain clips of what you're choosing to talk about. I've used something like this previously:

Nothing fancy but it works well. Something like onemanshownetwork referred to works just as well. Depends on your preference.

u/RespondsWithImprov · 1 pointr/podcast

[Science/Interviews] The Armen Show | Episode 233: Dr. Richard Wrangham - Domestication, Aggression, and Human Evolution in "The Goodness Paradox"


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This week's episode is with Dr. Richard Wrangham, biological anthropologist at Harvard, and author of The Goodness Paradox, about the juxtaposition of virtue and violence in human evolution.

The Armen Show Podcast is a podcast hosted by Armen Shirvanian, interviewing and discussing with scientists, researchers, authors, notable figures, and varied individuals of thought.

Recent guests:

u/ecorose · 1 pointr/podcast

You may be able to use a USB-C to USB-C to connect to some kind of usb mic. I would check the power requirements for the mic and also see if the galaxy has that capability but I think It would be able to.

And be sure to check that it has an omnidirectional feature if you're planning on recording more than one person on your podcast. Like this one:

Then you just need to find which recording software would allow you to use an external input (probably most will, and if not then just try to change your phone settings to use the microphone that you buy.)

u/Patriotrican · 1 pointr/podcast

To keep equipment to a minimum its not a bad option to use a USB microphone. If you do not have a treated room you would be better served by a samson Q2U or ATR-2100. They costs less and are quieter than the yeti. Better yet if you ever upgrade the also have XLR conections. Plenty of videos on the features of these mics.


u/RickLiebespach · 2 pointsr/podcast

At $100:2 Lav Mics: at this price I'd go for

1 audio cable (2-into-1 to plug into you microphone jack - I use)

HOWEVER, that approach prevents independent editing of your voices.... to do that you need 2 separate channels or devices.... so you could record via the lav mic into your phone, export the audio to your editing hardware (probably your computer)

If you are recording outside you would be well served by getting these:

Are you using Mac or PC?I know there is free audio editing software on both platforms.... I'm not sure what it is for the macfor a PC it is Audacity

When you get money to buy an editor, consider Hindenburg.... I use both

u/SurfingSnowman · 1 pointr/podcast

If you're ready to invest a little bit of coin, the package above is excellent. The only other thing you'd need with it is a boom arm to mount to a desk.

There are some much cheaper options if you're still boot strapping.

u/pteredactalkitty60 · 1 pointr/podcast

try this
You might also wanna check and see what else is recommended on that page. I did a little research when I first started looking into mics, but ultimate just bought an XLR mic, so I can personally say which Is ideal.

u/palabrajot · 2 pointsr/podcast

Oooh, I am totally about to subscribe to Spirits! One of the most thorough and fascinating sources on this topic is this book:

Not a podcast, but looks like it is available as an audio book.

u/Junkstar · 1 pointr/podcast

Desktop stand with heavy base

Boom stand with clamp or mount

I gave up on desktop stands years ago. Too much hassle. I like a simple boom much more.

u/Svx_blue · 2 pointsr/podcast

The mxl website lists the 990 @ .5443 kg.

Really Any stand with a boom attachment should work. If you are still worried about the stand tipping over you can put some weight on the stand legs or you can look into a boom that attaches to your desk. Like this one Neewer Broadcast Studio Microphone Suspension Boom.

u/CharlesWiltgen · 1 pointr/podcast

> How would I set it up so that I can hear myself and the other person through the headphones?

You do this with what's called a "headphone amp" or "headphone distribution amp":

For the input, you can either get an adapter that merges the two analog mic outputs, or if you need volume control, a mini mixer like this:

u/StargatePioneer · 2 pointsr/podcast

This is what I use when I use the Procaster.

Like this unboxing video.

u/GrabThemByThePod · 2 pointsr/podcast

I bought this a few years ago and it gets the job done, though I have very few interviews on location. I'm sure there are other ones out there, so it's worth checking out.

u/vviita_80Y · 1 pointr/podcast


Which shock mount you're using, with the Procaster? RØDE's (link) , or something else?

u/greathornedhooter · 1 pointr/podcast

[Education] Obsessed With Learning | OWL 3 - Fake News


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EXTRA EXTRA, LISTEN ALL ABOUT IT! Fake news is the headline of today’s episode, and the content we go into covers the human brain and heuristics, the history of false information, and of course, fake news. Get it hot off the press!

Twitter: @mistergagnon

Reddit: r/obsessedwithlearning


News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016 by Jeffrey Gottfried and Elisa Shearer of Pew Research Centre

The Long and Brutal History of Fake News by Jacob Soll of Politico Magazine

INFORMATION DISORDER: Toward an interdisciplinary framework for research and policy making by Claire Wardel and Hossein Derakhshan

One year on, we’re still not recognizing the complexity of information disorder online by Claire Wardel and Hossein Derakhshan of First Draft News

History's Greatest Lies by William Weir