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u/wille0n · 1 pointr/pugs

Congrats! I just got a pug puppy myself a few weeks ago. Wanted to share my experiences I've had so far.

What kind of bed should we get for a pug? I'm thinking about getting this bed in the Medium size. Is this too big for the dog?

My pug tends to like plush things, he's always making his way into my clothes/towels. I got him this one since he loves hiding under my couch, and he loves it.

Is this crate a good fit for the pug? I'm planning to get the 24"x18"x19" size.

Crate training is a god send, especially when it comes to potty training. If you have the time, I would invest in doing that. I have the same exact crate and it works for him. The crate should only be big enough for him to stand and turn around, if he's a bit smaller (younger), you can use the divider so the crate will grow with your pug.

Any suggestions on a leash (retractable, fixed or both?)

My pug isn't old enough to go on walks yet, he hasn't had all his shots so I wouldn't be able to tell you. As a previous dog owner, fixed leash is best until he's learned proper walking manners and then you can invest in a retractable.

What kind of toys would a pug enjoy? I was told we needed a chewing one and a tugging one!

My pug's favorite toy is this one.

Any recommendations for food or treats?

Like what people earlier said, low-calorie treats are good since pugs tend to gain weights easily. When training, I would recommend freeze dried liver treats... my pug loves them!! Food wise, I feed my pug Taste of the Wild puppy formula... them or Blue Buffalo are great bets for your pug.

Good luck!!

u/PK73 · 3 pointsr/pugs

I agree with /u/pug_mom about keeping the weight down. Also pasting my comment from another recent post for a new puggy owner:

Some notes/suggestions:

  • Dog Food Advisor for reviews of food brands.
  • I personally found this book to be pretty helpful.
  • Food bowl recommendation: slow feed bowl like this. Pugs love food. LOVE IT. Can't get enough. Will eat as if they are starving and will never get a meal ever again. That means they make a mess and that they can eat too fast which can cause them to vomit. This sad post from a couple of weeks ago is also a warning about pugs eating too fast.
  • The great thing about pugs being so food motivated is that training is really easy. Low cal snacks, like green beans, peas or carrots are good things to use as treats/rewards. They will pick up commands pretty quickly when they understand they will get a yummy snack as a reward!
  • Fold cleaning: I use unscented baby wipes. Clean the fold out regularly. I use those for the visible part of the ear, too. To get in the canal, flush with a saline solution. Play with ears, legs, feet regularly, so she is used to you doing it and won't be as fussy when you need to do routine cleaning/clipping.

    One general suggestion: don't use negative reinforcement for training or when she does something wrong. Puppies are babies, so they don't understand why they did something wrong. She will pee and poop in the house. She will bite you with those razor sharp puppy teeth. She will chew on things that she shouldn't chew on. These are inevitable and can get frustrating, but I recommend redirection and positive reinforcement.

    That's all I can think of for now. If I have any other suggestions, I'll edit.
    Also, there's a minimum tax of one puggy picture for advice, so be sure to post when she arrives! :)

u/zamiel4tw · 3 pointsr/pugs

could be a bad tooth, i would look around in the mouth for any obvious signs of decay, lumps, redness, etc. Also make sure to check between the upper lip and teeth. A puggle I baby sat would get into the cat litter and it'd get stuck up there where he couldn't remove it and I had to dig it out, ugh! That would be pretty stinky!

They do make dog tooth brushes (two kinds, one goes on the finger and another looks sorta like a ppl one but smaller) and tooth paste in flavors like poultry and peanut butter. Mine's a little pup still but we just started and she loves it, it's like a treat 2-3 times a week! I found it at the pet supply store near me, but it's also on Amazon right here! Plus I've heard bad things about Greenies in the past and I don't have to worry about her choking on them or anything with this. And she'll let me in her mouth more readily when she's an adult hopefully.

If there are any problems they may have to clear up first before you can start using something like this, but the vet should be able to tell you for sure come Monday. Good luck!!

u/dzsquared · 3 pointsr/pugs
  1. kiss pug's forehead just above the nose often, especially while cupping their face in your palm. getting them used to you loving on them around their sensitive smooshes makes the rest easier.

  2. for routine care - using a damp paper towel, wipe out nose folds and give forehead kisses. wipe again with a dry paper towel to remove moisture.

  3. for care when they are rubbing their face, it is stinky, or periodic routine care - wipe with an antibacterial/antifungal wipe like these:
u/elfwicket · 1 pointr/pugs

When I first got my pug, he was eating Beneful. Then after learning about all the filler that's in a lot of the dog foods, I did a bit of shopping around and found this new one, Holistic Select.

This one is awesome and I can't imagine getting anything else. It may be a bit pricey, but I feed him a lot less now since it's not all filler. Maybe about a cup or less? He has maintained quite a healthy weight, he's more active, and his coat is a lot smoother. Plluuuussss his farts aren't as rancid if it happens at all!

u/madhattergirl · 2 pointsr/pugs

Just got some Doggy Bubbles for our pug and he loves them! He chases them and jumps like crazy. They're great because they're formulated for dogs and they last a long time (found some bubbles the next day). And pretty cheap too.

u/steve-d · 2 pointsr/pugs

Poor pug. :( I am sorry to hear that, but I'm glad she's okay now. Since she has to have the cone on for so long I would maybe recommend a comfy cone. Check with your vet to see if they approve, but it's got to be a lot more comfortable for the long term.

u/grannyoldr · 2 pointsr/pugs

I read this Pug book years ago:

Clara: The Story of the Pug Who Ruled my Life

The one line I remember the most in the book was when the author went to China and a vendor remarked that Pugs were "Too cute to eat." :-)

The book is great BTW, I recommend picking up a copy.

u/stealthysocks · 1 pointr/pugs

Thanks for the replies. These are all the things we bought so far:





I think I'm going to buy a harness and cage in person because I want to make sure its the right fit.

Oh and here's a picture of the little guy :)

u/melotron75 · 3 pointsr/pugs

I don't know whose black lab that is. I just kind of took her to the dog park a bunch of times and she kind off picked it up. It helps that I kind of started her off by getting her a little pug sized life jacket:
Also, you gotta get extra small tennis balls because most pugs have small mouths:

We go swimming about nice a week. She loves it! I'll get her to make some YouTube intructional videos.

u/Logan_Gibson · 1 pointr/pugs

Currently we use Gobble Stoppers, we have ordered a few different sizes to figure out what works best and what bowl size works best.

It has slowed our 3 down, except for one. He will get frustrated, grab the stopper, and use it to fling the bowl upside down. has them as well and that is where we order our stuff from now

u/awayandawayandaway · 1 pointr/pugs

This is it:

The size she is wearing is a medium, she is 20lbs. I feel like a large would have been a bit of a better fit. The medium is a little tight for being a hoodie.

u/wtmh · 3 pointsr/pugs

I guess I'll keep the buzzkill train rolling by saying that everyone needs to be very careful about putting their pugs (or any dog) into a carrier like this. Propping your pug upright can be extremely bad for their already frail hips and spine.

A full size carrier that allows the dog on all stand on all feet is desirable. If you must use a backpack like the first one pictured, be sure that they are able to stand on their feet and don't situate them in a fashion where they are sitting with their legs out in front of them.

u/noriega_line · 6 pointsr/pugs

Puppia harnesses are very popular, they are adjustable and have a padded neck opening.

u/JEH225 · 2 pointsr/pugs

my pug was obsessed with tugging on his leash. i broke the habit with fooey spray its basically just super biter and i would spray it on his leash, only took a couple times before he gave up on tugging it.

u/vamirune · 5 pointsr/pugs

We started using these wipes for our pug when he started showing signs of a fold infection. We used them 2x a day (morning and night) and he cleared up within a week.

u/ajaxwhat · 3 pointsr/pugs

We have a toy log with holes in it and little squirrels with squeakers you put in and the pug has to try and pull them out.

Amazon Link

u/PinoyPrincess7 · 2 pointsr/pugs

That is so sad 😭 I want to find that book though cuz I have two pugs and a Golden lol

Edit: I found it