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u/atlastata · 6 pointsr/radiohead

Oh sure, look it up. If I were smart, that's what I would have done. ;-)

To save other people the trouble:

Pablo Honey

The Bends

OK Computer

Kid A - due to the lack of singles (and B-sides), this might actually be the worst collector's edition, which is amazing because this album is awesome awesome.


Hail To The Thief

In Rainbows

I guess it almost comes down to which album you like the best. I'm a big fan of The Bends, so I enjoy that pop driven second disc more than somebody who tuned in after Kid A (for example). What do you like, OP?

u/roadghost24 · 3 pointsr/radiohead

You mean this one? I for myself actually think that's the best Radiohead poster out there. Sadly the band doesn't have that many great posters (or merch in general) to begin with, but this In Rainbows one is also pretty cool imo. You like Atoms For Peace too? They have this poster in their store. Outside of that, I don't really know where to get posters that are worth something.

u/present_tense_ · 3 pointsr/radiohead

Just don't get anything with all in one built in speakers.

I Suggest an Audio Technica LP60

Or if it is in you budget go for the Audio Technica LP120

I started off with an Audio Technica LP120 and still use it to this day. It is about two years old now with no problems what so ever.
The thing to note is that you will need speakers to add to it with to start off with i just used computer speakers until I upgraded my speakers last year. But i reckon the LP60 would be great as well, audio technica are imo a great brand.

Maybe this could be of assistance

Then the fun addicting part truly begins once you have a turntable to spin all you favourite albums. Plus even though it is gimmicky and less superior to black vinyl (according to people but i see no major difference) there are coloured vinyl which range from all difference fantastic colours from pressing to pressing. They look so awesome!

Example here (from one of my fav bands King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's album 12 Bar Bruise):

Anyway enjoy Hail to the Thief when you spin as it is my fav album ever and first record I ever owned : ) !!!

u/qcom · 1 pointr/radiohead

Check out this page from musicnotes which allows you to view the first page for free!

I can also recommend this book of sheet music dedicated to Kid A and [this one] ( of Radiohead's greatest hits (although surprisingly Kid A isn't in the latter).

u/MaBeSch · 2 pointsr/radiohead

Long story short: buy this one. I own it and it's fantastic. The selection of songs is amazing. Highlights like Last Flowers to the Hospital and How I Made My Millions are included. Chords are accurate, as well as the keys. Especially if you're an experienced player, you'll have lots of fun with it.

u/Cban51 · 6 pointsr/radiohead

This may not be what you're looking for, but my girlfriend gave me this for my birthday, and I love it. I've learned almost every song in there and they sound great. For anyone interested, it contains these songs:

  • Creep
  • Everything in Its Right Place
  • Exit Music (For a Film)
  • Fake Plastic Trees
  • Fog Again
  • High and Dry
  • How I Made My Millions
  • I Want None of This
  • Karma Police
  • Knives Out
  • Last Flowers to the Hospital
  • Life in a Glasshouse
  • Like Spinning Plates
  • Lucky
  • Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • My Iron Lung
  • No Surprises
  • Paranoid Android
  • A Punch Up at a Wedding
  • Pyramid Song
  • Sail to the Moon
  • Sit Down. Stand Up.
  • Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  • Subterranean Homesick Alien
  • Videotape
  • We Suck Young Blood
  • A Wolf at the Door.

    Before I got this though, I would just Google sheet music of the song I wanted and usually could find the first page or so of it, and work the rest out by ear.
u/kevinshark · 2 pointsr/radiohead

This looks awesome. I love this kind of extended criticism. Though they don't have very good reviews I thought the 33 1/3rd's dedicated to Kid A and OK Computer were at least worthwhile - you'd probably find them interesting if you haven't read them already.

u/trashrabbits · 7 pointsr/radiohead

I got a pretty cool poster in my game room that's reminiscent of the Kid A/Amnesiac Tour and I got it for under $10 on Amazon. It looks like this.

EDIT: Here's the link for it. It's 24in x 36in and it looks great. I'd suggest framing it though.

u/wowbrow · 12 pointsr/radiohead

No. He's a fucking amazing artist.

He's a brilliant writer as well. I cannot recommend "household worms" enough. its a collection of short stories including "sell your house and buy gold." All very dark, all very awesome.

u/I_ncident · 1 pointr/radiohead

Apparently this comes with stickers to fit onto a normal jewel case.
> It also has two pages of stickers to fit on a regular jewel case, which is a nice addition as cardboard cases are easy to damage.

u/HeadphoneWarrior · 2 pointsr/radiohead

Embarrassing Edit: Whoops. I was talking about this book. :|

First half was pretty good. Gets into 'the philosophy of art' mode far too easily for me.

But it was quite fun to find out that I agree and disagree with several interpretations of other fans about songs and albums.

I'd say pick it up.

u/LifvetsUsurpator · 3 pointsr/radiohead

Haven't read it but this looks pretty interesting

u/YouUsedtobeAlright · 1 pointr/radiohead

Here's a cheaper but still pretty expensive listing for the second CD. Given that you can more easily find the discbox for around the same price, I'd still suggest that way of getting the second disc.

u/nicetryLaoChe · 1 pointr/radiohead

that's a good move! I have been working on accurate sheet music for anything I love and can't find...still working on making them correct. PM me and I can help out. These books are the best so far:

The '28 Biggest Hits' is a treasure trove, though some mistakes. AMSP is golden. Kid A is a cheap publisher but accurate.

u/AveZombier · -8 pointsr/radiohead

Not to be a downer but all but 3 tracks of this have been released before with the OK Computer deluxe edition which also came with a dvd.
Again, not that I'm throwing shade on this release, I mean... I have already bought the vinyl. lol.

u/Thisisyoureading · 1 pointr/radiohead

This was in my old university library. Also one of the lecturers wrote a small 'dissertation' book on OK Computer.

To be fair a lot of people misunderstood the book, but it isn't an all out and out great read.

u/4-1-3-2 · 3 pointsr/radiohead

Quite a few books have been referenced in interviews - here's some of the ones I think I remember. They're all very good books despite any association with Radiohead, by the way.

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

The Crying of Lot 49 (also V. and Gravity's Rainbow)


The Hitchhiker Guide

The Divine Comedy

No Logo

Brave New World

Cat's Cradle

Stanley Donwood

u/lfshammu · 27 pointsr/radiohead

Plot Genie Index:

Pretty interesting. Looks like it was written by Wycliffe A. Hill. It's a book for plot ideas basically. From 1936.

u/milpooooooool · 1 pointr/radiohead

I keep Radiohead and Philosophy in my bathroom. It's part of a series of pop culture "philosophy" books, and it's really just a collection of articles relating their music to philosophical ideas. It covers a little bit of everything through In Rainbows. Some articles are definitely better than others, not really a book to read from front to back in one sitting.

Edit: Here's the entire list of those pop culture philosophy books if anyone is interested. Seems to be one for everything.

u/AuntieKuma · 2 pointsr/radiohead

I was just about to recommend this as well!

I don't understand why it's so poorly reviewed; I really enjoyed it!

u/integrate-this · 6 pointsr/radiohead

My friend showed me this soon after I got my first Radiohead album. It was my introduction to so many of their songs!

I've always found that covers of Radiohead in different genres are really illuminating. Stripping away all of that Radiohead weirdness, you're always left with a brilliant melody. See also John Mayer's cover of Kid A and OK Computer lullabies.

u/cryptopian · 3 pointsr/radiohead

I have the Radiohead Songbook. Interestingly, as well as being made up of classic hits (Creep, Paranoid Android), it also contains more obscure pieces that were written for piano (How I Made my Millions, I Want None of This).

Some of the non-piano pieces sound good, like Karma Police and Sail to the Moon. My Iron Lung transcribes surprisingly well. Some really don't work, like Creep and Subterranean Homesick Alien (though the bassline given by the book implies completely the wrong rhythm).

u/HellaToasted · 2 pointsr/radiohead

I knew that ok computer poster looked familiar, someone on here posted in a while back with a link to amazon! Looks like it's the right one

u/warminthestarlight · 1 pointr/radiohead

Check out the Rockabye Baby! album. They did music-boxy arrangements of some of their classics. Love the No Surprises one especially.

u/xEstie · 1 pointr/radiohead

Amazon! I have a framed one on my wall as well :)

u/TheBrownDandy · 2 pointsr/radiohead

I just searched for Radiohead and viewed all albums. Most of them are cover albums like lullabies and Strung Out On X, but these three were all right next to each other. You can see the pre-order price button and release date on individual item pages too, like this one for IN RAINBOWS:

u/EverythingIThink · 2 pointsr/radiohead

There's some decent books out there, I know this one has some interesting stuff. I think there's a few on books written about Ok Computer specifically even

u/Sye024 · 10 pointsr/radiohead

I'm really hoping that it's only physical. The digital re-release of In Rainbows is still May 6th.

u/seamusthehound · 1 pointr/radiohead

Bought this one. Wish I'd bought that one.
Or any other.

u/gingertastic95 · 9 pointsr/radiohead

I really wish Radiohead would reissue the double album version of In Rainbows because I missed the boat the first time around and have trouble justifying the current price of the album. It's a shame because it really makes an already great album even better.

u/swordstool · 1 pointr/radiohead

This is one of the better 'cheaper' ones: link

u/Tom_Anks · 2 pointsr/radiohead

This one?

It's alright, an interesting read but a lot of time the author just seems to be saying things for the sake of saying things, their music really doesn't have to go incredibly deep. Parts where he talks about the deeper meaning of Creep for a chapter is pretty painful to read.

u/I_Am_Amnesiac · 2 pointsr/radiohead

Check [this out:]

It comes in a small book form. It even has little loan card.
I have it. I prefer this to the boxed special editions.

u/whitepangolin · 7 pointsr/radiohead

This question was asked a little while ago. Here's a basic idea of the responses at the time.

These are pulled from the Amazon reviews when Kid A was released (which, by the way you're slightly off about - the internet was still abuzz just not in every household). All the 1-star and 2-star reviews are from when it came out. Some choice examples:

> "I find it funny that improv noises that Kid A is full of - people are so gung-ho for. Why I ask... why? The answer is simply because we're supposed to think that."

> "This album sucks. It's all queazy instrumentals that any stoned college rock band could do."


> "I'm sorry, this is so dry, and emotionless. Oh but wait! Let's see, if you liked this album I bet it was because you brainwashed yourself into believing it was good."

> "The entire album is slow, muffled and just plain boring, such as the pervasive, synthesised drone of 'Idioteque' or the weird instrumental misfire of 'Kid A' (the song). "

> "If you put a couple of randomly-chosen fourteen year old boys in a modern studio with professional engineers and told them that they had to write and record an album in one day, odds are you'd get something much more entertaining than this"

> "This album sounds like Radiohead rooted around in the garbage bin outside Aphex Twin's recording studio, found some outtakes, and laid Thom Yorke's patented whine-drone over them."

> "Thom, you sad, sad, barefaced, twaddler."

> "Give me a break. This is not heady, atmospheric brilliance. This is trite, meaningless mmuuuzzzzzaaccc. Years from now this will be remembered as...... oh, that's right, it won't be remembered at all."

> "I once bought a tex-mex macarena party cd that I could bear more than this horrible tripe. "

God some people were so upset.
> "Listening to this album is like receiving a LONG SLOW ENEMA. "

u/the-eat-scout · 2 pointsr/radiohead

Buy a new physical copy from amazon, and it include the digital mp3s (via their auto-rip program) immediately.

You'll then be able to re-download whenever you want from their servers / stream from their servers / etc.

u/stopthecrowd · 1 pointr/radiohead

TL;DR - I don't know

I have this one and it is great but definitely too hard for me (i am a beginner player). Though that just means things will take time (and I am currently putting a Coldplay and Elliott Smith song ahead of finally learning PS, MPS, or Fog(Again).

You've got Morning Bell on yours though.. I am jealous!

u/Petter05 · 1 pointr/radiohead

I was thinking on this:

u/detrw5 · 1 pointr/radiohead

I bought one on amazon a while ago - it's like $4+shipping (no prime :( )

u/ledraps · 5 pointsr/radiohead

I was considering buying this, but I ended up getting the Special Collector's Edition because it included the B-sides and a DVD.

It still has all the artwork and the book card inside, but I dislike not having the book form.

I wish the Book form came with the B-side + DVD

u/matlal · 4 pointsr/radiohead

I've got a CD with the outtakes and 7 live versions. Bought it for 15$, it comes in a little box with a DVD!

It's now 99$ on Amazon

u/_Oce_ · 2 pointsr/radiohead

Seems to be this book: The Plot Genie Index
A book about ideas to write movie plots.

u/Pro_Ice · 23 pointsr/radiohead

This was also the date back catalog transferred to XL is supposed to return online (according to Amazon).

u/bottleclinger · 1 pointr/radiohead

From memory I think this book was quite interesting... and had a lot of technical information in it

u/ap_fortuna · 2 pointsr/radiohead

I found it on amazon yesterday, it’s a RH authorized book, and Stanley Donwood designed it

u/ink_spot_masterpiece · 1 pointr/radiohead


I bought this when the album released, still have it in a box somewhere.

u/niftium · 2 pointsr/radiohead

I've seen some dodgy shit like this (, and Wikipedia says 2CD editions exist separate from the discbox, but I've never seen them.

u/YsoGreeen · 1 pointr/radiohead

I was sad that it was sold out as well so I did a quick search and found it on Amazon. It's a presale, not out till October. I have a feeling it's going to be a different issue. Just a hardcover and not like the original limited edition issue shown on the vol site.


u/scemm · 2 pointsr/radiohead

Link for the lazy?

Edit: here

Edit 2: hm that only show one page, I dunno how to fix it