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u/valiantdistraction · 1 pointr/ragdolls

I used one of those pheromone collar things with my cat when I brought him home and I think it helped. I got him as an adult (~2.5ish years old) from a rescue and the people there swear by them, and I figure they'd know since they have cats coming and going all the time. He cried in the carrier in the car, but he always does that.

I highly recommend Tidy Cats Breeze litter system. It is much easier to deal with than clumping litter, imo. I fill it with two bags of the pellets and replace roughly once a year. I get little dog poop type bags to scoop the poop into (I do it every day/every other day - I know people who go a week but my cat screams at me if I don't keep it clean) and put the pee pad in (I change 1x/week and I sprinkle Tidy Cats litter deodorizer across the new one). I also move the pellets around and wipe down the litterbox interior with clorox wipes and spray the pellets with Nature's Miracle. You can also wash the pellets in bleach water and put them back in rather than buying new but that sounds like too much work for me. I don't know how switching over would go because my cat just used it straight away.

My cat loves toys like this:
He also likes little balls, especially if they're those ones with the kind of... hollow bits... so he can pick them up with his teeth and carry them.
Also, he is WAY more into carrying his toys into whatever room I'm in than any of my previous cats. He wants himself and all his things with me all the time. He will pull all his toys out of his toy bucket and carry them into my bedroom and put them right on top of me when I'm asleep. (He also has never used a pet bed and just sleeps either in my bed or in the armchair in my office or on the couch, depending on where I am. He likes to just hang out by me most of the time, even when he's asleep.)

I have a steel comb and a metal slicker brush for grooming. I don't use the furminator because it cuts his fur... it DOES completely eliminate hairballs, but it gives his coat this weird jagged appearance and tbh if I was that into completely eliminated hairballs, I'd trim his fur shorter with an electric trimmer (when he came from the rescue it was like that) so it was all even and nice. But regular brushing and combing and a periodic shower keeps him nice and we only get hairballs when the season changes into summer. My cat sheds A LOT and I have to do a light brush every day or two and a more thorough one weekly, especially in his armpits to keep the fur from matting. I also use small grooming scissors to trim his interior thigh and butt area because he can get "danglies" if I don't, and imo the fur smells a little funky in that area if it isn't short enough to be out of the way of his business.

I bathe him every several months - idk what would work best for your cat but for us I just bring him in the shower with me, wash and rinse him, wash and rinse me, turn the shower off and wring out as much as possible, wrap him in a towel and hold him like that for a while to absorb the water, then blow-dry. It's not too bad. He cries and tries to escape but he doesn't try that hard, and he looks so nice afterwards. He doesn't watch me shower like a lot of cats do but it's very clearly because he's worried he'll be washed, lol. I don't let him in the bathroom when I'm using it because it's creepy to have him staring but he usually waits right outside the door.

For whatever reason, this is my cat's favorite style of scratcher:
I've tried many others but he basically only wants this one.

u/anthrogeek · 4 pointsr/ragdolls

This toy? My little guy looooves it. Best toy ever. I got the ball that lights up for it (mostly so I can see it in the dark). I now gift them to all of my friends with new kittens because they are amazing.

My guy loves catnip mice and leaves them everywhere; like the bathtub, my bed ala godfather style under the covers, in purses and shoes mine and visitors.

u/Pdu2503 · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

Congrats on your new furbaby! He's adorable! Just a few notes:

  1. check the ingredients list for anything you plan on feeding him, if any type of grain/corn meal is in the top 3 ingredients then get something else. Ours like dry freezed chicken breast and on rare occasions rotisserie chicken breast as treats .
  2. Don't waste money on pet bed. Mort ragdolls would much rather be near/on you than in a pet bed.
  3. when you clip his nails make sure you're in a well lit area. And remember you can always trim off more but if you clip too close and get the quick they may become fraid of getting nails clipped in the future. We probably do it too frequently but we do it once a week.
  4. Also, running water. Our two ragdolls love fresh water either from a pet water fountain or a touch activated faucet. I like to think they are less likely to get kidney stones because fresh water is readily available (and they don't get much dried food).
  5. Don't forget to microchip your baby (even if they are strictly indoor)! No one plans on losing their pets just like no one plans on getting in car accidents but we still carry insurance. One of my coworkers lost her indoor only kitty for a week when a guest left the door open too long. Fortunately she was microchipped.
  6. (we have the large sized one in blue, medium might be a bit small for raggies).
  7. Enjoy your little guy!
u/WHUColin · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

My guy is incredibly fussy about there being ANYTHING inside the litter box. In the end I bought a giant litter box that allows him some space. Granted, it is cleaned multiple times a day but nice if we are out a couple hours. Very happy with it, and he seems to be as well.

u/peppermintlemon · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

I use the Nature's Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded litter box for my 7 month ragdoll boy. It works pretty well for me, I haven't had any issues.

u/_pineapplesinmyhead_ · 1 pointr/ragdolls

We really like the feaandrea cats trees on amazon! We got this one for our boy. We’re already thinking about getting this bigger one next and putting the smaller one in the living room since he loves being on the perch so much. I find it very sturdy and there is also a strap that you can screw into the wall.

u/AshleyAoki · 1 pointr/ragdolls

i got this one in the large 28in size:

i currently have 3 kittens (4.5 months, 4.5 months, 14 weeks) and they all fit in it! it's pretty heavy but it's also sturdy. for one cat, the 20in or 24in would probably be a good size

u/prafken · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

We have 3 ragdolls, and just buy lint rollers by the case. I have not found an magic solution yet.

This comb is the best thing we have found but it doesn't get rid of everything clothes are just too magnetic.

u/Aleeravilu · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

We use this one in size M (604244cm) for our doll:

It's very spacy and comfortable.

u/Micro_ID_DO · 8 pointsr/ragdolls

I’m going to copy-paste a previous comment I posted elsewhere on having a few things for rag doll kittens.

Everyone will tell you about food, litter, water, etc. But you will want a few other fun things. Get a long piece of 1/2” thick ribbon for your cat can chase. Mine LOVE ribbons and will run til they fall over. Buy a few scratching posts to put up around the house; mine don’t claw the furniture if they have enough posts. A cat tree gives them a place to call their own (and get away from my small children). We over-indulged.

Both our ragdolls like being brushed, but my girl will flop over and let me brush her for a full half-hour with this one. Fave cat brush. Now that our ragdolls are full grown, we give them a full fur-cut every year because their butt-fur gets so long that stool will stick to it (and track around the house) so be warned.

The healthiest cat treats generally have >70% protein, so I like these ones best.

There is always more to think of, but these are some more indulgent ideas.

u/piperandcharlie · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

What you want is a dematting rake. A Furminator is good for maintenance, but to remove actual mats that's what you want. It'll cut right though them instead of you tugging on it with a Furminator.

Like this:

u/Jak_Crow · 1 pointr/ragdolls

Go for this one. It's the same one in grey under another brand and only $43CD

u/nimbusgirl · 1 pointr/ragdolls

By the way every ragdoll owners should get one of these combs. ez-pet groomer

u/ohaitharr · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

This is what I use to hide cables from my pups.. I put my stuff plugged into a surge protector inside one of these boxes;

Then put these over the cables going into the box and out of the box;

u/Kylynara · 1 pointr/ragdolls

We're also getting one soon (a female) and this is helpful. I had read that they don't climb much, and was looking at smaller feaandrea ones. Do you find he does use the extra height?

Looking at this:

and this:

I'm hesitant to pay the extra for a big one and then find she only uses a bottom couple tiers.

u/glass_hedgehog · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

Be careful with full blow outs. It is very easy to overheat a long haired cat, and I've heard horror stories on this sub about groomers accidentally killing cats with heatstroke. It can take hours--hours--to fully dry a long haired cat safely.

We bought this brush about a year ago and it does wonders.