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u/mtdew2litre · 1 pointr/raleigh

Link to my craigslist posting:

Asking $1250

The post:

Sold off my desktop last year because I needed a mobile workstation/gaming setup. I no longer need one. Truth be told, I never needed one, but considering I never move reason to hold on to it.

Total cost of the entire package new (links included to amazon and NewEgg below): $2401 + Shipping charges from NewEgg - I use Amazon Prime, so if I order from there most of the time so I don't pay shipping, but this exact model isn't sold anywhere by NewEgg.

I figure cut the price in half, get a screaming laptop, and a bunch of fantastic peripherals. This is an AMAZING machine, top notch. Just time for me to part ways.

I am willing to accept trades for a desktop, but it must be in mint condition (as my equipment all is), and it must be comparably spec'd.

Laptop Specs: ($1499 new)

u/speakeasy_slim · 2 pointsr/raleigh

I had a book published: "The Art of Being Bill". It's a super fun collection of art dedicated to the man and the myth...BILL MURRAY
you can get it on Amazon petty cheap. a great gift for the ghostbuster fan in your life!
The Art of Being Bill: Bill Murray and the Many Faces of Awesome

u/crosstalk22 · 3 pointsr/raleigh

As for the hiking my wife and I have been exploring hikies in this book, and we have found some nice ones. if you go a few hours west, there are some great views, like hanging rock, chimney rock, and grandfather mountain among others. certainly some great biking trails around lake crabtree and umstead, also falls lake has some nice hiking and trails.

u/HerpingDerp · 8 pointsr/raleigh

There's actually an entire book about this Hope and Despair in the American City: Why there are no bad schools in Raleigh. Basically not matter where you wind up you have a respectable school. Yes some are better than others, but those often come with their own set of problems (my friends from places like Cary HS came to college obsessed with academic success at the cost of pretty much everything else).

NC is currently not in a great place politically (for explanation) which is one of the reasons posting on here is slightly fraught with people freaking out. But as one of the people that's been regularly going to protest the state legislature, this is still the greatest place I've ever lived. And I'm happy my parents moved so I could grow up here.

u/pierretong · 5 pointsr/raleigh

First of all - if Durham doesn't pay for the Durham County part, the project is dead. The plan says that Garner to RTP is not feasible and the project would have to go from Garner to Durham so that it can connect all the urban centers in the area. You don't think there is enough density in downtown Raleigh, downtown Durham to support the plan? Don't count out rail as well for driving dense developments near stations as well since it'll be a convenience to live near the stations. As for the airport, well they're using existing track and the closest it gets to the airport is Morrisville so there will be shuttles from there to the airport. We're talking about a low budget rail option here and a spur to the airport would be expensive (not to mention the airport has been resistant to expanded public transportation options due to parking revenues)

I think that some off-road aspect of a transit plan is necessary - yes, it is expensive but it is far less expensive than building a light rail option from scratch like Durham/Chapel Hill. If traffic is the driving point to build out our transit system, why force all the options to use the roads that are going to be congested even further in a few years? That just doesn't make sense to me.

The consultant who worked on the plan - Jarrett Walker - is one of the leaders when it comes to developing transit systems and has worked on transit plans around the world in different countries so I trust that they know what they're doing ( If you're interested in reading about transit, he wrote a good book about different theories, decisions and strategies that transit planners deal with:

u/tendonut · 2 pointsr/raleigh

Urban planning, especially roads, is one of my weird obsessions. It's one of the most fascinating things I've ever encountered.

I'm currently reading The Big Roads, a book about the history of the road system in the country.


And after that, I move onto this:


On The Grid actually uses Raleigh as the subject matter. I'm excited for it.

u/ayemef · 1 pointr/raleigh

This is a good book to read regarding persuasive tactics that may otherwise slip under your radar:

u/nobodysawme · 1 pointr/raleigh

  • 101.87 for the single-din kenwood, bluetooth and aux-in
  • 190.87 for the cheapest CarPlay
  • 273 for Pioneer 1300NEX level CarPlay

    The other way to solve this is with a hard-wired FM transmitter, that plugs the FM signal between your antenna and the radio. - $26.95 and the same 30 minutes in the driveway installing, and you'd have aux-in back. They do make a bluetooth version of this, but some people say the bluetooth one doesn't sound very good, and adds pairing issues.

    I've installed CarPlay about 10 times (I keep putting different ones in my car, I've had Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer primarily. A Pioneer with wireless CarPlay is going in next.) There's no magic to it, and it does make the experience a lot better, for me.
u/everythingistaken435 · 5 pointsr/raleigh

You might enjoy this read.

I seem to recall at least one review was an applebees and it was a big deal in that town. Small chance i have the resturant wrong. Been a while since i read it.

u/Jesse_berger · 1 pointr/raleigh

Any place that would allow me to steal power to clean my car?

I don't have access to a power outlet to be able to play with my new steamer and I'm having too much fun using it indoors, I just want to use it on my car.

I actually don't know if my apartment have gotten cleaner since getting this but it's fun as hell to use.

u/Nussig · 1 pointr/raleigh

Wireless N Router: Should work but not used for about 1.5 years

Monitor Like new. Only used for three weeks.

Cable Router: Should work but not used for about 1.5 years

Blu-ray Player: Should work but not used for about 2 years

HTC One X: Bought in Europe but works with AT&T sim card. Charger cable is included but sim card caddy is missing. Can probably be bought for a few bucks. Phone works fine.

Old Nokia Phone: No charger available, etc. Not used for years.

Digital picture frame with USB, SD/MS slots.

u/Cranial_Vault · 2 pointsr/raleigh

You've got the basic idea of what the controls do, keep shooting and try to picture the shot before you take the exposure and see if you can produce the image you want. Get a copy of Understanding Exposure and read it. Then read it again. The best thing you can do is shoot as much as possible and don't be afraid of shitty pictures. For a given shoot I might take 200 pictures and only keep 3-4. You will rarely, if ever, get the shot you want in one go.

u/Bilbo_Fraggins · 12 pointsr/raleigh

Problem gambling has nothing to do with being stupid. Human decision making just doesn't work like that: I'll point you to one of the better cognitive science/behavioral economics books to come out recently if you're really interested in understanding more how people actually make decisions, or if that's too long, perhaps a short TED talk to whet your appetite?

The gambling industry employes cognitive science findings to entrap people. You can't really understand the problem with gambling until you understand our biases and how limited our decision making ability really is.

Problem gambling affects all socio-economic classes, but those of us with more money:

  1. Have more opportunities for hedonic pleasure. Things with bad long term effects like smoking and gambling affect the lower classes more because they are accessible to them, while many other forms of hedonism usually aren't.

  2. Can absorb the impact better. If I lost a thousand or two over a year, I'd have to cut back on a few other things but I'd still be ok. If I was much closer to the poverty line, that same amount would be devastating.

  3. Do not tend to suffer from ego depletion as much. The poor tend to live more stressful lives, and those burn them out from being able to make as good decisions. citation

    Once you understand behavioral economics and the place of gambling in the world, it's much harder to just leave it alone. That's why we have the laws we do.

    On the other hand, all of that is somewhat unimportant to the discussion at hand. ;-) The point is we're attempting to enforce laws created for the sole reason that rich people don't like having to deal with poor people hanging around in public places, while not enforcing rules that demonstrably positively affect the economic situation of poor people.

    (edit: Added ego depletion w/ citation)
u/Pyr0monk3y · 1 pointr/raleigh

I think it's an important reminder to us as well as an important show of respect to those that lost their lives.

You have to understand that the a lot of the confederate soldiers had no opinion on slavery. Maybe they were slightly in favor or slightly opposed, but the soldiers didn't own slaves, war was the last thing they wanted. The war was waged by the gentry. There were several violent uprisings in western NC, when men were faced with the decision of serving the south or being hung or shot on the spot.

Victims is a fantastic read if you have any interest in Civil war or NC history.

u/ToastFlavoredToast · 1 pointr/raleigh

Has anyone here tried a bug zapper? I've been eyeballing this one.

Since it uses a mosquito attractant, it should avoid the usual problem with these things: not actually killing the bugs you want it to kill.

The mosquitos are just terrible in my backyard, but I don't want to use these chemical-based services. The services that work at all use a combination of garlic spray and hardcore chemicals (garlic alone does not do the job for long). There's no way I'm exposing my family and my dog to that (we once got a "pet safe" lawn treatment that made my dog sick for a week, not going through that again).