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u/kuyacyph · 1 pointr/rapbattles

Only time I got VIP was at Vendetta, and you got access to bleacher seats. Compared to general access who had to stand the whole event, fucking worth it. Went to another event, the one with the Oxxymiron battle, and VIP just got closer standing room to the stage, so not worth it that time.

All I can say is bring cash for merch or the bar, wear comfy shoes since you'll be standing, a charge battery for your phone, and if you got one of those handheld electric fans, might wanna bring one because the body heat of the crowd turns the place into an oven later

u/Uza · 6 pointsr/rapbattles

I illustrated a children's e-book about the Tooth Fairy. Shit's the truth.

Congrats on your monies bmbr!

u/Ingoinn · 2 pointsr/rapbattles

The guy that ghostwrote it is called Jensen Karp. He's an LA comedian/scriptwriter/gallery/podcaster and was also responsible for the "Leo Got Fucked By a Bear" song that The Rock and Kevin Hart performed at MTV.

In the late 90's he was signed to Interscope under the moniker Hot Karl. One of the reasons they noticed him was his prowess as a battle rapper on an LA radio show. Worked with Will.I.Am, Fabalous and Kanye West. He got dropped because Interscope found a better white rapper to push.

He has a great podcast called Get Up On This that features new rappers a lot, which has a [comedy beef season] ( on right now. That podcast got me up on a battle between Canibus and some dude I hadn't heard of about three years ago...