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u/Bellyfluous · 11 pointsr/rarepuppers

Doggo Frendos!

Don't get hard plastic cones. They're heckin uncomfortable! There's a better cone!

The COMFY CONE!! bork bork bork! (that's Fizzgig the Samoyed saying "it'sa good cone!")

(that link should be a plain link, with no referral/affiliate heck added)

(I am not in any way associated with amazon or the comfy cone humans. I am just a frendo of doggos who wants to see them be more comfy with happy borks)

u/spiceydog · 19 pointsr/rarepuppers

Highly recommend Embark! The results take a while to come back, but it was totally worth the wait. There's actually some surveys and other cool things to do during this time, so it doesn't seem to take so long.

Here's my youngest's profile: Derby!!

u/vomitCow · 2 pointsr/rarepuppers

Owner of a husky here! I’ve been using the Furminator deshedding shampoo and conditioner when I give her a bath. Along with brushing every other day, the hair becomes somewhat manageable. These sheets are also a lot better than using lint rollers to get hair off your clothes and furniture. I also have this car seat cover which helps with hair in my car. Also makes it a lot easier to keep my car clean after a day at the dog beach.

Swiffer also makes a pet version of their dry sheets that attracts pet hair like a magnet. I’d vacuum everyday, but she’s afraid of the vacuum.

u/Shadilay_Were_Off · 8 pointsr/rarepuppers

Guessing it's this: "Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle"

u/ohmygodlenny · 17 pointsr/rarepuppers

There's a really good book, What Animals Think and Feel, which discusses this phenomenon and interviews a lot of field researchers about the subject.

It's a really good read.

u/TopNotice0 · 1 pointr/rarepuppers

Sure! Here you go: PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD, SMALL UP TO 25 LBS., ROYAL BLUE

u/burninrock24 · 51 pointsr/rarepuppers

Get a brush like this

It’s basically a blade that will cut through the knots and mats. Then you can brush them out with much less protest from the pup!

Best investment for our golden doodle

u/kkderous · 2 pointsr/rarepuppers

It is! You can pick up a copy on Amazon if you’re interested. Here’s the link.

u/onceuponalyssa · 1 pointr/rarepuppers

This gave me fond memories of Where's My Teddy? which I read often when I was little.

u/wintercast · 3 pointsr/rarepuppers

My GSD had food allergies, figured out she could not have beef products of any kind, in food, or like a bully stick/beef treats. Switching her over to Origen 6 fish made a huge difference. Also, I applied 2 sprays to her paws (she would lick her paws and belly during an allergic reaction). Vetericyn and another spray that had tea tree oil. my dog did not like to lick tea tree oil. However do not use tea tree oil full strength on dogs. And never use on cats.

u/approachingX · 1 pointr/rarepuppers

Somewhere neither dog has been before. Check out the Monks of New Skete. They’re gosh darn dog wizards.