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u/jjirsa · 1 pointr/ravens

This book seems silly, but it's honestly great for learning Calculus, especially the second time:

(I read it in 1999 when I went from HS -> College, and the college I went into assumed you had already passed calc, and freshmen all had to start with second year calc. The professors recommended all incoming students refresh before the start of class, and I'm glad they did, because that book retaught some things I don't think I learned correctly the first time, made a huge difference).

u/juicehenderson · 2 pointsr/ravens

Thanks for the great info.

I found your indoor antenna. I think it would work for me. I'm on Calvert, in Charles Village - I hope I'm okay on channels.

Do you need something like this? does it work?

I'm currently only giving Comcast $47 a month for 20mbps and torrent as well. I'm still new to Baltimore and want to get local channels so I know what's happening around here.

u/the_freudian_slit · 1 pointr/ravens

Ita old but I would also recommend the book Next Man Up by John Feinstein. It covers the earlier Brian Billick era and gives a real good sense of the beginnings of the Ravens cultural attitude and the general business (and difficulty) of being a consistent winning franchise in the NFL.

u/gamacrit · 1 pointr/ravens

Look, I know you said "highlights", but this is as good as it gets. All four post-season games in their entirety. Definitely worth the money.

u/jasmineks · 1 pointr/ravens

I bought this shirt over the summer and I love it! So comfortable.

u/PaintDrinkingPete · 1 pointr/ravens

Less than $1/each and can fit in your pocket...definitely a lifesaver for cold, wet games...and at that price doesn't even matter if it makes it home with you.

u/alyosha_pls · 2 pointsr/ravens

Hey, I really recommend Pat Kirwan's book if you want to really get a good primer on how to watch and understand football.


u/PIG20 · 3 pointsr/ravens

You can also by the DVD/Blu Ray set on Amazon. It has the entire playoff run and Superbowl broadcasts.

It's less than $20 for all 4 post season games. Definitely worth the purchase.

u/emcb1230 · 3 pointsr/ravens

If you want to go the legit way you can buy all of the playoff games in one package. I got it shortly after the Super Bowl. I'll try to find the link.

Edit -

u/nonfamouswentz · 9 pointsr/ravens

You don't really have to pay for local channels either. Just buy an antenna! Cut the cable this year and got this thing to replace it. I get about 30 or so channels for free.

Gotta stream Ravens games through like mostly since I'm on the west coast

u/xxThrown_Awayxx · 5 pointsr/ravens

I use this. it's just subtle enough for people to think i'm feminine (im a man), but purple enough for people to understand if i tell them that i am a Ravens fan.

u/gd1777 · 2 pointsr/ravens

I should have probably provided the link to the Amazon one as well


u/uv0001 · 2 pointsr/ravens

If you're looking for the playoff game then you can get the whole post season on BD or DVD:

If you want the regular season game (God forbid) you can search youtube or TPB. I know it would be on TPB but by this time the number of seeders has probably dropped off completely.

u/treenbeen · 3 pointsr/ravens

Buy an OTA Antenna. You get a full 1080p picture on WJZ which is compressed even on Fios. Even when I had cable I preferred watching on an antenna.

u/banks29 · 2 pointsr/ravens

Youtube links never last. Just buy the blu-ray.

u/Jurph · 2 pointsr/ravens

My wife bought me Take Your Eye Off the Ball, which does an excellent job of teaching you how to watch the game, but I found it to be a little heavy on jargon for a novice. You can get it but you probably won't understand everything you're reading the first time through. Still, you'll likely learn a lot -- why a CB steers his WR to an inside or outside release, how to tell if it's a run or pass play by watching the O-Line, etc.

You might want to start by reading the Wikipedia article called American Football Strategy and following the links several clicks deep.

To make it a little less boring, you can watch the pre-season games with a notepad in your hands. Write down any term you don't know (and the context) and look it up during the commercial. So for instance you might write "Ray Rice running off tackle" or "Zone blocking linemen don't like new rules - why?"