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u/MrAristo · 26 pointsr/realsocialengineering

Wow, 24 hours and no replies?!

Fine, you know what? FUCK IT!

Alright, first off - While you can concentrate on physical, understanding the basics of the digital side of things will make you more valuable, and arguably more effective. I'll take this opportunity to point you at Metasploit and tell you to atleast spend an hour or so each week working to understand it. I'm not saying you have to know it backwards or inside-out, just get a basic understanding.

But you said you want to go down the physical path, so fuck all that bullshit I said before, ignore it if you want, I don't care. It's just a suggestion.

Do you pick locks? Why not? Come on over to /r/Lockpicking and read the stickied post at the top. Buy a lockpick set. You're just starting so you can go a little crazy, or be conservative. Get some locks (Don't pick locks you rely on!) at a store, and learn the basics of how to pick.

Your fingers will get sore. Time to put down the picks and start reading:

u/xSymbiont · 1 pointr/realsocialengineering

So, this was always a topic of interest for me since I've always found it quite natural to be energetic and extroverted. I've recommended the book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths" by Kevin Dutton a few times in my comment history, and I will again here because it's truly a fascinating book.

In answer to your question, to appear more energetic to others, focus on your posture and your eyes. Someone standing up straight and confidently looking at someone's face/eyes when they're addressing them looks far more awake then someone slouched over and averting their gaze. Interestingly enough, you'll also feel more awake if you focus on your posture! Don't get me wrong, when I'm sitting down I have awful posture (6'5... most desks/tables are too low for me) but when I'm standing up I'm always up straight or potentially casually leaning on/sitting against something.

Another thing that's interesting is potentially down to empathy. People who "catch yawns" from others often seem more tired because they're always yawning when in actual fact a potential link has been shown (people have tried proving it and disproving it and neigher side of the debate has manage to 100% prove their point) between empathy levels and yawning.

That's just a couple things that I can think of off the top of my head, but the second paragraph is probably the more important of the two as it's easier to work on posture and where you're focusing your eyes than it is to work on not catching yawns.

u/Aiadon · 1 pointr/realsocialengineering

Is this the book from the list:"The Psychology of Control" ?

Do you reccomend "The Power of Mindful Learning" as a useful book for someone who wants to become better at creativity (especially but not limited to creating stories for social engineering purposes)?