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u/benbensmith3 · 1 pointr/recordingmusic

Honestly, a 49 key midi controller would be perfect. I use mine for practicing piano as well, but it's great for recording music as well. Since you have logic pro, you're probably better off finding the best cheapest midi keyboard, because the more pricey ones have more features, and include more software which doesn't seem necessary for your situation. This could work for you, but I'd also check out M Audio keyboards as u/Dawn_Light mentioned already. They're pretty solid. Check craigslist too because I always see 49 key midi controllers there for really cheap. Hope some of that helped!

u/bluecrystalcreative · 1 pointr/recordingmusic

If I understand you need a system that will let you rehearse, and then play live using the same setup. If this is correct, I would recommend spending a bit more and getting something like a Behringer XR16 digital mixer

OK its twice your budget but the advantages are

  • Every input channel has gates, dynamics (compression) fully parametric 4-band EQ,

  • Every one the four Aux (headphone) outputs can get ANY mix of input channels

  • Each player can adjust what they hear with a android/iOS smartphone or tablet via WiFi

  • Four built-in stereo multi-effects processors (reverbs, delays ect)

  • A built-in USB to record directly to your iPad or PC.

  • BEST OF ALL - The system you rehearse with, can be the system you gig with
u/theknyte · 1 pointr/recordingmusic

If you want lower end, but good, then I would recommend the PreSonus AudioBox, or if you want best for your price range, then go with the tried and true Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

u/losbeardos · 1 pointr/recordingmusic

IK Multimedia Audio Interface IPIRIG2PLGIN

The mixer has 1/4 inch output, so connect a cable from the mixer into the irig2 and then plug the irig2 into your phone. You can control everything right from the mixer. Sync is perfect and sounds good.

u/flannelman87 · 1 pointr/recordingmusic

If you want to record into your computer, this is a great option.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

u/goodbyeoperator · 1 pointr/recordingmusic

Unfortunately he can't just go from the Scarlett interface to the speaker/monitor without an amplifier. The interface is only powerful enough to send signal to the computer or headphones.

You'll need to set it up in this chain: Scarlett headphone out >> [1/4" to mini stereo] ( >> [mini stereo to stereo RCA] ( >> RCA plugs into amp (search speaker amplifier on Amazon) >> lastly, go from amplifier to speaker/monitor ... the applicable cable for this depends on what type of amplifier you buy and whether it has raw copper outputs or 1/4" outputs. For 1/4" outputs use 2 of what theknyte posted, one for each speaker.

Audio setups can be annoying but this is precisely how I would do it.