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u/megamanxoxo · -15 pointsr/redneckengineering

> Show me a "proper engineered" version for cheaper.

Sure thing. This is exponentially cheaper as it doesn't require a several thousand dollar car for its containment / support. It's also engineered much better, by real engineers, to contain and keep water warm.

> Got the degree.

Considering your demeanor, extensive comment history, and the subs you are most active on, that is extremely unlikely. Sounds like you're a mechanic or tradesman of some sort. But if it makes you feel better you're welcome to keep telling yourself that.

u/MaceotheDark · 18 pointsr/redneckengineering

Nicely done. You may be interested in something like this. Possibly a little safer and probably cheaper: JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer - Electric Warmer - Deodorizes, Prevents Mold - Ultra Silent

u/satanclauz · 1 pointr/redneckengineering

That's beautiful! And it could double as a huge wort chiller :D

u/alphabennettatwork · 14 pointsr/redneckengineering

I've had this one for a couple years and I'm really pleased with it. Obviously it's not really redneck engineering, but I thought you may be interested.

u/smogeblot · 22 pointsr/redneckengineering

Unfortunately he's right. The hole is there to be locked and tagged. You will have a hard time finding any outlet using a spring loaded ball to retain the plug - they will all use simple spring clips. Further, the operation to punch the holes and the quality issues with aligning the holes means that it's more expensive to have the hole than the teeny amount of metal saved. You know a little too much, please humble yourself. Like, how can you possibly bring up the lockout/tagout for industrial machinery that will never, ever use a NEMA 1 plug for single phase? You can even find name-brand industrial lock-out devices for $6 on Amazon that use the lockout holes to lockout the plug.

Source: I used to design plugs and receptacles.

u/ffiarpg · 4 pointsr/redneckengineering

That setup will really lower the effectiveness of that unit. If you need more cooling capacity you might want something like this. (Dual hose units are far better than single hose units)

u/samurai_for_hire · 7 pointsr/redneckengineering

8 metal straws for $8

Obviously, no restuarant will want to use them, but if you’re at home, they’re fine.

u/internet_observer · 1 pointr/redneckengineering

People in the wilderness. Rock climbers, rafters, kayakers, canyoneers, etc. Enough people that it's a a full section of the NRS webpage including seats and bags specifically for shitting in 5 gallon buckets. For rafter it is also common to use a Rocket Box. Bags for peeing in also exist but you don't have to use those most places.

u/pyropro1212 · 1 pointr/redneckengineering

I've been meaning to do this for a while for even peppering big cuts for sous vide. I've got one of these with a weird handle and I'm seriously thinking about drilling a hole in the end and gluing in an old hex bit so that it can work with drill or impact driver. Cause, you know, moar pepper.