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u/Troggie42 · 1 pointr/regularcarreviews

Yeah!! It's got so much history around it, there's a whole book I bought about just that car. If you're in to automotive history, I highly recommend it. There is so much out there to learn about so many things, it's part of what makes cars great IMO. :)

u/BlackCocktober · 3 pointsr/regularcarreviews

It's from this novel though sadly I believe this passage (indeed the entire section it was in) was cut when the author revised the Kindle version to shorten it. I still have the original on my reader. However it's still a damn good read, all written in this sort of free indirect discourse style that is gorgeous.

It's an obscure fucking book, I think somebody on 4chan recommended it to me originally.

u/die_mensch_maschine · 3 pointsr/regularcarreviews

> to somewhat understand postmodernism

This is a very good starter guide.

u/ExquisiteFacade · 4 pointsr/regularcarreviews

I just have this on the monthly order thingy. They aren't good quality, but they mostly disappear before they break. So it's all good.

u/wyatte1 · 1 pointr/regularcarreviews

I think the Suaoki 24V 25000mAh Jump Starter can jump a truck,including heavy trucks like transporting trucks, construction trucks and so on.

u/JoeBenigo · 3 pointsr/regularcarreviews

It was a cross post, but I was was able to track it down!

EINSKEY Men's Waterproof Sun Hat, Outdoor Sun Protection Bucket Safari Cap for Safari Fishing Hunting -

u/mr_william · 36 pointsr/regularcarreviews

Just a small suggestion for /u/RegularCars and /u/RegularRoman:

If these ask Mr. Regular videos are going to be a regular thing, get a small cheap mixer and a second mic (or lapel mics)

The noise from passing the mic back and forth was a bit distracting

^^^^Also ^^^^answer ^^^^my ^^^^question ^^^^next ^^^^time ^^^^:)

u/Forums_Terrorist · 26 pointsr/regularcarreviews

Well, for one, people are (annoyingly) high on everything Musk shits out; the Tesla is a 100k car with the interior from a Honda Accord, that you can't do diddly with or else Tesla shuts it down remotely, but none of that matters because class identifier.

In general when it comes to corporate decision-making I take the 40k Inquisition approach: there's no such thing as innocence, only varying degrees of guilt. There's a book, High and Mighty: The Dangerous Rise of the SUV that basically explains the rise of the SUV in the 90s and 00s as a way to continue selling the highly optioned, high margin boats Americans had been buying previously, while ducking out of the attendant taxes and regulations regarding safety, pollution and fuel efficiency. (There's also the psychological value add of being able to bully people out of your way because you're an American and statistically that makes you an awful driver.) And going back even further, Regs' vaunted IMMORTAN IACOCCA's desire for a light, cheap, and quick to market subcompact was responsible for the Pinto fiasco. I'm mad, mad online about corporate malfeasance.