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u/MetricPrime · 1 pointr/resumes

Yeah, no worries. Like most people will mention any time someone is reading a resume or cover letter they want to be able to quickly glance through it and get the useful information. People aren't going to read something that hits like a wall of text. I've sent out hundreds of cover letters like this and people don't read them.

Seeing as you've done projects in school I would lead on that as something that qualifies you as a potential candidate. I would lower your cover letter to three paragraphs. A brief introduction, what qualifies you as a candidate, and the last paragraph with a call to action. I strongly recommend:

  • Knock'em Dead Cover Letters

    There are plenty of sample cover letters for different jobs that you can work with. I like the content that you have in your cover letter, but I would orient towards and accomplishment/qualification oriented resume. I'll show you how I ordered mine so you get a basic idea. Good Luck!

    John Doe

    123 Street

    Reddit City, RD R1R 1R1

    (123) 546-7890

    [email protected]


    Human Resources


    August 3, 2017

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to introduce myself with the hope that I may be considered for an entry-level to intermediate role as a Mechanical Engineer. I offer more than two years hands on experience, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to personal and company success.

    Representative of my qualifications and accomplishments:

  • Designed and conceptualized systems for testing and analysis in a research environment.

  • Extensive multi-disciplinary skills in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.

  • Prepared technical documents, proposals, engineering documents, and specifications to outline project
    requirements, scope of work, budget, and scheduling.

  • Conducted experiments, catalogued data, performed statistical analysis, and developed numerical models for predicting responses based on several variables.

  • Strong Interpersonal skills, Goal oriented, Self-Starter, and Problem Solver.

    I work hard, contribute, collaborate, and strive to deliver strong and sustained contributions to organizational goals. I learn quickly, thrive on challenges, and am flexible in adapting to new environments. I am always willing to go the extra mile, no matter what the task. As part of a team I always work to find the best solutions and reach for higher goals.

    I believe that I would be a strong fit for this position and if given the opportunity I would strive to exceed your expectations. I would welcome the opportunity to interview for this position and discuss the results you can expect from me as a member of your team. Thank you for your consideration.


    John Doe
u/di0spyr0s · 1 pointr/resumes

Thanks so much!

Where do hobbies and interests go? Below Education somewhere? Sample stuff I could add:

  • I started sewing this year and have achieved my goal to knit and sew all my own clothes for 2015.
  • I play guitar, drums, and piano, and I'm learning to play bass. A friend and I started a band called OCDC, because we're n00bs and play the same thing over and over a lot.
  • I read insatiably. Most recently Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware And Software and A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy, but also the backs of cereal packages and the "In case of fire" escape instructions on doors if there's nothing else.
  • I'm from New Zealand and can, if necessary, butcher a sheep/pig/deer/rabbit, build a fence, milk a cow by hand (or milk several hundred, given a decent sized milking shed), TB test deer, fell trees, and use the word "munted" in a sentence.
  • I've ridden horses all my life and still volunteer occasionally as an equine masseuse for some of the carriage horses in Central Park.
  • I love automating stuff and am working on fully automating my home aquaponics set up: a combination of an aquarium and a grow bed which currently produces great quantities of grass for my cats to puke up.

    I had sort of planned to put all this stuff in my personal website - write ups of personal projects, a good reads feed, an "About me" section, and maybe a page of my sewing/knitting creations.

    I'll certainly look into adding some more personality into the resume design, it is currently the result of a google template, which is pretty blah.

    Again, Thanks so much for your feedback! It's been really helpful!
u/RubyResumes · 3 pointsr/resumes

I second the 2-page limit.

However, the most important problem with your resume is the lack of accomplishments. For instance, in your most recent job, it's mainly about roles and responsibilities: performed this, assessed that, maintained this... but with very little demonstrated business value (i.e. saving money, solving a problem, improving a process, ...).

The 2 elements that are closer to accomplishments are 1. Managed over 60 high profile accounts... and 2. Exceeded sales targets. But the value isn't clear. For instance, for 1: what happened with these accounts you managed? Did they grow? By how much? Did you bring in some of them, or were they all given to you by the previous guy?

And for 2: what were your targets, and how much did you beat them by? (this is a very obvious accomplishment for anyone in sales).

I think that you have to remove a couple of the roles and responsibilities sentences, and replace them with solid, more detailed accomplishments -- and make them obvious, such as by using a subtitle "Key accomplishments:" under each job title.

If you need help with your accomplishments, I've recently pulled together a resume hacking eBook just for marketing people. It's here on Amazon. It should be fairly relevant to you (as there's a lot of overlap with sales in the ebook), and thus give you many examples of accomplishments that you'll almost be able to copy.

Move your Education section after Experience.
Replace the Objective section with a Summary (here's a few tips on how to do that efficiently).
And in the software skills, at the back, I think it's exaggerated to say you have advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and InDesign, when you don't use these tools on a day-to-day basis. I understand your degree is in that field, but there are people with similar degrees, who have been doing (for example) video editing full-time for years and years. You can't be as good as them on Premiere. Put yourself in the reader's shoes: would you trust someone who says they're very good at everything? You should throw a couple of "intermediate"'s in there.

u/dhopediamond · 1 pointr/resumes

Tbh, a lot of the time when you submit your resume, it never gets seen. Sucks but it's true. :( The best way to really get a job or internship is not through your resume but through networking. ESPECIALLY in America. It's totally okay if you don't have connections (I didn't either at first), but you have to message people directly and find mentors and build connections on your own.

I actually just read this book called "Figure Your Sh*t Out: The Post Grad's Guide to Success in the Real World" and there were a LOT of amazing tips on this. You may wanna check it out -

u/MakeNoTaco · 2 pointsr/resumes

no biggie, it's up to you! Upgradeave has great advice. Also, check out this book I've found it extremely useful. You can pick it up at Barnes & Noble, sit at the coffebar there with your laptop, then put it back. Free resume help!

u/inkypixel · 3 pointsr/resumes

You could try something like

That way you could use the google voice number when you were home.

Otherwise Sprint is offering a year free service if you bring your own device.

And then there is Google Fi which is fairly cheap assuming that you keep your data usage low and just use WiFi

Then there is also republic wireless, they are currently offering a free month and free sim card.

u/machuu · 1 pointr/resumes

If you have experience with autocad, put that on your resume along with any other software you know. As far as I've heard, all the drafting software is very similar.

Engineering thermo is more focused on engine cycles. None of the rigorous derivations that I had in physics thermo. My entire grad thermo class was power generation cycles and availability analysis. The book we used was Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers by Kenneth Wark, but the professor also referenced one by Bejan.

So far all of my engineering classes are much more focused on actually solving the problems for the numbers.

For example:
> air at STP is heated to x in the combustion chamber, the turbine has an effeciency of y, with an outlet pressure of z. what is the temperature and pressure at each stage of the engine cycle and what is the maximum energy that can be produced? how can the design be improved?

by the end of the class I was a lot more familiar with the ~30 pages thermodynamic tables for all the gases/liquids that are commonly used.

I would say the main difference is that engineering classes try to give you a more intuitive understanding of a system's behavior, where physics focuses more on a quantitative understanding of the underlying forces involved.

If you don't want to get too far away from the physics aspect there is a lot of room for growth in nano materials. A physics degree will go a long way toward getting involved in that area.

u/WaterSinks · 1 pointr/resumes

You may want to consider the following. I have seen students from Harvard do this. But, whether it's proven, is to be determined.

In where you put your name on the top of your resume, put that you are a degree candidate, so:

John Smith, BS in Math Candidate

It's worth exploring.


u/savory_potato · 1 pointr/resumes

Is this the book you're referring to?

I've been getting conflicting info about splitting out accomplishments and responsibilities. Based on what I was reading I was trying to go for a blended bullet point of a responsibility tied into an achievement.