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u/Dyrn · 7 pointsr/roosterteeth

What would you like to know about the tech side? I occasionally make videos and have learned a lot about editing and the best tools for the trade and I also know most of what the AH guys use. For example:

  • They use apple iMacs for their stations

  • They also use Mac Pros for storage of video (mostly the old models but some have the new ones)

  • Editing as far as I can tell is done with Final Cut Pro X

    -Not Final Cut Pro X it is Final Cut Pro 7 and occasionally when using a PC to edit they use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/CC

  • Recording video is done with the blackmagic capture cards Also I think Ray occasionally uses an El Gato capture card

  • Recording audio is done with Audio-Technica AT2050 microphones

    So there are the tools they use but how the setup works is more elaborate so I will give a set by step instruction of what they do for a Let's Play.

    1.) They get the mics out and get them all connected to a single computer that is connected to the tv/monitor set up between Jack and Geoff's desks as seen in this photo

    2.)To record their audio and have it all synced together they use Audacity which is what is displayed on the tv/monitor discussed in the first step.

    3.) They get whatever video game they are playing turned on and also have their capturing devices started capturing (capture card info and setup here)

    4.) After all recording and capturing is on and working they sync their audio to their video by doing something simple like saying up while they are on the main menu of there game and going up on the menu.

    5.) Once all these steps are done they can begin recording the Let's Play.

    6.) After recording the Let's Play they save all the audio and export it to whoever's computer is going to be editing the video. The video however is first stamped with their name (lets say for minecraft) on the top left of their video and then exported.

    7.) The video being exported is then sent like the audio to whoever's computer will be doing the editing.

    (I'm a bit hazy on how they do a few things from here but I will attempt to give an accurate depiction of how it's done.)

    8.) From here it can vary depending on what the Let's Play is but for the sake of this lets say it's a Minecraft Let's Play. So all of the video has now been sent to Gavin (or Lindsay!) and they put the audio from the Let's Play into the video by using Final Cut Pro 7/Adobe Premiere Pro and the gameplay audio is also adjusted along with whatever audio issues there might be in the recorded audio.

    9.) I don't know exactly what Gavin/Lindsay/Whoever uses to swap screens but it is a program that allows them to watch all of the video at once and click which screen will be the visible one at that point of the video. (You could do this without the program but it would take a lot longer.)

    10.) After that they will trim the video up by deleting slower segments of the video where not a lot of interesting things happen (another long process). Once the editor believes it's good they will rematch the video for any errors and if they think its good they put the opening and ending banners (logo video parts at the beginning and ending of the videos) and export it one last time.

    11.) They will then upload the video to YouTube and either set a scheduled time for it to come out or if its late have it come out immediately then.

    12.) They start the process over again for the next Let's Play!

    Okay so after typing that all out I want to make it clear I do not work for them so their way of making and editing the video might be a little different but what I have written is pretty accurate to how they make a Let's Play.

    Here is a difference for other videos (achievement guides, This Is... , Easter Eggs, HUNT, Fails of the Weak, etc.) as well:

  • They do NOT record the audio at the same time as the video. What they do is record the video edit it in Final Cut Pro X and then record themselves (and usually someone with them) while they watch the finished edited video and discuss whatever they need to about the video.

  • After recording the audio it's a quick edit to add it to the finished video and export and upload it to YouTube.

  • In these other videos they usually make more abrupt and noticeable cuts compared to Let's Plays.

    ...That's just to name a few differences!

    If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them! Also if I made a mistake let me know and I will fix it!

u/frik1000 · 41 pointsr/roosterteeth

So I got curious and decided to look up the book that they're messing around with and found it on Amazon.

And this is its summary:

> Eros proudly presents a sequel to the wildly successful STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN. Mamaru has landed the love of strange and sexy Shion (and her menagerie of vibrators), but after getting caught in a fight between Shion and the hot and aggressive Yuki he's got amnesia! Mamaru is racing to find his way back to the woman he knows he loved. Meanwhile, a teacher who broke the school doctor's heart when she was a student has returned and offers Yuki a love potion to best Shion and win Mamaru and the price is only- Yuki's body! All presented in the traditional Manga right-to-left style.

u/BananafishGlass · 2 pointsr/roosterteeth

She also has a really good self-help book which I was surprised by because I usually just ignore those types of things.

She's a registered therapist and social worker so there's a looot of good stuff in there and it's done with a nice comic book flair.

Emily is very talented.

u/MattHoppe1 · 9 pointsr/roosterteeth

For a friday game night I would love for them to play the game of thrones board game, or ticket to ride, or the many amazing board games out there

u/magicalPatrick · 56 pointsr/roosterteeth

This seems like a robot hosted on the spot. And I have to honestly ask why a robot? I get the theme is to educate a robot to "escape" but it just seems so forced.

If this gets past a pilot I hope to go they change the voice of the robot. There is no reason RT should be using what sounds like the robot setting from this toy.

u/flytaggart1 · 3 pointsr/roosterteeth

Amazon for 160. Bit pricey, but its the best reviewed one I found.

u/dougiefresh1233 · 2 pointsr/roosterteeth

You're probably right about the headphones

For Mics they either use the Audio-Technica AT2020, or different model from the same brand(the AT 2035 maybe).

For Webcams they use the Logitech c920.

Their chairs are DX Racers

For capture cards I think they use El Gatos

They used to use Alesis MultiMix 16 mixer, but they may have updated to something newer.

They're keyboards, monitors, and I think mice consist of whatever they happened to have on hand at the time. I think I've seen HP, ASUS, Dell, and Apple stuff mostly.

u/AcquisitionC · 33 pointsr/roosterteeth

Let's ask Dave R.

In all seriousness, there's a pretty decent review on the UK Amazon page for the book. (it's the first one)

u/Csalted · 34 pointsr/roosterteeth

I was just curious about the book after hearing about it on Off Topic today so I googled "Jeremy Dooley Go Nitro" and well, here we are... I'm so sorry /u/jerem6401

Here's a link to his book, published 12 years later!

u/V2Blast · 7 pointsr/roosterteeth

Please remove the referral tag and other unnecessary URL elements from your Amazon link. A fixed version of the link:

u/LTFH · 3 pointsr/roosterteeth

Nope, they use the Audio-Technica AT2020 or something very similar. I used to have the same one :)

u/Thatunhealthy · 2 pointsr/roosterteeth

Looks like they're in the process of making it, called "Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives". Looks interesting, but the release date is in November.

u/dethandtaxes · 1 pointr/roosterteeth

> AT2020

The mic is currently pretty cheap but you would need a mixing board to run it through as the microphones run off of XLR.

u/rootb33r · 7 pointsr/roosterteeth

How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes.

I read it in grad school and it was OK. It's very macro-focused. If you like that, that's fine. I find macroeconomics to be sort of boring and useless in many situations. It's good to know basics about how the economy functions, but you really don't need to know that much unless you're in the business of policy making or research.

u/Nurlo · 2 pointsr/roosterteeth

Dunno about the stands and pop filters, but I believe the mics are AT2020s.

u/AFellowOfLimitedJest · 5 pointsr/roosterteeth

Their US publisher (Anchor Bay Entertainment) says that it'll be released on the 2nd of August, 2016. This is also shown on

Their UK distributor (Manga Entertainment - actually under the same company) says that the extended edition will be released on the 15th of August, 2016. This is also shown on

Although the US version doesn't have "extended" in its title, the description says that it has extended scenes and both have a run time of 102 minutes. Something I thought funny is that Amazon US uses alphabetical order to list the stars, but Amazon UK puts Gavin up front, and then uses alphabetical order.

RT might possibly sell them on their store after RTX and before other retailers, though.

EDIT: My bad! The UK distributor actually says that it'll be available on the 15th of August, 3016.

u/OniExpress · 13 pointsr/roosterteeth

Sent me down an amazon rabbit hole, and now I kinda hate myself for a purchase.