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u/AllBlackAlways · 3 pointsr/roughcollies

My girl absolutely loves her treat ball. Keeps her busy for hours as she chases it. She loves to try and stick her big snoot in the hole to get the treats out (she never can get them out that way, but that doesn't stop her from trying lol). I'd say it's probably a really good toy for a dog not too interested in toys because you get the added bonus of treats and it keeps their mind busy. Here is the link to where I bought mine.

u/PutSumNairOnThatHair · 1 pointr/roughcollies

West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Treat Toy for Dogs, 100% Guaranteed Tough, It Floats!, Made in USA, Large, Aqua Blue

This thing really extends the life of bully sticks, and I even stuff some treats in it too. Both my Collies love this thing. Also of course Kong’s. My dogs in particular like pull toys and LOVE chewing so teething and regular chew toys.

u/cow_lamp · 1 pointr/roughcollies

Hiro is not allowed stuffed toys, we thought that would be too confusing to keep him away from the human children's toys. But if that's not a concern you have, he wants them SO BAD. The closest we'll get is firehose material.

At the moment, we're mostly just trying a variety to find what he likes. Ropes are a favorite so far, both alone and for tug. Rubber toys, like tires and Kong are great too. People have varied opinion on antler, but he has a split one (only under supervision) and loves that as a treat.

Edit - forgot about the nerf football - We found he kept grabbing crocs shoes, so got a nerf football toy that's a similar material. Similar to but not exactly this:

u/Cyt6000 · 5 pointsr/roughcollies

It's a kurgo journey! This one has lasted about a year and a half and the one my bulldog has has lasted two years and they're still going strong. Definitely recommend it.

u/iseeblueskies · 1 pointr/roughcollies

Rolled leather collar is the best for preventing matting

Coastal Pet Products 2208 Leather Latigo Round Dog Collar, 1 by 24 Inch