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u/Poveglia · 1 pointr/sailormoon

Rando cutting in here. Warning, this is going to be a LONG post but I am so tired of seeing this argument as well as the overwhelming defense of the show. I see these arguments everywhere and yeah, I kinda can't take the bullshit anymore.

To begin, check out some Anime that have been coming out now, like Psycho Pass 2, Sword Art Online 2 , or any new series that is airing and notice how it is MILES better looking and more modern than Sailor Moon Crystal. SMC actually reminds me of Anime from 2006 or 2007, not 2014.

It is nowhere near the league of Anime that is coming out today, or in the past 7 or 8 years. I'll give you some screenshots of some Anime that has come out in the last 3 years, since I'm not sure "everyone" here may actually be familiar with Anime outside of Sailor Moon. I've included screenshots from the first or second episodes of these shows I've mentioned, so they shouldn't be spoiler-y just in case.

Sword Art Online (The first season, air date: 2012)

These characters actually look like they are eliciting REAL emotion. The characters have well made faces with no noticeable animation flaws throughout the show. It is definitely normal for there to be workarounds during scenes showing distance or during fast action, but there are no choppy mistakes happening 46 times an episode like in SMC. I have NEVER seen an Anime do that so frequently as SMC, ever.

  • Faces 1
  • Faces 2
  • Faces 3

    The backgrounds in Sword Are Online are GORGEOUS! I actually hate the SMC backgrounds because they look empty, they don't actually feel like they are a part of the world. They are boring, unmoving, and static. I talked to one of my friends who is a really talented environment designer for video games, and he mentioned that the backgrounds actually looked half finished to him in SMC. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

  • BG 1
  • BG 2
  • BG 3
  • Trailer (Please excuse shitty dub, only HQ trailer I could find.)

    Psycho Pass (air date: 2012)

    Again, characters that elicit emotion that seems genuine, not "dollish." Beautifully polished animation, no noticeable flaws.

  • Face 1
  • Face 2 <---See how the animation quality isn't as high here when showing the brunette girl from a distance, yet it still doesn't look like a complete train wreck? Yeah.

    Also, I am not going to compile screenshots of the senshi's faces, because I would literally be here ALL night long (and I'm already writing a shitload) so here, have screencaps from this tumblr

    Backgrounds: Just like SAO, beautiful backgrounds, in episodes, moving and non static.

  • BG 1
  • BG 2
  • BG 3
  • BG 4
  • BG 5
  • Trailer

    Now, some Sailor Moon Crystal backgrounds for comparison. (Static, unfinished looking, empty, not blending in with the characters.)

  • SMC BG 1 (Environment Design artist friend thought this was a background that wasn't finished.)
  • SMC BG 2 (So drab, the characters don't even look like they belong there to me.)
  • SMC BG 3 (my least favorite of all.)
  • SMC BG 4
  • SMC BG 5

    And for Gods sake, while it is true that Toei is leagues behind their colleagues, they have never ever produced anything as bad as SMC (maybe Precure is arguable in animation quality since it's aimed at young girls in Japan, I couldn't say because I've never watched it.) Anyways, a few years ago Toei produced a gorgeous Anime called Kyousou Giga in 2012, and it wasn't wonky in all ways like SMC is.

    Here, have some more pics. (These may possibly spoil.)

    Kyousou Giga

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

    So, where in the heck is the excuse for insane time constraints here? It's true, animators sometimes cut corners when it's necessary, and better quality or scene changes are added to Anime when they are released on Blu-ray, but they are more so "additions" that were not able to be added in time, or slight clean ups.

    Blu-rays are also most often released in order to remove censors as well, for shows that appear on primetime television in Japan and feature fanservice or gore, and thus remove the censors for the blu-ray release. I don't consider the touch-ups in SMC to be "minor clean ups," they are repairing major disasters, and not that well I might add. Check out the SMC blu-ray sales on and read the translated responses of the people that received them; you will see a lot of the same complaints in animation (even though they received the CLEANED UP VERSION) that we have. SMC Blu-ray reviews

    Btw, It is not hard or difficult to look up "blu-ray" comparisons for shows, so I'd appreciate it if people stopped acting like these insanely dramatic "clean ups" are the norm for blu-ray releases. Have a link to the Bakemonogatari blu-ray comparisons (may be a spoiler, don't watch the show. Also, site is very NSFW, so be warned.) Do these changes look as dramatic as the SMC blueray changes? Yeah, no. They barely had anything that needed fixing in the first place, and I see a lot of that fact in other blu-ray comparison shots I see for other shows.

    Please don't get me wrong, I love Sailor Moon, I love the manga and the classic anime, but I don't get the unbridled acceptance people give this show when it is clearly not being animated and released with love or quality. Toei and the animators involved have no excuse for such a shittyily animated show. They had two years to work and perfect this show, and they sold "20th century anniversary" merchandise and still are, even though it's been 3 years.

    I love the merchandise, I REALLY do (I even have one of the figures they released) but I'm sure you and I are all starting to realize that this new Anime is simply a mechanism to hype us so we will keep buying all of this new merchandise. I remember before the Anime aired, people were getting sick of it and seemed to catch on that Toei was mostly trying to suck all of our pockets dry, but now that the new anime is out, we're ecstatic and want more all over again.

    This, all of these reasons are why I have a problem with SMC, and I really just do not understand why people are so afraid to criticize it, the anime AND the obvious marketing ploys. It is okay to enjoy SMC and be happy that we are getting a new series, but don't settle and make excuses for an obviously rushed, subpar project, and don't defend the people that have made this when it is obvious that they (Toei, the animators) were the ones who decided to release this series as it is.

    TLLLLLLLLLDR; This is all bullshit, it is okay to like SMC and to enjoy having a new adaptation, but don't make excuses for Toei or the animation team on this. This is a rushed product, and most likely released just to peddle merchandise.

u/chocoboat · 3 pointsr/sailormoon

There are also two books of Sailor V manga.

There are several side stories in the Sailor Moon manga, which include Ami's First Love, The Lover of Princess Kaguya (basis for the S movie), and Chibiusa's Picture Diary (which includes the story of the vampire little girl that Chibiusa meets).

I'm pretty sure those are included in the Sailor Moon compilation books but I am not 100% certain of that.

If you're looking for more Sailor Moon content, there's the live-action show Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (some people like it, I'm not one of them) and the Sailor Moon musicals (which do a great job of maintaining the look and feel of the show in live action). You can see some of them on Youtube, they're definitely worth at least checking out. The early ones with Anza are the best imo.

If you're into games, you might check out the SNES game Sailor Moon Another Story, there's a fan-translated version out there now. It contains a new storyline where a time traveler prevents the deaths of certain bad guys and lets them loose on the world again.

Finally, there's probably an episode of S that you haven't seen... it was produced for a Japan-only video game for little kids called Kotaete Moon Call. Sure it's a filler episode, but it's got some fun and entertaining moments in it.

u/keepcalmmaketea · 1 pointr/sailormoon

If they don't already own it, they recently relased a new translation of the manga which is pretty awesome. Here is Vol 1

They've also released a ton of new mech recently. [Here] ( is a pretty thorough guide.

And like the others have said, you really can't go wrong with something hand made on etsy!

u/Jhennauchan · 8 pointsr/sailormoon

Please support the Sailor Moon franchise in America by picking up the officially released volumes. pointed glare at comment below

The later printings fix some of the errors, and they have very nice little box sets for cheap. The bindings are gorgeous and the books are sturdy, so there is no reason not to get them. They look amazing on a shelf, too.

ETA: Amazon link to The First 6 Volumes Box Set

u/trulyfascinating · 4 pointsr/sailormoon

If she likes Sailor Moon Crystal, she may prefer the Crystal version of the Sailor Moon figuarts.

If she does prefer classic Sailor Moon, then she may also like Super Sailor Moon. There are Super versions of the rest of the senshi being released now, so she may want to continue that collection.

I don't know if she wants the "best" version of the manga, but Eternal Editions of the manga will start releasing next year. The set you linked is a great collection, though. That's the first of two sets of the most current form of the manga released in the US.

u/ashrt753 · 1 pointr/sailormoon

Here is a prop sized, more expensive one lol but I noticed the other one was just a keychain. You can shop around on ebay and stuff like that too and they have a pink as well as silver one! But it's a legit music box which is really cool, you can find several reviews n stuff for it on youtube!

u/milenah · 4 pointsr/sailormoon

If you get it directly from Amazon (not fulfilled, it literally says "Ships from and sold by"), it's legit. I ordered 3 of the Sailor Scouts through Amazon and can vouch for their legitimacy (and awesome return policy when I got a duplicate face piece).

Here's the links to the ones I bought:

Sailor Venus

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Mars

I bought Sailor Mercury from TOY SHOP HOBBY ONE (fulfilled by Amazon) and it was legit as well.

I bought Sailor Moon at a convention so I can't really help there. :P

u/Ohmstar · 3 pointsr/sailormoon

All of Codename: Sailor V (two volumes) has been released. Sailor Moon is only on book two of the twelve main story books (with the two additional short stories books on the way as well). Books are being released every other month.

Sailor Moon Volume 01: Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Sailor Moon Volume 02: Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Sailor Moon Volume 03 (Coming out Jan 17, 2012): Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Sailor Moon Volume 04 (Coming out March 13, 2012): Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Sailor Moon Volume 05 (Coming out May 01, 2012): Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Sailor Moon Volume 06 (Coming out July 03, 2012): Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Volumes 07-12 and the short stories books do not have preorder links currently available.

Codename: Sailor V Volume 1: Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Codename: Sailor V Volume 2: Amazon / Barnes and Noble /

Barnes and Noble links will also let you check to see if local stores have the books in stock. I'd also suggest checking your local independent bookstores. They really appreciate the business.

All of these links assume that you are in the United States. If you aren't, try your local Amazon retailer.

u/Goronsruby · 7 pointsr/sailormoon

amazon has all of them available :)

sailor Moon

sailor Mars

sailor Mercury

sailor Venus

sailor Jupiter

sailor Saturn

sailor Uranus

sailor Neptune

sailor Pluto has not been announced (to my knowledge)


Chibi moon and Tuxedo mask are scheduled for release sometime next year as well :)

u/Bri-ness · 1 pointr/sailormoon

So I know this is an old post, but I was doing a search on manga because I was interested in getting a copy myself since I just started watching the original sailor moon from the 90's (the one with the 200 episodes!.....I'm only halfway done, lol).

Anyway! This is what you're talking about, correct? Do you know if this an English written version? Also.....what story line does the Eternal Editions follow?? Should I finish all 200 of the older sailor moons first PLUS Sailor Moon Crystal? (I mean I have time since this comes out next year).

I feel so ignorant, but I don't know if Eternal is a whole separate storyline/plot or what.

u/SparklingDonut · 3 pointsr/sailormoon

Viz is releasing the Eternal Editions, which are larger, nicer, etc, so the 2012 box set are probably not going to be published anymore. But you can probably still find the singles on Amazon.

The Eternal editions are awesome looking though! Metallic covers, larger sizes, the color illustrations are actually printed in color.

The first edition releases this September, here’s a link:

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 1

u/poketrainerasswipe · 3 pointsr/sailormoon

I asked him and he said eBay, but here's a link for em on Amazon:

Hope that helped sorta (-:

u/qfrostine_esq · 4 pointsr/sailormoon

The only other things you could be missing re. Sailor Moon media:

Sailor V Series

Codename Sailor V: Vol. 1

Codename Sailor V: Vol. 2

These two detail Sailor Venus' life as the first Sailor Senshi, prior to the events of Sailor Moon. Some of it was actually published prior to Sailor Moon's creation, so, it's kind of fun on that front.

The Short Stories Collection:

Short Stories 1

Short Stories 2

Companion to the Sailor Moon Manga, mostly cute little short stories about the characters :) A couple of them made it into the series as "specials" or in the case of Luna's story, a movie.

For the complete Manga:

Box Set 1

Box Set 2

Other media besides Crystal/Sailor Moon would be the three movies that accompany three of the seasons, Sailor Moon R Promise of the Rose is the only one available for sale right now though. There's one for S and one for SuperS as well.

If you really want to get deep into the media weeds, there are also the Art Books and Material collections :) :D

EDIT: There's also Sailor Moon: another story, the video game for SNES, but that's near impossible to get your hands on...

u/PoniesRBitchin · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

I understand that many people want to give money to the creators in order to thank them for their work, so that's why they avoid pirating. But at this point, who are you trying to give the money to? If it's the creator, a better way might be to buy the "white" collection of manga that's out in stores now, or the new merchandise (such as the new figurines, nail polishes, etc). If it's the people who made the anime, that's the Japanese crew, but I don't think they make new DVDs anymore (I could be wrong). Even if they did, you'll now be paying not only for the product, but for shipping from Japan, and for someone in Japan to buy it for you most likely. Buying them "legally" on eBay gives no money to the makers of the series, but a TON of money to people who just happened to buy a VHS for a few bucks and sit on it for ten years. I wouldn't recommend it unless you really want the collector aspect of owning the actual DVDs/VHSs.

Personally, I don't have a problem with watching things free online, so long as I can repay the creator somehow later. IMO, watch it online somewhere, buy one of the Figuarts models (more are being released slowly) if you want to pay the creator.

u/Ranefea · 9 pointsr/sailormoon

You'll want to get the newer manga releases by Kodansha. There are 12 volumes which is the same as the original 18 (each volume is a little longer). You can get these in two boxsets:

u/Ribose5 · 3 pointsr/sailormoon

Pretty sure they just released episodes 1-23 (first half of the season) coinciding with the first release (Nov 11). Maybe they'll do another promotion and put all the dubbed second release (episodes 24-46) on Hulu before February 10.

u/lumidaub · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

So these are charms that are included with the new Sailor Moon DVDs, first one here: Amazon JP

As you can see, there are 13 of them, one for each Inner Senshi, one Tuxedo Kamen, and?? Apparently another one for each Senshi with an updated Moon Stick for Moon and updated transformation sticks for the other senshi and also two smaller ones, for ChibiMoon?

u/Musical_life · 1 pointr/sailormoon

So I've heard and the boxes themselves support that tidbit.

#1 &

u/Draculady · 1 pointr/sailormoon

They did the inner senshi in the Crystal style. I chose the original ones because the Crystal inner senshi look so boring! They aren't nearly as neat looking as the outer senshi. Mercury, Venus and Moon are decent. But the poses for Mars and Jupiter are not my favorites.

Link below to Moon:

u/izzie-chan · 1 pointr/sailormoon

Pre-order for Volume 1 available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

u/ZomgAwesome · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

What's the difference between this and this one? Sailor Moon Box Set (Vol. 1-6) ?

u/Valkyrie_Maiden · 1 pointr/sailormoon

Bandai Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis Pair Mug Cup

I would check on eBay too. Sometimes they have the set for a much cheaper price. I got mine for 25 dollars

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/sailormoon

Sailor Moon is cheap, too - $29.99, which isn't bad!

Santa may have gotten me one for Christmas, and my boyfriend may have snagged me Venus... after all, can't just have one lonely Sailor Senshi, right? :D

u/dashberlins · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

I have been waiting YEARS for this! I hope Kodansha releases a box set like the second release of the manga, or at least releases all the volumes at once, although that doesn't seem to be the case.

For Canadians, I did a bit of googling and it's listed on [Amazon] ( and Chapters. About 26 per volume. Christ that's expensive... I mean, yes there's color art and it's been updated, but damn RIP my wallet.

u/quinnundine · 4 pointsr/sailormoon

gold star locket

pink star locket

unfortunately this is about as cheap as you'll find them. I believe when they were released they were around $95, maybe. As for why they're so expensive, supposedly they're made of a higher quality material than the plastic ones from the 90s.