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u/modern_quill · 1 pointr/satanism

Continued from FAQ Above - (10,000 character maximum per post.)

Q: What's the deal with magic? How can an atheist believe something like that?

LaVeyan A: Throughout the ages religions have each had their own rituals and dogma; Anton LaVey correctly recognized the value of ritual in the human animal's daily life. Under the context of Satanism, magic isn't something like summoning a demon from the abyss or shooting fireballs from your eyes as an outsider might expect it to be. Magic is subdivided into two different categories: lesser magic and greater magic. The Satanic Bible defines magic as, "The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable." Given this definition, lesser magic means things like how you dress, your posture, applied psychology, seduction, manipulation, and more. Talking a car salesman down on the price of a new car that you want is an example of the practical application of lesser magic, or picking a girl up at a bar. Greater, or ritual magic, is a psychodrama that's intended to alter your mental and/or emotional state of being. It's a process to follow that can bring about a cathartic response in the participant(s). This is psychological,
not supernatural.

> The Satanic Bible defines magic as, "The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable."

Under the context of Satanism, magic does not fall within the realm of the occult though it
does touch upon many occult concepts such as the power to influence the world around you by focusing you or your group's willpower, and the power of placebo. If you truly believe that something works, then it can affect you. This is why people swear by things like the power of prayer. Two hands working may be able to accomplish more than a thousand clasped in prayer, but don't discount the benefit of placebo. The tools that a person learns through studying Satanism will certainly give them a solid foundation within the occult area of the Left Hand Path (LHP), as Satanism favors self-reliance and personal strength.

For further reading, here is a link to an essay about ritual magic written by the High Priestess of the Church of Satan, Peggy Nadramia. Here is another essay about the role of ritual in a Satanist's daily life, also by Magistra Nadramia.

Q: Do I really need all of these things like bells and gongs to perform a ritual?

LaVeyan A: You don't actually need anything at all to perform a ritual, but creating the proper setting with the use of candles to light your ritual chamber, an altar, and ritual elements such as a sword and bell helps to draw you in to the psychodrama of performing the ritual. The result is that you may have more success with them than without them. Ultimately the practice of Satanic ritual is individualistic as is the rest of the religion, so you can use as much or as little of it as you want to use. There isn't any requirement to perform ritual at all if you don't want to. I myself am an Active member of the Church of Satan and the only ritual I've been involved in was at the Chuch of Satan's 50th Anniversary celebration, though I do maintain an altar at my home.

There is a fantastic piece about exactly this on the Church of Satan's "Satanic Youth Communique" page, including a simple ritual requiring only a Sigil of Baphomet picture or medallion and a single black candle.

Q: Where can I purchase ritual elements online?

LaVeyan A: The implements that people use (or don't use) in their rituals are a personal choice, but I have compiled a small list of examples of what you might expect to see at a Satanic ritual. Here is an example of a bell that has a clear, piercing sound to it. A bell of this design was used at the Church of Satan's 50th Anniversary ritual. Here is an example of a gong that one might find in certain high-end ritual chambers. A high quality gong like this would be right at home in The Black House itself. Perhaps you might want a statue of Baphomet or a small altar to rest it on. What ritual would be complete without black robes? There are fine black robes made by ASP Apparel and iSatanist.

Of course, all of these are simply examples of things that are out there. Every Satanist's ritual chamber will have different items that go along with it that best reflect their individual nature.

Q: I'm thinking of converting to Satanism. How do I know if I'm a Satanist?

LaVeyan A: Someone doesn't convert to Satanism. This religion isn't for everybody, and you wouldn't hear anyone from any of the Abrahamic religions tell you that their religion isn't the one truth, but there you have it. The world would be a more problematic place than it already is if it were populated solely by strong-willed individualist misanthropes. But if you're sincerely curious if you are a Satanist, you should read The Satanic Bible and see if you feel that the book reflects who you are as a person. Satanists are born, not made.

Q: Do I have to join the Church of Satan if I am a Satanist? Why do people join? What is the benefit?

LaVeyan A: Not at all. Satanism encourages individualism, and if joining something isn't
you then don't do it. There are members of the Church of Satan that go their entire life without meeting another member of the Church of Satan just as there are people that attend every public and private function that the organization has. I can't speak for the reasons that other people join, but for myself I simply wanted to support the organization that has been championing and defending my worldview for over 50 years. You get out of it what you put in to it; as I said there are people that never meet another member of the organization just as there are people like myself that have discovered entirely new social circles in their lives, and people that can offer honest and unbiased feedback. Don't join if you expect to be participating in weekly group rituals, the reality is much different.

Information about joining can be found here.

Q: Where is the Church of Satan? I'd like to attend a meeting to see if I'm interested in joining.

LaVeyan A: There isn't a brick-and-mortar facility in the sense that most people think of when they picture a church. The Church of Satan is a mutual admiration society rather than the more traditional congregational gathering point one might come to expect from other religions. Each member of the Church of Satan, through their actions and how they enjoy their life, is an individual monument to that institution. On rare occasions there are Church of Satan events that are open to the public, and you should follow the Church of Satan on social media platforms to keep an eye out for them if seeing that interests you.

u/srosorcxisto · 31 pointsr/satanism

A good place to start is the sub’s sticky, followed by the Satanic Bible if you want to dig deeper. We are Egoists as well as atheists. Since we believe that all gods are the product of man’s mind, and that rational self-interest is the foundation of morality, it follows that if we are going to make up a fictitious god as a metaphor, the god that best serves that paradigm is ourselves. We do not believe that we are literal gods (as in the supernatural type), but rather use that symbolism as a tool to aid in decision making. If everyone puts themselves first, everyone is better off.

>“All religions of a spiritual nature are inventions of man. He has created an entire system of gods with nothing more than his carnal brain. Just because he has an ego, and cannot accept it, he has to externalize it into some great spiritual device which he calls ‘God.’

>God can do all the things man is forbidden to do—such as kill people, perform miracles to gratify his will, control without any apparent responsibility, etc. If man needs such a god and recognizes that god, then he is worshipping an entity that a human being invented. Therefore, HE IS WORSHIPPING BY PROXY THE MAN THAT INVENTED GOD. Is it not more sensible to worship a god that he, himself, has created, in accordance with his own emotional needs—one that best represents the very carnal and physical being that has the idea‐power to invent a god in the first place?” -- The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey

As far as ethics, we subscribe to the idea that each individual acting in their rational self-interests will also lead to the best outcomes on a societal scale. For more information on the ideas of rational egoism, I suggest the works of Stirner (or Rand if you want the pop-culture version).

It is also often missed that man is a social animal and empathy is part of the human condition. For most, in addition to the practical benefits of benevolent (but not altruistic) behavior, there is also happiness to be found in compassion towards the deserving.

As an example, I give to charities that I feel are helpful to the society (I just sent a donation to ProjectPrevention) which I live in (benevolence to others as a practical act) and to some specific causes simply because I derive pleasure from helping those causes like the Shire Free Churche’s Hope Project (compassion to satisfy my own ego). In both of these cases I am helping others for purely selfish reasons.

Likewise, inflicting harm on others (without their consent) usually does not bring happiness to most people. For those that do like to cause unnecessary harm, that behavior is tempered by the vast majority of people who do not want to live in that type of society. Morality is determined by the individual, but still subject to judgment by others; if someone believes they have a right to steal, they will not get far before running into a well-armed someone else that disagrees. We do believe in Law and Order as well as the individual’s right to self-defense and retribution. Criminal acts are not tolerated by Satanism.

Edit: Typos, sources, links and clarity

u/TwelfthTwat · 5 pointsr/satanism

Dear Santa Satan,

This year I've behaved quite well according to our Statements - not because you told me to, but because it's the way I am.

I'd really like some peace and quiet away from psychic vampires as much as possible. I'd like to be left alone in order to further myself, work out and read and eat green shit and make this temple that is myself a bit better, I enjoy doing that. I'd love to have a puppy, but I understand you work in mysterious ways so if you send me a Jack Russell with horns instead I can work around it.

On a materialistic note, I'd really love a copy of The Church of Satan: A History on paper, because for years now it's been out of print and too expensive for me to buy. It's one of the few books I don't have in my collection. That would be grand, but I'll settle for a demonspawn puppy too.

Hail Satan,

u/JasonUncensored · 1 pointr/satanism

A man I looked up to was a Satanist.

A decade later, I was thinking about how in Christian mythology Lucifer was essentially Prometheus, and in the same way that fire literally and figuratively enlightened Mankind, Old Nick gave us the gift of knowledge.

I did some cursory research about Lucifer, and the guy seemed right up my alley. I'd always enjoyed his portrayal in various forms of fiction(my absolute favorite being Job: A Comedy of Justice; if you haven't read it, I strongly recommend it. Let me know what you think!), so I picked up a copy of The Satanic Bible. I read it, and re-read it, then picked up a few more books.

The absolute best Satanic book, by the way, is Peter H. Gilmore's The Satanic Scriptures.

I love that Satanism actually is for everyone, except perhaps the most ascetic, devout monks! Do you care about your worldly existence more than some nebulous post-life existence? Well then. Hail Satan!

The most common way that I "use" it is... well, you know how in old cartoons, characters would get a little devil on one shoulder telling them to do something naughty, and a little angel on the other shoulder telling them to be righteous? Well, I just have that little devil on one shoulder telling me how best to be the person I want to be. Turns out I don't need an angel.

My number one piece of advice, though, is very easy to remember:

You have to have a sense of humor to be a Satanist.

No excuses, no exceptions.

u/Bwongwah · 8 pointsr/satanism

1: [Amazon](The Satanic Bible or call your local bookstore to see if they have one in stock. My Barnes and Nobles only carries one at a time to prevent people from vandalizing it.

2: You can say Hail Satan to anything. I said it multiple times today, my wife and I say it when something cool happens or something works out in our favor. Essentially it is the vocal equivalent of "praise god", but since we don't believe in god or Satan and we praise ourselves, saying Hail Satan is like "yay me" or an affirmation.

As far as Lucifer, one of the titles for Satan, no we(LaVeyan) do not worship Lucifer. Luciferians on the other hand revere Lucifer as a liberator character but also a deity who they do not worship.

If you have more questions I would be glad to answer them through PM at any time. :)

u/BigPapaWokelord · 4 pointsr/satanism

Hey to the person that asked about the Baphomet statue, here it is on Amazon. I'd highly recommend using Amazon Smile and set the donation to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (or TST or ACLU or wherever your black heart leads), that's how I ease my guilty conscience for using such a horrible company.

u/Invisible-War · 1 pointr/satanism

Most bookstores can put in a special order for you if you prefer that.

E-book copies are currently unavailable.

From the Church of Satan FAQ:

Can I get a free copy of The Satanic Bible? Where can I download it? Is there a hardcover version?

No, we don’t proselytize so we don’t send out free books or pamphlets as do other religions. The publisher of this book, HarperCollins/Avon, has not released an eBook version, so if you do find an electronic file of this book it is not authorized and is violating the copyright. Years ago University Books released a hardcover version which was not well rendered. These copies appear on auction websites for a great deal of money. HarperCollins/Avon may release another hardcover edition. We will announce any progress toward that goal on our News page.

u/An_Angry_Badger · 8 pointsr/satanism

Church of Satan (LaVeyan)

The Satanic Temple (Humanists using Satanism for shock value)

Joy of Satan (If you ever receive a link to this site, turn around and go home)

I also recommend reading the Satanic Bible. It's a quick read, and will explain everything you need to know about LaVeyan Satanism. Here's a link to Amazon for $10. LINK

Good Luck :)

Also, what is a sidebar?

u/ahapxir · 2 pointsr/satanism

I own this necklace and its very well made

this is probably the most accurate and satisfying Baphomet statue appearance, tho I have not ordered it yet as it's quite expensive

Here is a satanic pentagram ring, or alternatively, here is a Baphomet ring

here is a Baphomet Jewelry Box, and here is an incense cone holder where the smoke comes out of Baphomet's mouth

Heres some extra stuff:

mortar & pestle

satanic bedtime stories

Baphomet Wall plaque

Baphomet Poster

pentagram ritual bowl

ritual knife, do not cut anything with it

Hope this helps

u/suzettesinister · 2 pointsr/satanism

I have this statue as well... It's made out of a nice quality resin of some type.

The pictures do it no justice; it's absolutely lovely:

u/ZalmoxisChrist · 6 pointsr/satanism



That's the best we can do, since the evidence is suspiciously lacking and internally contradictory.

3 4
5 6

Happy Ēostre, and happy reading!

u/deadlyFlan · 0 pointsr/satanism

Sounds like you're looking for The Happy Satanist by Lilith Starr.

u/-firead- · 1 pointr/satanism

Amazon has it for $26 as well, free shipping w/ Prime

It's 10" tall though, so maybe too large for what op has in mind

u/The_Devils_Concubine · 6 pointsr/satanism

Amazon. It's really nicely detailed, and it has a heavy base which lends it a good amount of weight.

u/nbtry · 5 pointsr/satanism

>You can't just pick what you like and throw away the rest!

No one here is doing that. I recommend you read the sticky, the Church of Satan website and pick up a copy of The Satanic Bible while you're at it.

Satanism has nothing to do with pedophilia, and never has. Do your research and come back when you're ready to have an actual conversation.

u/Discipulus-Satanas · 3 pointsr/satanism

Read through the Sticky

Grab yourself a copy of the Satanic Bible

This doesn't cover everything but it's a strong start

u/SystemFolder · 2 pointsr/satanism

According to Amazon, it is exactly 0.7 inches thick and 272 pages long. It's a quick read, though; especially if you're reading it to gain an understanding rather than an intense study.

The Satanic Bible

u/Axximilli · 3 pointsr/satanism

I've been reading through Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled lately and it's an incredible insight into the history and beliefs behind Baphomet.

A great place to start with LaVeyan Satanism is The Satanic Bible

u/Drexelhand · 2 pointsr/satanism

i remember offhand the happy satanist was mentioned in this sub before. haven't read it. know there are other tst members who've written stuff.

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u/AlienDickProbe · 5 pointsr/satanism

This is the link he sent. It is really nice.

Large Baphomet On Pedestal in Faux Stone Finish Statue by Pacfic Trading

u/smackababy · 2 pointsr/satanism

If you're more into LeVeyan Satanism, The Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple maintain suggested reading lists.

I personally have been reading The Devil's Party which approaches Satanism from an outside academic stance, and it's been rather interesting.

u/fel21217 · 3 pointsr/satanism

this book might be helpful , the author was addicted to drug and she found her inner strength in satanism. i think you are going through some similar situation.

These are copied from her site: "When she met her future husband Uruk Black in 2010, she had given up on life after 15 years of addiction. She had tried for 9 years to get clean and sober in Narcotics Anonymous, but their God-based program actually made her use more, convincing her that she was powerless and that only God could step in and save her─except that she was an atheist with no belief in God.

No matter how many times she did the twelve steps, no matter how hard she tried to quit, the addiction returned, bringing more depression. She had finally resigned herself to a slow suicide with the drugs, hoping to withdraw far enough into isolation that she would minimize the damage to others.

But meeting Uruk changed everything. She fell passionately in love with him, and suddenly she had something to fight for. Starr picked up her husband’s Satanic Bible (by Anton LaVey), and found that the philosophy resonated strongly with her. It was this Satanic philosophy of self-reliance and self-empowerment that gave her the strength to eventually beat the drugs for good and build a new life with no room for addiction."

u/vholecek · 5 pointsr/satanism

The short answer: The Satanic Witch is a thing that exists ;)

u/plonk519 · 4 pointsr/satanism

Check - there are hundreds of reviews there, and many of the top ones are actually in-depth and insightful.

u/OrangeChucker · 1 pointr/satanism

If i'm being wooshed, so be it.

Satanism has many different spins, one such spin was done by a man named Anton LaVey, who wrote This Satanic Bible. It's arguably the most popular/mainstream spin on Satanism and some people like to identify as LaVeyan Satanist rather than just Satanist.

Similar to how there are so many different spins on Catholicism there can be drastic differences between each spin.

u/Prophet_of_Darkness · 4 pointsr/satanism

Buy the Satanic Bible for $10. It's relatively short, and will tell you everything you want to know. Also check out the links in the sidebar.

u/FriarZero · 1 pointr/satanism

According to the 2016 book "The Invention of Satanism", Satanism is the only "new religion" that is more male than female. In fact the large majority of Satanists are said, by the same book, to be young males.

I can't speak to the racial makeup of the Satanist demographic but I do have my own pet theories.

u/Dionysus_666 · 1 pointr/satanism

Regarding Stanisław Przybyszewski:

'Przybyszewski was indeed very close to exercising an lifestyle that could be symbolic of what some might see as religious. However, it was more so a worldview:
'In her doctoral dissertation, Justyna Drozdek (using Jan Cavanaugh for support) plainly states: 'Przybyszewski's interest in "Satanism" was not indicative of a religious doctrine' (Drozdek 2008:110).
'This is, however, an oversimplification based on a narrow definition of the term 'religion'. No he did not--to the best of our knowledge--celebrate black masses on Sundays or say prayers to the Devil before going to bed, nor did he found a satanic church. But he did have a fairly well-developed world view with metaphysical dimensions, where Satan was the most important symbolic figure.'
'Stanislaw Przybyszewski formulated what is likely the first attempt ever to construct a more or less sstematic Satanism. Unlike that of other literary praisers of Satan, his love for the fallen angel was sustained through many works. It was also explicit and open; he publicly declared himself a Satanist. Above all, and this needs to be stressed as it is a major difference in comparison with other literary Satanists, it was well-developed enough to be called a system. In the history of Satanism, Przybyszewski must therefore be considered a pioneer, and perhaps, in a strict sense, even 'the first' Satanist'.'
From: 'The Devil's Party: Satanism in Modernity (
So what we have here is a man whose literary focus on Satanism was so profound that he took it upon himself to openly identify with this worldview.
While this can be said of many others in their artistic and expressive fields that, as scholars have stated in the quotes above, can definitely qualify as a system, but to the certainty of it being considered a religion in and of itself would be unclear.
Certainly he could have very well acted religiously on it. However, doubt is present where he considered his open declaration as 'Satanist' one attached to a religion that was put in place; with the name 'Satanism' and its members calling themselves 'Satanists'.
In my research of him, I haven't found a single ritual or ceremony that he practiced or put into a doctrine for others to practice.

So, we still have to go with LaVey as the first person to establish a religion called Satanism and set up a system inclusive of all the elements of a religion (both philosophy and ceremony/dogma), since the evidence for him here is so explicitly compelling and reference-reinforced.

When you say that LaVey wasn't the first one to use the term Satanism or call himself a Satanist, you're right. But the argument here isn't about the existence of the word Satanism or Satanist, it's whether or not there was an actual, codified religion called Satanism. And history and research shows that LaVey was the first to set up a religion by that name.
But others were damn close.

Also, if you are to reference someone like Przybyszewski with the implication of scholarly research, don't say something like 'no matter what Gilmore-asskissing, groveling worms who would do anything for attention from their masters say'. That's not relevant to Przybyszewski's words nor his position and just makes you look petty and immature.

u/notvonweinertonne · 1 pointr/satanism

Warning i have not read it but was suggested by another member here.

The Invention of Satanism

u/Satan_Represents · 1 pointr/satanism

I take it you're not a fan of The Satanic Bible. Incidentally, a book you got me to take a peek at (unwittingly, I think) is the one by Three Scarabs: Behold: The Prince of Darkness: A Complete Introduction to Setian Religion

u/ThirteenthTwat · 1 pointr/satanism

Well I'd love a first print of The Satanic Bible, but that's hard to find. Regarding the occult, I'd really like to get my paws on any first editions by Montague Summers, particularly his works on werewolves or vampires. I'd definitely kill for a first print copy of In a Glass Darkly, the book in which the novella Carmilla was initially published.

There is one Satanic book that's been on my list for years but it's too damned expensive - the price has always ranged at around £85 - £100 every time I've looked over many years, and shows no signs of dropping.