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u/red144 · 1 pointr/scabies

What dose of ivermectin were you taking with the horse paste?

I'd also recommend buying one of these: with the 55x scope on this you can see scabies on/under your skin. It will help give you piece of mind if the mites aren't actually there and your skin is just excessively irritated from all the treatment. You can use a sterilized sewing needle to open up the top layer of skin if you want to look at suspicious spots.

I managed to get rid of them a couple of months ago after failed permetherin/iver treatments with the horse paste on the following schedule:
Dose: 280 ug/kg
Days: 1,2,8,9,15,16

One thing I considered but didn't actually try because the horse paste worked was adding a synergist to the permethrin treatments. There has been at least one study that showed adding PBO ( ) to permethrin effectively removed the mites ability to detoxify themselves thereby removing their resistance. You can get PBO on Amazon also: . Beware I never actually tried this - this product needs significant dilution. Recommend you familiarize yourself with the MSDS before trying it - When I thought about trying it I was considering a 5% PBO 5% permethrin mixture as 5% PBO is what is used in head lice products to remove lice resistance.

u/scabies101 · 1 pointr/scabies

I just got done emailing someone about this and this is what my husband and I used for the cream. It's basically Permethrin 10% sold as an insecticide. I'm just gonna paste my nodes I used - Feel free to read the reviews on these products too because a lot of people use this stuff for human scabies:

  • Topical Treatment - Permethrin. Apply all over your body and let sit for 8-10 hours once every 7 days. It's a good idea to do this before bed. You buy a soap dispenser at target/wherever and fill half with normal lotion and half with the Permethrin 10%. The normal doctor's prescription has it at 5%, but this 10% works fine, just don't abuse it more than your regular once-every-7-day-use or you'll get a slight bumpy rash. When combined, the lotion and texture is a little more pungent, runny/clearish than the cream from the pharmacy, but they do the same thing. It's weird, but you should feel minty fresh all over the next day. This product is also highly toxic to cats so don't let them eat or lick it. This med kills scabies mites dwelling on/in the skin, but not the eggs.--->

    And for anyone who need a source for the ivermectin paste,

  • Internal Treatment - Ivermectin: Measured by bodyweight, consume the proper amount of this paste once every 7 days with food. On how to measure the dose, watch the youtube link below. (A dose detail: When the gel is pushed out of the tube at the measurement which matches your bodyweight, it's a good idea just to cut the gel off at that point with your finger and take it by hand to make sure you get only the dose you need. Also, my husband and I rounded up so I did a 150lbs dose and he a 200lbs dose even though we are about 25-30lbs under that. We felt fine.) This med kills scabies mites dwelling on/in the skin and will kill any eggs which hatch.--->>
  • When to Start: Do not start the Permethrin and Ivermectin in the same day because it wouldn't make sense to. Eggs take 2-3 days to hatch so it's best to start these two meds about 3 days apart to kill off the 2nd wave each week. Maintain this schedule throughout the week(s) you take it.