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u/seaofstars · 3 pointsr/secretsanta

Guillotine is fantastic. My friends always ask for that one at game night :)

Timeline has become a new favorite to pull out in-between longer games. We're all in our mid-twenties and enjoy trying to remember our high school history and science classes but I think this would be a good game for Redditors that are looking for games to play with their kids as well. There are a few alternate decks--you can mix and match; they're not true "expansions." Bonus: it comes in a very attractive, small, metal tin and is very portable!

Citadels is another card game that can be played with 2-7 players (though it's honestly better with at least 4). First person to build up their medieval-themed city ends the game, however, all players then count points for their city landmarks (so the biggest city is not necessarily the winning city.) It gets a little madcap as you change "profession" (each with their own special ability) every round but I really enjoy it.

For the Redditor with a darker sense of humor, get Gloom ! The creator actually came up with the idea for the game because his wife didn't like being "mean" to other players in games. In this game, you have 4 spooky families that you literally have to kill with kindness! It's quirky and another one that gets asked for fairly frequently at game nights. It's best with 4 players but there are expansion packs available to gain new families and fit more players in.

Wits and Wagers is a trivia game that isn't, where everyone gets a white board and a marker and has to write either a number or date according to the trivia question on the card (how many feet tall is the Statue of Liberty, etc.) Then you arrange the boards and bet with chips on which one you think is correct--the closest answer wins, everyone is dealt chips, and it goes on for 7 rounds in total. Highly recommended!

As someone who looks forward to having the occasional quiet night in with my boyfriend, I find that there are a lot of games that say they can be 2 player but aren't actually any good with any fewer than 3 or 4 players. Lost Cities is a very good 2 player only game where you're playing as much against yourself as the other player. The Amazon reviews are all more or less indifferent or negative so I had put off buying it but after playing it during a visit with a friend, I knew I had to have it. Mr. Jack , though pricier at $30.47 is another very good 2 player only game of cat and mouse. (I haven't tried the pocket version, which is less expensive, but it seems to have favorable reviews.)

OP has a great list so I hope it's "the more the merrier" with my additions (not trying to step on any toes!)

u/isarl · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

My pleasure! Photography is expensive, but cooking is a hobby that's easy to get into in measures. I would recommend How to Cook Everything by Bittman as an excellent, excellent first (or even only) book. Check it out next time you're in a bookstore with a decent cooking section - FYI, the newer red cover is updated and (generally) better than the older yellow cover. It's the sort of book you can spend a little time on a Saturday perusing, make a trip to the grocery store, come home, and try something new. And then leave on your shelf for a few more weeks. But if you keep doing that long enough, you'll get pretty decent at cooking. =)

u/DnDYetti · 3 pointsr/secretsanta

Just some ideas from someone who finished college not too long ago (All gifts from Amazon).

u/smurfyspice · 13 pointsr/secretsanta

It's really nice of you to be thinking this way. It's hard to solve a serious illness like depression by a gift, though. A cheery letter may be appreciated, and maybe add in the Hyperbole and a Half book. It is hilarious, and contains some great pieces about depression.
Edited because spelling is nice.

u/Free4letterwords · 3 pointsr/secretsanta

You're a great santa to care about your giftee/ask how to help them. Pets help a lot with depression. I know you can't give them a dog, cat, etc. but maybe you could find a way to send them a fish/small tank setup like a beta? Or maybe an animal type experience might be available in their area from groupon?

Also maybe [this book by Allie Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half] ( She posted about her depression on her blog

And maybe a little something like this that they can carry with them/hold in their hand just to help them remember that they're amazing.

u/pencilears · 1 pointr/secretsanta

they took your holiday, turned Mithra, the god of the returning sun, into Santa and Baby Jesus, then go on and on about how the real meaning of Christmas (ie: baby jesus) is being corroded by what is actually the real meaning of Christmas (ie: presents and parties and fire)

the only way you give in to the oppression is by letting them have it their way.

also, you may enjoy Hogfather. I like to re-read it around this time of year.

u/anna_in_indiana · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

I love traditional board games too. I'd assume that they already have things like Scrabble, Scattergories, and Taboo and go with something like Wits and Wagers, Encore, Sequence, or Loaded Questions. It kinda depends what kind of games they like - strategy/card, singing, word games, party/get-to-know-you games, etc.

u/[deleted] · 13 pointsr/secretsanta

Not to try and change your mind, but for those who are curious, here are some great boardgames at or around the $20 price point:

Forbidden Island

Race for the Galaxy

The Resistance


For Sale

Roll Through the Ages

Glory to Rome





u/st_smashing · 1 pointr/secretsanta

If he really likes music then getting a mix cd or something would be awesome. You might know some killer bands that he doesn't know about. That would be something that I would totally enjoy.
I'm also a big history fan, [Napoleon's Privates] ( is probably one of the funnier "history" books I've read.

u/ohmysweetwesley · 7 pointsr/secretsanta

Something like this might be fun! It combines two of her likes and it's not crazy expensive

u/akolby89 · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

I found some on amazon for $16 a roll but I loved it and will use it for other things too.

u/kaekaelika · 5 pointsr/secretsanta

I think a photo frame or something like this she could fill with her family and pets would be amazing.

Maybe do something inspirational but not religious to go with it or a letter board that she can write out her own messages on?

u/Hwnn · 7 pointsr/secretsanta

Hmm, they like Costco Corn Dogs, though there are issues with cooking them.

They like Battlefield 3.

I think they like Depeche Mode.

Maybe this

DO NOT: Buy them a dog. Get them anything about not being a sexist troll. A Philadelphia guide book.

u/Raiyen · 9 pointsr/secretsanta

I remember Yoda Soda and Wookie Cookies when I was a kid! My friend and I used to make them all the time! We had come across the book in a library once.


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u/TheOpus · 1 pointr/secretsanta

You can order some here. You can also get them on Amazon.

u/atouchofyou · 1 pointr/secretsanta do know that Nix has written two sequels, one prequel and at least two short pieces for the Old Kingdom series, right? He's got another sequel, Goldenhand, coming out this October.

u/royalic · 1 pointr/secretsanta

Nonsense, I got my giftee Pandemic - now that's an End of the World game.