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u/inoffensive1 · 1 pointr/see

OOH!!! I never get to do this, but I've been reading this book, Imagine, and it talks about the effects of marijuana on your brain. (I haven't verified the facts beyond this book, so take it with that grain of salt).

Basically, as expected, you can have a variety of attention spans. What this is, in comp. sci. terms, is your RAM ("working memory") is working to either retain the same bits of data ("focus"), or is neglecting to do so and allowing the right hemisphere to swap it out randomly.

Predictably, the more you focus, the more critically you can analyze, the more productive you can be laterally. The less you focus, the more your brain gets to swap out bits almost randomly through different addresses, which permits you to make seemingly random associations.

These random associations are sometimes determined to have meaning to the thinker, and sometimes meaning to others as well. This last group of thoughts is typically "creativity," as I understand it. The book makes it clear that creativity is meaningless without the drudgery of research or practice or whathaveyou.

So, weed acts to jumble your RAM about. More free associations, less able to stay on task. Stimulants, like amphetamine, puts your ducks in a row, so to speak. Sgt. Adderall gives your RAM a stern lecture on the need for order and control, and you can focus. Critical thought, articulation, intentional memory can all come into play much more effectively, because it turns out that if you've got so much of your RAM occupied on the task at hand, you can still put it to use making the task easier.

Our brains are fucking wonderful.

u/FlatulentDirigible · 2 pointsr/see

This is pretty random, but if anyone has read the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts...This is pretty much how I imagined Prabaker was almost all the time.

Also, if you haven't read that book and you want to read an engaging, albeit LONG story, it is quite worth it. 10/10 would read again!

u/random49 · 2 pointsr/see

Heh, no, but it was a challenge. I was hoping someone would ask. :)

It was done using a Firestone Audio headphone stand and some helping hands (used in electronics) to hold the cone. You can just barely make out the feet in the bottom left corner.

Then, it was simply a matter of positioning and a timer shot with Camera+ (it was taken on an iPhone).

u/TheGeorge · 2 pointsr/see

yeah I think you're right, a nice strong, non-toxic, water-proof, and heat-proof (to 500 degrees) putty such as QuikSteel

u/darkmooninc · 1 pointr/see

Can I sub out the perfectly good video game for this?

u/Glassclose · 1 pointr/see

let me do you a solid brah,, if you cruise through the Q&A you can find a video of it in use, its the best, most affordable, long lasting grinder on the market.

u/rprebel · 2 pointsr/see

I got one of these in a secret santa exchange. It's perfect.

u/psycho_maniac · 1 pointr/see

if you wanna buy a scale i would suggest this one. a friend and i have it and its really nice and small.

u/SenselessNoise · 1 pointr/see

Hey, you. Yeah, you reading this. Don't think these LBM's (Little Brown Mushrooms) that look an awful lot like the ones growing in your yard are safe. Never, ever, EVER pick and eat mushrooms you find unless you have extensive knowledge of mycology. LBM's are notorious for being difficult to identify, as they have no real phenotypic traits (fancy way of saying that there are few visual cues as to what they are and if they're safe or not).

LBM's usually require spore prints to identify the species, and even then you need a keen eye and lots of experience to use those to identify the mushroom. There are plenty of books to help, but remember that microscopic features can be the difference between a trip and a trip to the hospital.

u/perverseheart · 2 pointsr/see

You could buy one like this or you can do what I did after I lost mine and use a guitar pick. It works just as well.

u/cannado · 1 pointr/see

My wife microwaves her cereal and milk. I almost divorced her straight up.

She knows I like my shit crunchy like OP and she bought me this so I stayed with her.

u/Garenator · 2 pointsr/see

nothing crazy fancy, OC GTX 760, but for single monitor 1080p gaming she can beast most new games.

Most games, this is what Crysis 3 must have been thinking when I first booted up with the new card.