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u/give-em-hell-kid · 1 pointr/sharktank bought them a few years ago, guess the price went up but it's still half the price of Vibes. The carrying case is great, 10/10 do recommend

u/afty · 4 pointsr/sharktank

Amazon $18

I have a couple of these and I love them. They really are great versatile towels. But man I can't believe they got a deal. They aren't doing anything proprietary or interesting, literally just re-dying and repackaging a product that has been around for decades. It bothers me that people would buy these towels from them because there's no way anyone should pay $50 for one.

u/breton_stripes · 16 pointsr/sharktank

I love sheet masks, but two uses is honestly the most inconvenient thing because the packaging is not super easy to work with and how else are you going to store it in the serum. Also, people in Asia have been using these reusable silicone masks with ear hooks to soak in serums for ages (which is probably more effective than lace because they prevent moisture loss).

u/chickenmonkey1 · 18 pointsr/sharktank

I remember using tubes like that in mexico when i was little and I had a cold. They had menthol and were used to unclog your nose. There is nothing unique about the delivery method.

Looks like Vicks makes them

u/jedre · 2 pointsr/sharktank

I think it's because their patent is for a system integrated with a tap, and not one that works on an already-poured drink, like this one:

Sonic Foamer, Beer Head Enhancer, Featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Kitchen, and Gadget Man

u/peanutbutteroreos · 15 pointsr/sharktank

I was thinking $59 - $75 range. I know I've seen something like this before and i think it does a similar functionality. The apartment I saw it in was able to baby proof their entire apartment with it for way less:

u/nessguy · 2 pointsr/sharktank

Currently season 10 is $3 on Amazon. You'll get access to each episode a day or so after it comes out.

u/nomnomnompizza · 1 pointr/sharktank

A chef knife is just an all purpose knife.

Can get decent enough ones for pretty cheap. Most people are 10x better off spending $30-$50 on a single knife versus a shitty knife block full of knives.

u/rnjbond · 3 pointsr/sharktank

On Roominate, Barbara's objections to the product were ludicrous and really makes me question her business advice. Barbara objected because the product doesn't say "for girls" on it (in spite of using pink in the logo and having a photo of a smiling girl on the front). The presenters objected saying "girls don't want to be pandered to", but then were talked over by Barbara saying "you really need to hammer home the point" then went out.

Except she's wrong. Marketing is full of products that have been marketed "for girls" in a pandering way. This of this product (with funny reviews on Amazon btw). Barbara's thoughts would have hurt the business, not helped it.

Better she's out.