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u/Hattusa · 12 pointsr/shittyaskalawyer

You actually bring up a very interesting point and it's something most people don't realize about the law.

In court, you're technically bound by whatever law you swear on. Since our legal system's based on English common law, which is roughly Judeo-Christian, the Bible's the default.

But that actually becomes part of the problem with Gitmo. All the terrorists there want to swear on the Koran, binding them with Sharia law. And under that law, killing infidels is nbd, so they'd be free to go. To counter that we're playing the waiting game, not giving them trials until they fold and agree to swear on something else. We're hoping to haggle them down to at least the Talmud, maybe the Vedas.

Now you're suggesting swearing on Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, in comic form. Let me tell you, that's a losing strategy. Not only does that require you to tell the truth, but if things go wrong you could end up in some kinky bondage situation.

Here's what I recommend instead: swear on a copy of Calvin and Hobbes. Congratulations, now you are bound by the laws of Calvinball.

And in Calvinball, you make the rules.

u/Neovalis · 9 pointsr/shittyaskalawyer

She doesn't have a case. You need to counter-sue her for fraud, slander and libel. I will represent you, but it will require at least 30 dollars and a Wolf Shirt I can wear to court.