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u/MrDTD · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

I bought one these at a garage sale for five bucks, good grilled cheese and perfectly sliced.

u/ceralyn · 3 pointsr/shittyfoodporn


It's actually pretty good for peanut butter cravings without dropping 200 calories on 2 tablespoons.

u/gravityboi · 3 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

To be honest, I hardly use my oven anymore. Ever since I got one of these: highly recommend it. Cooks a frozen pizza in 18 mins flat start to finish.

u/fuckyoubarry · 25 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

If you ever want to lose weight, consider intermittent fasting. It's great for people who like big meals.

u/Cyno01 · 6 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

Thats why i invested in one of these things.
Waking up to cold cooked pizza in the morning is way better than waking up to the smoke alarm and no pizza in the middle of the night.

Also great for nachos, you put the plate right on there and set it to just broil from the top.

u/chadcf · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

It seems at least 999 people own one. And apparently overwhelmingly love it.

u/mofish1 · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

The rice soaking is generally called for in a lot of sushi rice recipes, they claim it kind of jump starts the water absorption, but i don't really have any science to back that up.

Sushi rice is really sticky, a few grains of rice helps the seaweed edges stick to each other.

Musubi press!

u/MassiveMeatMissile · 18 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

Buy this and double the amount of cheese powder you put in to bring it back to its former glory.

u/Dr_Dust · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

I came across this at the suggestion of another redditor awhile back. It's literally the closest thing to Kraft Mac and cheese powder you can get. You can mix it into anything to cheese it up, or you can make the cheese sauce itself with a couple tablespoons of butter or margarine and a quarter cup of milk. It seriously jazzes up dishes that need cheese. A tub lasts forever as well, like seriously I'd be surprised if you went through a one pound jug in six months. Props to whoever suggested it to me.

u/RichardHuman · 16 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

You can just buy them.

What a time to be alive!

u/bugzrrad · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

do yourself a favor and buy a Pizza Pizzazz

auto-times out (20 minutes max) so worst case scenario you wake up to a cold pizza

u/extremelytemporary · 12 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

I'll try that next time, i usually boil water, toss in noodles and stir, add packet after a minute or two then stir and pour in bowl. Burn hands as i carry to table then let sit while it cools and the noodles absorb more soup. garnish with some lonely lonely tears and dig in.

also, my personal absolute favorite brand of packaged noodles is these or their newer 2x spicy version. It's the same kind of technique as yours where the water is drained and then the seasoning is added but the seasoning is like a sauce instead of a powder. tastes damn good with a soft boiled egg.

u/ThirstyOne · 9 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

They sell it on Amazon if you're the waiting type. I just happened by it at my grocery store and was impressed by the fact that it had all of nature's warning colors on the packaging. Dino nuggets and frozen beans were in the frozen food section. That's where the ice-cream lives.

u/rbcornhole · 45 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

It's a grilled cheese but you put pizza sauce and pepperoni on it. Preferably cooked in a campfire with one of these so the edges seal shut. It's so good but they look super shitty

u/cchings · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

You're not supposed to roll spam musubi either. You get one of these things and press the rice into a spam-slice-shaped block. Unlike sushi rolling, it's pretty foolproof.

u/hornet54 · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

I had a similar thought too. I put a gob of peanut butter in a shaker cup and it didn't really work. What does work, however, is powdered peanut butter!

u/bites · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

That's the right item but they don't sell it anymore in North America.

If you look on the page you linked me

>Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.

Desktop version of your link:

u/Terrific_Soporific · 4 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

Oh man, I thought it was those instant noodles from the picture... They're my shit.

u/food_monster · 85 pointsr/shittyfoodporn
  1. Acquire tarantula
  2. Dip in batter
  3. Deep fry
  4. Spinkle with food dust
  5. Barf

u/JBridge · 23 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

Looks like someone screwed up one of the recipes from this book.