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For anyone who doesn't understand this reference...

SAGA is widely regarded as one of the best modern sci-fi comics to come out.

It's got a similarly sly, fun, subtly self-aware vibe as Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy.

It delivers literally everything you look for in a good comic...boundary pushing violence and sex with attractive characters and art. It's funny and paced so well, it's impossible to put down!

There are 2 hardcover volumes for $30 each that collects most of what's been released so far:

  • Book One

  • Book Two

    After reading them on an iPad, the physical versions offered a much better experience.
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I bought one of these and it broke so fucking quickly. Even when it did work, half the shit missed the tray it self-scooped into and just fell onto the floor. Extremely regrettable purchase.
I have 5 cats and this is the litter box that I personally use. This isn’t an ad or anything (lol) but I really love this box so I tell everyone about it! It’s not completely self-cleaning (its not a robot, you have to roll the box onto its side and the clumps fall into a drawer) but you don’t have to do any scooping either. I recommend them to everyone, I bought 4 myself.

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I have this one:
It is a dream come true. You line the little bin with a plastic bag, and every week or so you empty it and top it up with cat litter. One of the best hundred dollars I've ever spent.

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In electricity, there's a lot of components that will require you provide a +5v DC signal, 5v is a standard that we've set. There's also a 3.5v standard which is more common in phones.

With the use of relays and additional power sources, you can control more power than that if you need to, though.

Just keep in mind that electricity is largely about tolerances. Just because you have a 5v line doesn't actually guarantee that it will always be 5 volts. There's a range that is thought to be acceptable. Seeing 4.8v, if I recall correctly, is still a "5v line"

Here's a pretty standard servo. It's not an "arduino servo" it's just a normal electrical component that when you apply voltage to its line, it operates. Since it operates in the 4.8-6v range, you can absolutely control this servo with the power from your arduino.

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Sure! It even has a money back guarantee!

Litter Kwitter 9369999001797 Cat Toilet Training System

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Neat, thanks! I didn't know they were so cheap.

I wonder if you could use a guillotine paper cutter to cut the paper? It would probably work with your pneumatic actuator. This one is only $12 for a 6 inch cutter: . Not as fun though.

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Friendly reminder that epilepsy is not a joke.
If you want to see a joke, then click here.

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For everyone who says it is too expensive, here is the litter box I use which has the same sifting and turning process for $40, the only difference is that you turn it yourself instead of having a motor turn it for you. The litter all sifts into a long scooper for you to toss out.

u/Bossit · 82 pointsr/shittyrobots

Guessing its the same brand my parents have. God Damn T-FAL Deluxe.. Toast on the floor whenever I visit

u/temp91 · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

They are expensive, but this is the best goddamn cat shit box made by man. This thing is clean, reliable and doesn't smell, except when you're emptying the bag.

u/grundelstiltskin · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

I researched all the automated cleaning litter boxes but never bit the bullet. They all had complaints about them breaking down. I ended up spending a fraction of what they typically cost on one I roll myself like this and I have no regrets.

I might get the litter robot one day if I can justify it because it's the only one with decidedly great reviews (and a ridiculous $450 price tag).