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u/sebuhcoin · 1 pointr/siacoin

Its going good. I have 2 setups now and we have a #siaberry channel in Sia Discord. Also heres a parts list if your interested in getting one. -32GB USB - RPI Kit - 32GB MicroSD - 8TB Hard Drive
I have been working on Siaberry a lot and it has been going pretty good.
If you are interested in Hosting on the Siacoin network this is a real good entry point.
I just launched another Siaberry a few days ago and its been running with 100% uptime. Here you can check and see if its running right here

u/ScienceGeek386 · 2 pointsr/siacoin

Seems like I will start this project since there is plenty of people supporting this. I mean is not a bad idea, and it will be a cheaper response to the new obelisk immersion, Here is a list of the things (materials) I am thinking in using:

-Obelisk SC1 3400$:

-10 gallon fish tank for 23.79$:

-10 Gallons of mineral Oil 89.99$: 2 x


Obelisk SC1 Immerse in mineral oil (Ghetto Style) Total: 3603$

I think that is pretty much it, do you think there is anything else that could be included in this list?

u/in-cred-u-lous · 1 pointr/siacoin

The draw of your GPU will by far be higher than the rest of the system unless. Still, if the machine is dedicated to mining, you may want to disable hardware you dont need in the BIOS. You should not assume the GPU will draw the max of the PSU. 1000W is enough to power several graphics cards. The best, to make sure you get a precise estimate, is to buy a power meter like this.

Sry, I realize I made a mistake in suggestion the link on my previous post also includes power consumption estimated. It does not.

u/surkei · 2 pointsr/siacoin

I think Sia and others decentralized-storage players are at the stage where whoever reach Critical-mass first with network-effect is going to win or take-majority-of-the-market-share. And people like bookchin can make that happen much faster at this critical stage of the Sia project (many people call it "crossing the chasm").

u/ryharrin1 · 1 pointr/siacoin

Many routers can be set up to connect to wifi and provide a wired connection. The cheapest thing might actually be to get a wifi extender, as many of those come with an ethernet port as well. Something like this would work -

I'm not suggesting that specific model, it was just the first one I found.

u/RBZL · 2 pointsr/siacoin

I did just that for a GPU rig, though it was fairly gerryrigged. My basic shopping list:

  • Suncast BMS1250 Shed Tool Vertical, 22 cu. ft.
  • Suncast Shelf for Suncast Shed Models BMS1250 and BMS2000
  • Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent, 8-Inch X 8-Inch times 2
  • Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, White

    Assemble the shed and install the shelf, cut two holes in the front doors at the shelf level for the gable vents and one big hole in the back at shelf level for the window fan, and install/wedge items in holes accordingly. Cutting the holes was a pain, I thought a Dremel would work well but it's slow and loud as hell so I ended up using a drywall saw that worked surprisingly well. I ran a cord for a power strip out the back under the fans.

    Mine sits at the back of a covered patio that's about 8-10 feet deep, so it's not directly exposed to rain or any significant elements. You might be able to make it work if you've got some overhang and you can put the back of the cabinet up close to a wall where water won't hit the fans too much. I also glued some dust filter material to the inside of the gable vents to help filter dust out, and I blow the setup out every now and then.
u/MasterHWilson · 8 pointsr/siacoin

You're a legend for this. Thank you very much.

edit: Could an external hard drive like this work? Seem to offer better $/TB than an internal HDD and an adapter.

u/winphan · 1 pointr/siacoin

Both Bitmain and Innosilicon have done a lot of advertising on their websites stating they are indeed selling Siacoin miners.