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u/Gismono · 3 pointsr/sissyhypno

I can't say for sure if anal is for you, but you can't judge it by hard objects, the only thing hard dildo are for is vibrating and holding on the prostate or one the clitty.

If you get a good one in a good material(medical silicone) like fx this one from amazon or something like it. The material is very important, and ofc plenty of lube.

A good dildo is well worth it in my opinion, if you don't have access to the real thing, or just need it more. My personal favorite is the Bad dragon dildo model "Nox" (very expensive, but for me it was worth it)

Good luck what ever you do.

u/YourDedicatedSissy · 1 pointr/sissyhypno

Probably a short pink YiFeng - the HolyTrainer ripoff. I bet it'd look adorable on such a small clitty like yours!

Mm. Just scrumptious.

That or...

You might prefer this.

If you believe you can get in there. ;)

You know, honestly, regardless of cage, in order to get in the right mindset to take your dildo you'll probably need to spend at -least- a week in chastity. It'll really teach you the value of your sissy pussy. Do you think you could do that for me honey? I bet you'll love chastity~!

Oh. It might help to get some panties. Once you start wearing them every day, mentally, you're in a much better place to receive cock. Ya know? :D Plus, the softer material will help your lil booty recover from your daily practicing!

Mm! Sissy shopping is like, so much fun. You should always try to keep some money set aside for this baby.

u/sissyslut_alena · 2 pointsr/sissyhypno

I've bought all my heels off of Amazon. I wear a men's size 10.5. All the shoes I bought were Pleaser, because I noticed that they all have both larger and wider shoe sizes. Almost as if they were built for men!

  • My very first pair and still my favorite. Got them in Red, size "11 B(M)". Fit like a dream. Oh my god I've had so much fun in these heels.

  • My second pair. I bought the same shoe size, only they're a little bit small. But they're within the range where they're still comfortable and I feel like such a slut when I wear them.

  • My newest pair. I also got these in the same size, and they fit perfectly as well. They're my "sissy" heels, and I feel so girly when I wear them. I've built an outfit around it and I look forward to wearing it all (plus my pink lipstick and wig) and getting on my knees and sucking my dildo. Then fucking myself silly with while I moan like the gurl I am.
u/CorrectStaple · 3 pointsr/sissyhypno

I got these and I love them. I've never felt or seen those really nice expensive ones online but I must say that for the price I am extremely satisfied. Nice feel and shape - just won't blend in and look real on your skin if your trying to go topless. Perfect for filling out a bra under your top though.

u/axtonhale · 3 pointsr/sissyhypno

LG Electronics Tone Active Premium Wireless Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Pink A decently priced Bluetooth headset with a long battery life and that's moisture resistant for those long sessions.

Emerge Tech EUVRC Utopia 360Degree Virtual Realty Headset with Bluetooth Controller, Black A fairly cheap and comfortable VR headset compatible with most phones on the market. If anyone knows of a better built one around the same price point let me know.

System JO Silicone Free Hybrid Lubricant with Coconut, 4 Fluid Ounce Feels and smells amazing.

IMO Vibrating Power Wand Massager - Waterproof & Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator - 3 Powerful Motors & 10 Stimulation Modes It's a little big, but if you can fit it in, you are in for a treat. IMO also makes a vibrating butt plug that I would recommend if you can't use this.

YiFeng Biosourced Resin Male Chastity Cage Device Belt Restraint Men Bondage Fetish ZCS142 (Short, Pink) cheap HTV2 knockoff.

If anyone has recommendations for long and big thigh highs or heels link it in here.

u/tabitha_cd · 1 pointr/sissyhypno

This has easily become my favorite vibrator:

I can pretty much cum after only a few minutes of slowly increasing the intensity and patterns of the vibrations. The design helps it hit the prostate easily.

Pipedream Icicles No 5 Glass Dildo

Smooth, has just the right angle to stimulate and bonus you can soak it in hot water or put it in the freezer/fridge to do temperature sensation play.

u/boitoisissi · 1 pointr/sissyhypno

I currently use this one which I like a lot

I had this one before that

Both of them fit well and had multiple sized rings. The silicone one is flexible so it's much easier to put on, but also easy to take off while locked, which is why I switched to the plastic one.

u/SissyP · 7 pointsr/sissyhypno

Magic Shave cream and a scraper is what I use to remove hair. It doesn't burn or irritate my skin and because it is made for facial hair it hasn't bothered my boi-pussy. It leaves my hole and taint area totally hairless and smooth.

I have also done some anal bleaching which has lightened my hole and I think made it a lot cuter.

Anal Bleach Creams I have used:


Bleach my Butt


u/Stefi_Sovosa · 2 pointsr/sissyhypno

If you want something realistic to look good, then it's more a matter of taste.

If you want to cum like never before, and don't care about realism, I can't recommend highly enough a hard dildo. Wood, steel---great but expensive. Pyrex on the other hand is dirt cheap these days, and this particular item is a steal.

For finding and getting lost in your deep anal cummy spots, nothing's better! Works even better with a partner, in case that's a possibility.

u/-ThrowawayEMT- · 2 pointsr/sissyhypno

Right!?! I beg for it when he fucks me. "Please PLEASE cum in my face" I bought him a bottle of cum pills. Even if they don't work, they make him supper duper horny and increases the odds of getting some cum in my face:)

u/itsasharz · 1 pointr/sissyhypno

This is what i start with & then go up from there

truly, once you go black, you will never go back ;)

u/lillysissyslut · 8 pointsr/sissyhypno

I 100% recommend this dildo. It's thick but it has give. It will help stretch your ass out more so you can stuff more cocks into your asshole in the future.

Also some fishnets

u/Herbert_nsfw · 3 pointsr/sissyhypno

Avoid Cheap CB6000s. The "H" shape of the ring is uncomfortable and they tends to split in the middle.

If you want something cheap, I would advise you to take a HTV2 knockoff: