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u/notallittakes · 12 pointsr/sjsucks

Naturally, almost all white people are like this.

They start by defining a contradictory term:

> Colour-blind racism

Gender-blind sexism anyone? Use contradictions to increase the edge!

> is racism that acts as if skin colour does not matter – even when it does.

This could be an interesting concept. Too bad they forget to write about it.

> also known as aversive racism

It's not, actually. Good thing they mentioned this though, because that seems to be what the rest of the post tries to talk about.

I don't really know what to say about this. Is it a strawman? It seems contradictory on multiple levels, and they never actually describe a racist behavior. They seem to just be saying that they're oppressed because white people just think racist things while somehow not realizing it. Then they complain about white people stereotyping others, while stereotyping white people like crazy.

What really gets me though is simply the terminology. It's not enough to call it racism, or 'stealth racism' or 'subconscious racism' - simply saying exactly what you mean is not postmodern enough. Apparently this particular term was made popular by a book which:

  • Sets up a case of a white person discriminating
  • Asserts that the white person is not a racist
  • Concludes that you can have racism without racists

    I just can't anymore.