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u/Alpha-Leader · 5 pointsr/southpark

I just found out not too long ago that my 70+ year old conservative grandma loves South Park, and always has. Blew my mind... The only other fan in my entire family is my grandma of all people.

Same grandma who bought me Grossology when I was little and earned the ire of my parents.

u/BigWillSP · 1 pointr/southpark

Once in a while you'll find "complete" box sets (complete at the time of sale, that is), like these two:

Seasons 1-12

Seasons 1-15

I've never seen box sets like these in the U.S.

u/BigWill2k · 1 pointr/southpark

Where did you read that?

A friend of mine found on Amazon that it would be December 30 of NEXT year. But anyone who knows anything about release dates knows that "December 30" is a placeholder date and the actual release date is two or three months later. So we're looking at early March 2017 here.

u/iluvatar3 · 2 pointsr/southpark

Here is a link on Amazon, there are other places that seem to sell it also.

u/Anubisghost · 1 pointr/southpark

It's called Total Recall, actually. He novelized the movie after it came out.

u/sillyokio · 6 pointsr/southpark
  1. Not everyone likes Butters that much.

  2. He's not a pivotal character.

  3. Butters has his own collection.
u/McMeanface · 2 pointsr/southpark

Unfortunately, you're best off buying the DVD. You might be able to find a torrent somewhere, but having the commentary audio track sometimes makes it difficult.

Just buy it. It's a goddamn national treasure.

u/jimmyolsenblues · 21 pointsr/southpark

This is a imitation how some people behave in relationships. They push you away and the second you leave or they leave, they want you back.

There is a book called, "I hate you, don't leave me"