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u/SmallTomatoesBooks · 2 pointsr/spiderbro

Like the first book in the series, Another Guest is feel-good science fiction. Though it involves a touch of FTL travel, it remains on the harder side of sci-fi. You are going to want to read it if you are a fan of the following:

  • Aviation
  • Alaska
  • Wilderness Adventure
  • Homesteading
  • Spiders
  • Star Trek
  • The Martian, ET, The Europa Report, or similar 'classic' sci-fi works.

    Some highlights:

  • We fixed the covers! You hated 'em, we fixed 'em.
  • Older female protaganist
  • Like the first one, "Another Guest" passes the Bechdel Test, the Mako Mori Test, and gets a pretty high score on the Gregg Test
  • We doubled down, there's still no romance!!
  • Plenty of humor, people who don't giggle while reading books told me they had to stop reading to laugh.
  • A wonderful sense of Hygge.

    The audiobook is brought to life by Jeanie Talbot, who takes everything in this book to the next level. Everything funny is funnier. Everything emotional is right in the feels. Feel the panics, feel the rushes, feel the mood on every page through her exceptional effort to be pitch perfect on every word.

    We've only got one review so far, but check out the amazing reviews for "Guest" , and be reassured this is going to be a homerun. And hey, how about you support some little folks and drop a nice review when you are done with at least the first chapter? I mean, don't just drop five stars before you are completely convinced this was the best audiobook decision you've made all month.
u/anatopism · 1 pointr/spiderbro

Is what I got specifically. It felt kinda risky with all the different types and reviews, but I'm super happy with the macro lens. I haven't tried much with the others yet.

u/Scuttlebuttz93 · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

For a comprehensive guide on rose hair tarantula keeping that isn't bullshit consult this webpage. There's also and /r/tarantulas if you have any questions, and I'd highly recommend picking up The Tarantula Keeper's Guide which like that webpage was written by Stan Schultz who can pretty accurately be called the tarantula Jesus. It's a good read and very thorough too. Be warned though, it's hard to keep just one tarantula!

u/Skanky · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

I mean, it sounds like you have it worked out already. Just have him take care of saving the spiders if you have issues with capturing/releasing them.

They also make "bug catchers" which makes this job much easier (and is usually harmless to the spider). They're basically a vacuum cleaner with a long wand that sucks the bug into it and you can release it later.

Something like this.

u/agent-99 · 1 pointr/spiderbro

we got a spider catcher to help! it's awesome!

u/Rygar82 · 8 pointsr/spiderbro

I like them, but usually move them outside as well. Got one of these and it’s way easier than catching them with paper and a cup.

u/larinioides · 9 pointsr/spiderbro

You could try tools like this for catching spiders without having to get too close.

But, like Phil Torres says in this video, there are going to be spiders everywhere you go—so you might want to try working on your arachnophobia instead. It is extremely treatable. You can start by learning about spiders and looking at pictures of them to get rid of the shock factor. You can even start with the really cute dancing ones.

u/Pats_Bunny · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

This one looks pretty effective too. I haven't had an issue with the cup and letter method yet though, so I haven't been able to justify buying it. Maybe get it for the wife and kids to use.

u/xblackdog · 10 pointsr/spiderbro

Seconding this, also maybe pickup "The Tarantula Keeper's Guide" by the Schultz. I've found it to be a pretty useful book, and it's only $12 if you have prime on Amazon.

u/Underclock · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

Regardless of what species you pick, you should pick up copy of TTGK and head on over to /r/tarantulas. It's a great community, and also consider signing up on arachnoboards and/or tarantulaforum (you can probably get a decent price on your first (or twelfth) spider on the forums classifieds/for sale sections

u/hoofburger · 9 pointsr/spiderbro

I have my girlfriend save them from me, lol.

If you live alone they make these things though

u/ecodude74 · 31 pointsr/spiderbro

The character is a traditional African folktale figure, typically depicted as a spider like this. However, you may have seen it on the cover of Gerald McDermott’s book on the character. Here Is a link to the book on Amazon.

u/Hail-and-well-met · 2 pointsr/spiderbro

Here's the quote I was talking about:

"You told me to go for help. I brought them back with me... I brought the warriors. I brought the brave."


u/noized · 5 pointsr/spiderbro

There sure is. Although that one doesn't have very good reviews.

u/Tlbacardi · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

I went to a bug & weed mart, they recommended some gel baits since I had ants coming in the house getting into the animal food. They recommended these gel tray things, I was skeptical but nothing was working so I tried it. Within 24 hours the ants were gone and they have been gone for over a year. It was similar to this or this

u/allonsyyy · 1 pointr/spiderbro

Powdered amorphous silica, like this stuff. It will kill both, but it kills by dessicating so your ants won't be poisoned. Just don't put it where your spiders go.

u/Cherryapplefox · 2 pointsr/spiderbro

Shootingstar Bug Zapper - Electronic Mosquito Trap & Killer Insect Killer Lamp Indoor - Eliminates Mosquitoes Fruit Flies and Flying Gnats (4 Packs)