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u/SerialTimeKiller · 3 pointsr/splatoon

$156.82 on Amazon

There's a comparison chart of the different Elgatos down farther on that page. You could save a little less than $40 by not getting the HD60, but then you wouldn't get get 60 FPS recording, and this game looks stunning in full 60 FPS, so just save up a little more and get the HD60.

It will record anything that can feed it video via an HDMI cable, so it works with all current systems, and anything else you have that outputs HDMI.

It could even be made to work with adapters from other interfaces to HDMI, I'm pretty sure although you'd need get the audio stream in their separately if you cared about having it. But I'm digressing.

It's seems to be pretty much standard for everyone to use these, and considering their capabilities and ease of use, the price is excellent.

Here's a thread I made a while back that has some additional info on people's recording setups.

u/LHoT10820 · 1 pointr/splatoon

tl;dr: Of how to get Splatoon running well easily but for money (which will also benefit every other internet enabled device in your home!).

Step 1) If you're using an ISP provided modem (or heaven forbid modem/router combo), take it and chuck it in the garbage into their returns center. Replace this with a new (new in box, not used), ISP compatible modem.

Step 2) If your router is from 2010 or early, it's time to upgrade. If you don't have one because it was in your Modem provided by an ISP. . . Well, you need to get one (also new!).

Step 2.5 (OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED IF YOU POSSES THE TECHNICAL APTITUDE)) Install an alternate firmware (OpenWRT, DD-WRT, etc) to your router.

Step 3) Get an Ethernet Adaptor for your Wii U.

Step 4) Get a line of at least CAT-5e (just about any ethernet cable you'll find in store long enough to reach from your router to your Wii U (so long as that's less than 100 meters), and plug them into each other.

Step 5) Set your Wii U to run off the new shiny wired connection!

Step 6) If running your Wii U on a wired connection is not an option, nor is purchasing about $150~200 in network equipment viable. Send me a PM and I can help you make the best of it.

u/S-T-R-E-G-A · 1 pointr/splatoon

I used to have problems but changed my wifi and I can't remember the last time I disconnected.

I got an Ethernet adapter for ARMs which also eliminated my connection issues. I got this one

Go with Ethernet if it's an option, even if your staring right at your access point while playing. This game has a zero tolerance policy. You only get like 2 game ticks before the room boots you. I don't blame the game for choosing to be less forgiving and more accurate. It encouraged me to make some changes and everyone I play with wins (emotionally) because of it.

u/CopperRaven · 2 pointsr/splatoon

I'm not going to say this will totally work for you because I don't know all the factors that made this work for me but here is what I did. (my switch was also too far away to run a cable to). I bought this and this

The powerline adapter was easy to set up and in my house the outlets they are in are on different breakers and that seems fine. After setting them up, plugging in the switch, and setting it to run on wired not wi-fi there's one more thing I did. In a connection test I saw my nat type was B also, everyone said that wasn't great and it should be A for best performance so after lots of googling I figured out how to change that in my router settings.

For me I have comcast so to get to my router settings I type into my address bar and enter the default username and password for comcast (admin ; password) then on the left there is and advanced tab and under that DMZ. Enable that and for the host set the switch's ip witch you can see in the connection test, mine was yours will probably be different. Save that then run a connection test again and it should be type A. Whatever router you have should have something similar so just google how to set up dmz for your specific brand.

After doing this I very rarely disconnect.

u/GooTangClam · 3 pointsr/splatoon

It's [Mumba Nintendo Switch case] ( and I also have this screen protector. I don't know how comfortable grip is. I haven't used handheld mode ever since I got the pro controller. But it seems very sturdy and got 5 star reviews on amazon.

fyi try this goose neck mount if you want to play on the bed! I love this one when I'm feeling super lazy. But it's pain in the ass to adjust and put the switch on the mount. Maybe there is better one someone else can suggest.

Edit: forgot to mention, you cannot use the stand when its on the case! I wish it has a stand built in on the case. Also I dont know if it fits in the dock because I took it apart and replaced it with smaller dock.

u/MrSnifflez93 · 1 pointr/splatoon

link for the neon green / pink joycons placeholder on amazon?

EDIT: Are you talking about this ? If so, I wouldn't put too much faith into it.. Have speculations on third parties trying to scalp from JP Imports.. rather than Official Nintendo support..

u/Saxophobe · 2 pointsr/splatoon

Seems like we're all in luck! Look what I just saw popped up today on Amazon...

(that one was on Amazon France, and was the cheapest I've seen so far). However, if they don't deliver to where you live, it seems that the main USA amazon has these as japanese imports with international shipping (much more expensive, but is a way to get them if all else fails)

not seen them on any of the other amazons yet, but I reckon if given long enough they eventually will. (but for now, those above two methods are already possible!)

Hope this helps!

u/woomy_thrower · 2 pointsr/splatoon

The wireless card in the wiiu is laughably bad, if you use a wired connection you'll see an immediate difference. If the modem/router being in different room is an issue pick up a cheap powerline adapter.

getting this powerline adapter

and this ethernet adapter

will cost you under $40 but give you a vastly superior online experience. I use the same ethernet adapter and it made online so much better. The way powerline works is you plug one into the wall near your router and one near your console, the connection is sent through the powerlines in your wall, it's very cool stuff.

u/indigoaway_ · 2 pointsr/splatoon

You need to buy the Callie (or Marie) amiibo! Here’s a link to the pack that I bought: amllbo [aori/fire Fly] (Splatoon... (it’s kinda pricy lol) After you get the amiibo (you have to complete the story mode to use Callie & Marie) you can head on over to the amiibo case in the square and scan them! You’ll get a piece of the hero gear from Splatoon 1, and then they’ll say something along the lines of “Let’s take a picture to commemorate us meeting!” Hope this helps

u/urboipure · 3 pointsr/splatoon

Haha, I was going to get red and blue but before my birthday Walmart released a Splatoon bundle and my mom asked if I wanted that one and of course I said yes!
Also if you want to buy the joycons on there own they sell them on Amazon, here's a link

u/Will-TVR · 1 pointr/splatoon

Japan imports are probably your best bet at this point. Amazon has them from a bunch of different sellers for various prices, many of which aren't insane. I ordered mine for $32 from there recently, which isn't too far above the original retail price.

u/theUnLuckyCat · 1 pointr/splatoon

I use the included wrist strap for a slightly better fit. You could also use the included grip for just the one JoyCon and still use them split. But if I were to buy an accessory, it would be a battery pack for both a heftier controller and the convenience of never having to charge the things attached to the Switch itself (cheap knockoffs also available).

Although the button layout on the Pro is a lot better, so it's great for that (and if there's ever any couch multiplayer).

u/MrCrossa · 4 pointsr/splatoon

Sorry to butt in, but this is what I use on my Wii U, and it works perfectly.

u/CG-Coconut-Gun · 1 pointr/splatoon

The art of splatoon 2 is probably your best bet

Amazon link: The Art of Splatoon 2

u/suburbanbird · 0 pointsr/splatoon

I gotchu fam. It does say Japanese import but it's good news regardless to see the listed on US Amazon

Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R)-Neon Green/Neon Pink (JPN Import)

u/Twinkiman · 2 pointsr/splatoon

If you are looking for an adapter. I would suggest this one on Amazon.

It is cheap, and it worked perfectly for my Wii U and my Switch.

u/Salsastrength · 6 pointsr/splatoon

you can get a random one on amazon for like 10 bucks. I got one for my wii u and it works on my switch as well.


this is the one I got, so I can guarantee it works on switch.

u/Wretro · 3 pointsr/splatoon

The ones by the amiibo are these from Japan. Along with the silicone ones I have, they also have a clear crystal case with the splat design on it here.

For the Joy-Con connected to my Switch, do you mean the clear crystal case I have them in or the actual colors? Because those are the green/pink Joy-con that Japan/Europe received.

u/Crookshow · 1 pointr/splatoon

Hey, I was able to resolve my issue by buying an ethernet adapter from Amazon for $10 and setting up my Wii U with a wired connection. This is the one I bought specifically:

I have no idea why the wireless connection started having issues suddenly. My router and console are in the same room and about 4-5 feet apart. I troubleshooted with both Nintendo and Comcast and none of their suggestions helped. Bought the adapter as a last resort and now everything works again. Hope this is helpful to anyone having the same issue.

u/beerSnobbery · 1 pointr/splatoon

My WiiU suddenly had issues like this a while back. I picked up a LAN adapter and all my problems went away. I'd recommend it as a possible solution if you don't mind having to run an Ethernet cable to your WiiU.

u/Abcmsaj · 1 pointr/splatoon

So how will voice chat work if I don't buy this headset? Can I just get a splitter (1 female to 2 male) and use any headphones with a mic?

EDIT: Something like this?

u/IkananXIII · 2 pointsr/splatoon

If I may make a suggestion, have you tried using the joycons on their own, without the grip? I found the grip uncomfortable as well, so I use the Joycons separately with these battery pack attachments to make them nice and fat and comfortable to hold. Aiming with a single joycon is so snappy and feels great. It's definitely something I think everyone should try at least once. I just use the battery packs to make the joycons more ergonomic, but you can also put one or two batteries in each one to adjust the weight to your liking. And obviously they'll charge the controller, though I've never found a need for that so I just use dead batteries to add some weight.

u/V0ltagekraft · 1 pointr/splatoon a friend sent me this link because ive been having wifi [roblems with my laptop and other Disconnects, you just plug in by the router, run a ethernet card to it, plug the other one in near your switch or other devices and run a cord from that port to your device, the lan adapter plus these and your gold

u/kratosauron0 · 1 pointr/splatoon

Hmm, interesting. Nintendo's use of USB-C is weird but I got around that because my adapter is plugged into the dock, not the Switch itself. I'm using an Amazon Basics one.
It's even cheaper because it uses the old connector type, but you need an adapter of you want to use it directly with the Switch.

u/fatluger1 · 1 pointr/splatoon

I bought one of the ethernet Lan adapters for Wii U off of Amazon for around $10 along with the game (Ive pasted the link to an example product below. Be sure that the one you purchase says it will work with a Wii U because there are different types of USB Lan adapters that may not be compatible with it). It is not a bad investment if you can afford it as wired connections tend to be more stable and I would hate for your first few days of splatoon-ing to be dampened by connection issues!

u/Amazon-Prime · 1 pointr/splatoon


I have them for all my devices (ipad pro, iphone, switch). They come in a 2 pack and if it breaks for any reason, they ship you a new one like 2 day shipping for free..

u/enigma_0Z · 1 pointr/splatoon

I've been THIS close to getting one multiple times now ... Found the Elgato HD60 for a semi reasonable price ... Any opinions on this card? Can it steam live as well as record? Elgato Game Capture HD60, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, or Wii U gameplay, Full HD 1080p 60fps

u/Amuugu · 1 pointr/splatoon

You can drop $20 on powerline adapters.

TP-Link AV200 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, up to 200Mbps (TL-PA2010KIT)

It's pretty good. You'll lose some speed if you plug it into a surge protector/extension, buuuut that doesn't matter too much for Splatoon from my experience.

u/kittehfiend · 1 pointr/splatoon

This is what I use, was recommended here on this sub
MEKO(TM) (2 Pcs)[2 in 1 Precision Series] Disc Stylus/Styli Bundle with 4 Replaceable Disc Tips, 2 Replaceable Fiber Tips For All Touch Screen Devices - (Black/Silver)

u/CoryBoehm · 3 pointsr/splatoon

Something to keep in mind is only the Hori LAN adapater is licsnesed for the Switch. Reports are starting to come in that other unlicensed LAN adapters are causing the Switch to not enter sleep mode leading it to heat up while docked for extended periods of time.

Considering the Hori LAN Adapater can be had for under $30 it is really not worth the possible risk to your Switch to save a couple cups of coffee in cost.

u/Cardstatman · 1 pointr/splatoon

This Amazon Basics 3.0 one works with Switch according to user reviews. The USB 2.0 apparently doesn't work though.

u/kitten_based_economy · 0 pointsr/splatoon

Yeah I know the struggle. There would be times where I would be kicked off of like 25% of my games and days that were literally unplayable. After getting this adapter, I might get dropped maybe a few times per month. I sometimes get dropped during splatfests but I'm guessing that has more to do with Nintendo's servers than with my connection.

If you do decide to get a USB adapter, after plugging it in you have to go the system settings and disable your WiiU's wifi connection to force it to used the wired one.

u/ScorelessPine · 3 pointsr/splatoon

Have you tried Amazon? I preordered mine the same time splatoon 2 went back up for preorder on the website. Try this link: HORI Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Splat & Chat Headset

u/philipcongle · 2 pointsr/splatoon

This one is only $10. Depending on your router, you may not notice a big difference though. I've played both ways and do notice a little less lag when using the adapter.

u/geekrelief · 2 pointsr/splatoon

Not any ethernet adapter will do. I bought one that didn't support the Wii U, I think because it was USB 3.0. I got this working one off amazon:

u/BookEight · -1 pointsr/splatoon

Wired connection can prevent this from happening, as much as is possible.

Amazon link .. Costs $27

u/neightwulf · 1 pointr/splatoon

Still available at Amazon Japan, ships to the US.

u/amilias · 2 pointsr/splatoon

There's these battery pack thingies that basically make the whole thing thicker

u/StimulatorCam · 1 pointr/splatoon

You can always try picking up a wired USB LAN connector if you're able to run a cable to your router.

u/jay_rr_tokin · 3 pointsr/splatoon

One of these will work; don't get the fiftythree.

Can also make something in photoshop and redraw it using the controller.

u/BlackSwordD2 · 3 pointsr/splatoon

An HDMI Capture card. I'm using the Elgato HD60

u/TutelarSword · 3 pointsr/splatoon

Here you go! Japanese characters display funny, so if that doesn't work, try this link and just type in "amiibo" in the search. You need a separate Amazon account for the Japanese site though. It's about 2500 yen, which is about $22.59. Even if you have to pay for shipping, that's a steal!

u/KingdaToro · 2 pointsr/splatoon

Have you tried a wired connection? Get an adapter and connect an ethernet cable between it and your router. The Wii U's Wi-Fi hardware isn't very good.

u/tonuchi · 6 pointsr/splatoon

That's the secret. They do.

Try that one, drop it in your cart and go through the motions. Should work.

u/Brandon00151 · 1 pointr/splatoon

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S if its in your budget. It can stream in 1080p at 60FPS and its USB 3.0 so the delay is nearly nonexistent. If you're looking for something a little cheaper Elgato Game Capture HD. However there will be a slight delay from what you see on TV and your computer.

u/banjokazooie23 · 1 pointr/splatoon

Seems I was wrong! Just went up for pre-order on Amazon US here

u/beta_ray_charles · 1 pointr/splatoon

I don't stream, in part because of the audio delay between what I might say on the mic compared to the video and also because my computer can't stream at a good frame rate. But I do have the El Gato (Not the 60). It can do 720p at 60 frame and 1080p at 30.

u/J-A-S-Game · 3 pointsr/splatoon

On Amazon US (as a prime member), the Japan Imports (Aori and Fire Fly) are $33.88 USD (bout 30% more per amiibo compared to normal 2 pack price IIRC). Might wanna try that, and hopefully that link gives you your Amazon Canada rendition. Additionally, if you haven't used your free month of prime, I guess this is a best possible scenario.

Outside of that I got no other info.

u/MaxDelfinus · 1 pointr/splatoon

I did have a similar issue sometime back with one of my ethernet adapters. I was trying one of these on this recommendation, and it worked well enough for a few months, but then I noticed that the internet started dropping out completely for my Wii U unless I either did a Connection Test or unplugged and replugged the adapter itself - and the first time I did the latter, I think the reason became somewhat obvious.

The adapter was running very hot, and apparently overheating. Throwing it into a freezer for a few minutes cooled it and helped it run longer, so I'm almost positive it was a heat issue of some sort (first time I'd ever heard of a ethernet adapter overheating). I fell back on a old Nintendo Wii ethernet adapter, and it's been fine since.

I don't know exactly how your internet is set up or anything or if you use WiFi or Ethernet, but I guess my point is, that error message only cropped up for me once the adapter started failing, so maybe something's failing on your end somewhere?

u/ThatNormalBunny · 2 pointsr/splatoon

To my knowledge Nintendo aren't selling one themselves but there are a load you can buy that should work.

I am using this one, UGREEN USB Ethernet , USB Network Adapter -

I've had no problems with it and all I had to do was plug it into the Switches dock

u/StandingBehindMyNose · 2 pointsr/splatoon

I see... you might be able to see an improvement by getting a wired connection to the router if it's possible. I'm not sure you'll see a difference if Splatoon 2 handles its networking differently.

You could also try something like a power line ethernet adapter but depending on the age of the house and how noisy other equipment is that may give you mixed results.

I would try running a speedtest over wifi from the same location as the Wii U. What results do you get? Would you be able to plug a laptop directly into your router and disable wifi, and try running the speedtest again? Then we can compare the results and see if wifi quality is the problem or if the internet coming into the house is slow. I'm not convinced that the problem is on Nintendo's end but there might be some things you can try with your existing equipment.