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u/noreservationskc · 1 pointr/standupshots

“Lol, k-buddy.”

What a schmuck.

Speaking American: How Y’all, Youse , and You Guys Talk: A Visual Guide

The above link is the actual survey results from which NYT pulled their information. As you can see, the two terms are used interchangeably in much of the United States. The original, peer-reviewed, quantitative survey was conducted by the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

The second link is the results of the 350,000 Americans who took the NYT survey as compiled into a visual guide. On the description section of the page you will actually see the map for roundabout vs traffic circle. Traffic circle is only almost exclusively Dallas, OKC, Louisiana, and the East Coast north of South Carolina. The rest of the country seems to use the term roundabout. Now, it only takes a very simple high school education in reasoning and a working middle school knowledge of geography and using maps to see that it is pretty clearly a regional difference to the tune of about 350,000 real data points deep.

But, as we all know, whatever one edition of one dictionary says is probably a better source for the growth and evolution of language than a research study involving living speakers of the language, so you should definitely just keep blindly citing the Oxford English Dictionary like it makes you intelligent. That’s why any time someone says they have “imposter syndrome,” I politely point out that word is not proper English since it’s not part of the 2017 Oxford English Dictionary, and that’s my preferred version on which to base all usage of language.

Tl;dr - you are a pedantic, condescending tool (and unfortunately not even a smart one) who thinks the stand up shots subreddit is the best place to flex your lack of intelligence, “buddy.”

u/funnymarkmasters · 1 pointr/standupshots


I wrote a book about open mic comedy, it covers my experience getting started in Denver (with some Atlanta, NYC, and Los Angeles). I've had good feedback from open mic comedians in SF and Chicago that bought it.

You can get it from any independent bookseller in America if you request it. It is also available online and on most e-reader platforms.

You can get it for free at your local library if you request it by title/author/ISBN all of which can be found at that Amazon link. If you need support for that message me.

If you are an open mic comedian and want a copy, message me through my website, if you send me a quick open-mic story I'll send you a signed copy for the cost of shipping.

Thanks for any support! If you want to get it somewhere else I'm not offering it, let me know. If I can get it on the Nook I think I can get it anywhere.

u/cormac596 · 26 pointsr/standupshots

This bone is called the baculum. Interestingly, some people use it as an argument about translations of one of the sources of the Bible (The j source. wrote most of genesis, exodus, and numbers).

The argument is that Eve wasn't made from a rib. When most translations say "rib", some people argue that this is a mistranslation of "baculum."

To see their evidence, look at your scrotum (If you don't have one, I'm sure someone will be eager to help). For most men, the scrotum has a line that runs down the center from the base of the penis to the perineum. This is a product of sexual differentiation of the fetus. In males, the proto-labia fuse together and the generic gonads descend into it, forming the scrotum and testicles.

The argument is that God took the baculum out of Adam to make Eve. Hence the "scar", and why humans don't have a baculum when most placental mammals do.

tl;dr: scrotums have lines from where god removed man's penis bone to make eve.

EDIT: I should probably say that I'm not an expert about this. My knowledge is not really from a religious perspective. What I know about the bible is primarily from 2 classes I took 2 years ago in freshman year out of personal interest, which were more about secular biblical scholarship (i.e., study about the book itself. sources, authorship, its history, dynamic vs static translations, etc) than religious study. You can't truly separate studying a religious text from studying its meanings and interpretations, but the class as a whole was from a secular and objective perspective.

Needless to say I'm not an expert about this type of stuff. This theory wasn't mentioned in the class; I saw it somewhere online (wikipedia maybe) and thought it was interesting. I don't think that it's a very well known argument, but it does explain some things that a direct, literal interpretation can't. For example, if you have a finger, ribs, a willing member of the opposite sex, and the ability to count, you may notice that men and women have the same number of ribs.

Ultimately, interpretations of the bible are probably as numerous as the people who read it (and those who clearly haven't). The earliest source (the J source), was written somewhere around the 10th century bce. That's 3000 years ago, twice as distant from the modern day as from the last of the mammoths. The whole thing was written over a span of centuries. It's full of contradictions, unclear references, and obvious falsehoods. The oldest version we have is the septuagint, which is in ancient greek. What few sources we have in biblical hebrew are, as one might expect, in biblical hebrew, which is dead and massively distant from modern hebrew, so translations are entirely subject to interpretation.

There's a lot we don't (and much we probably can't) know about the bible. There are tons of theories and interpretations to explain things that don't make sense. I thought the one about the baculum was interesting.

If you want to know more about this kind of stuff, read a bible designed for scholarship. For the old testament/hebrew bible, I recommend the JPS translation and the NRSV translation for the new testament (nrsv is good for both, but jps is better for the hebrew bible b/c it's from a jewish perspective). The links are for the versions I have, which are really good.

u/theresamouseinmyhous · 54 pointsr/standupshots

If you're really interested in paneled story telling check out Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

This little sample gives you some pretty good ideas for telling jokes with simple visual transitions. It's a must read for anyone who really wants to create impactful messages through images.

u/Guy_In_Florida · 2 pointsr/standupshots

This is an excellent study of Satan in the history of the Christian religion, and those that preceded it. I love this authors work, she has a way with history. Fun Fact, she is Hans Pagels wife. Jeff Goldblooms part in Jurassic Park was based on him. And I'm not religious, just enjoy the history of it all.

u/smartbycomparison · 27 pointsr/standupshots

Nice! One of my old roommates is black and he bought me the book Stuff White People Like. Sometimes me and my friends will play a drinking game where we flip to a page and if we like the things listed we drink. That is a hard game to stay sober in

u/DeviatedNorm · 8 pointsr/standupshots

Eh, not really. If you're an audio book fan and looking for something to help with a car trip, it was a lot of fun to hear it in his voice. But it's definitely not his best book.

If you're looking to read Carlin, Brain Droppings is where it's at.

u/TwoChe · 7 pointsr/standupshots

Most Catholics were not considered "white" in America, hence Italians having the same oppression issues. I am surprised to see reddit so misinformed on race in America, really. "White" is a constantly evolving, and growing, ethnicity in America.

Which is why it is so peculiar to see current "white" people abused for their privilege. Tell my ancestors about that privilege please. I got invited to that party after the keg was tapped out, the queso was gone and there was nothing but chip crumbs in the bottom of the bag.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 40 pointsr/standupshots

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Link: Stuff White People Like

u/AmberHoney · 1 pointr/standupshots

To each his own. Reading On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft might change your opinion.

u/404_UserNotFound · 2 pointsr/standupshots

For a avg car figure $300+install if you're not doing it yourself. Amazon has 9 18''x32'' sheets for $150

u/Kocrachon · 5 pointsr/standupshots

Kindle version of books are generally cheaper. Not by a a huge margin, but they are generally cheaper.

And most of your other arguments are a bit silly. "Too many choices"? Really? Do you have that same problem when you walk into barnes and noble to pick out a book? Its the same scenario, just more options. I generally go in knowing what I want every time. Either an Author I know, or a series I wan't. If choice is intimidating, that is ridiculous, Id rather be flooded with options rather than be stuck reading the same handful of books.

Not to mention you can use Amazons suggested options, or join online groups or clubs that can suggest books to read. Or you can c check barnes and nobles or any other book sellers website, see what books they have you might want, and then get the ebook version.

Not to mention the environmental benefits of not cutting down trees anymore...

If you really want choices to be easier, you can also be lazy and just go to the "top sellers" area and see what others are reading..

Also, Amazon has it where youc an read X amount of the book online before you purchase it.

Click the "Look Inside" above the book picture, and it lets you read some of it.

u/the-grassninja · 9 pointsr/standupshots

It's on YouTube, but the quality isn't the greatest. The (higher quality) DVD is included if you buy the Mitch All Together CD, though.

u/IAlbatross · 33 pointsr/standupshots

No, no, he's right. Batman is a detective. He's often called the "world's greatest detective" and there's also a comic run called Batman: Detective.

Look, just because OP isn't funny doesn't mean he's wrong about Batman. Everyone stop downvoting his unfunny ass, that was a legit comeback.

u/timory · 15 pointsr/standupshots

"The Hipster Handbook" came out in 2003 when I was in college (ya whippersnapper!). My school was ranked as the 2nd most hipster-y on their list if my ancient mind is still anything to rely on. Point is, within about 2 years, the word had become so ubiquitous that it had lost all its meaning. I have been annoyed for a really long time.

u/jgratil · 143 pointsr/standupshots

Sorry to be a downer, but this happened to a kid I knew.

His dad wrote a book on the experience and now gives motivational speeches to high school students about the dangers of binge drinking.