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u/cyborgmermaid · 3 pointsr/starbucks

30 years old here. I'm an author (shameless self plug), but in 2015 my state elected a tea party psychopath into the governor's mansion so I need a means to get insurance. Enter Starbucks, with their hella fucking awesome benefits at 20 hours, and now I can do my author stuff alongside the traditional job. (Oh, and the people I work with are totes awesome, so that helps)

u/jnh14 · 1 pointr/starbucks

that's what it is. amazon sent me actual physical gift cards with holiday cards and envelopes. super appropriate, and super easy. will definitely be buying these again!

u/ThatsAGoudaChoice · 11 pointsr/starbucks

This hand cream should work nicely and a little bit goes a long way. I was pretty liberal about it when I first got it because my hands were all cracked and bleeding. Went to bed with it, woke up and put it on, during my shift too.

You're allowed to wear a non-scented lotion and what's great about this is it can stand a few hand washes.

u/Blipblipbloop · 7 pointsr/starbucks

I know we are only supposed to use QASA approved lotions 🙄 but like, I’m not touching food with my bare hands so I’ll use whatever I need to keep them from being cracked and broken. My mom gardens a lot and washing all the dirt off every day was hard on her hands and she uses Gloves in a Bottle. It’s basically a lotion that creates a barrier between your skin and whatever chemical/dirt you’re working with and prevents them from being completely absorbed into your skin. It’s amazing. Whenever my hands start getting bad at work I just slather this stuff on and reapply as needed. Use a heavy duty hand cream like Working Hands when you’re at home :)

u/yoko_OH_NO · 1 pointr/starbucks

Get an Aeropress! They make single cups of coffee in less than 2 minutes and they make the most intricate, strong, personal cup of coffee you ever had in your whole life. I love my fucking Aeropress.

u/mister_skippy · 2 pointsr/starbucks

An amazing way to make iced coffee is to use a Toddy Brewer. You can find them on Amazon for about $30. It is a room-temp brewing system that makes this wonderful double-strength coffee concentrate. And it cuts the acidity of the final product by a ton. Just add water and ice and you have the best cup you can imagine.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/starbucks

I love this one. The glass comes out easily for cleaning and it makes a great cup. $40 but worth it.

u/barista_kitten · 1 pointr/starbucks

Torani has a mango syrup. I have not tried it so if anyone whos here has feel free to leave your input but so far I've heard its very similar to the starbucks one. They also have a peach syrup. You can find them on amazon!

u/SnowWhiteinReality · 7 pointsr/starbucks

You're not allowed to wear a watch on your wrist, but you can wear a watch. Might I suggest something like this:

u/WesterosiWanderer · 2 pointsr/starbucks

I would highly recommend an Aeropress

Or you could buy a French press from your store with your discount- it’ll be cheaper and easier to learn on than the Aeropress. A pour over cone will be the cheapest option of all (30>14>6), but I personally prefer immersion brewing methods to pour over methods.

u/klieber · 3 pointsr/starbucks

I assume you mean this one. Does that provide any benefits over simply making cold brew in a french press? (which is how I've been doing it)

u/austind9999 · 1 pointr/starbucks

SBS 40 on Amazon. Worked for my hands in 3 days. They were cracked and bleeding and they are fine now.

u/whatshisface1892 · 2 pointsr/starbucks

If you're looking for something a little more professional, as well as durable, [these] ( do the trick. I work 40 hours a week and walk about a mile to and from work everyday and they've lasted more than a year.

u/erako · 1 pointr/starbucks

People say this is similar

u/xueye · 2 pointsr/starbucks

Gotta get yourself some O'Keefes it works miracles.

u/drummerboy2749 · 0 pointsr/starbucks

I don't.... I've had meltdowns as a server, but this is a walk in the park compared to waiting tables.

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u/QuePasaCasa · 6 pointsr/starbucks

Instead of using a wall plate, try covering them with something that looks useless to them like a [coax port. ]( 80781-W F-Connector Wall Plate (White)

u/cupperoni · 5 pointsr/starbucks

I am located in the US so it is US pricing. This is one of the sets I have that's $15.

$85 seems insane

u/watchthebison · 5 pointsr/starbucks

This. Your muscles in your hands and wrist are smaller and will get overworked much quicker, use the big muscles in your arm and shoulder if possible.

I had RSI pretty bad about 10 years ago, I ignored it at first thinking it would go away and then had to take 6 months off to recover. I found a few good books, but this book, coupled with stretches helped me more than multiple physiotherapists and specialist visits. Maybe it will work for you:

From what I remember, it's todo with finding where nerves are trapped in muscles due to constant overuse and inflammation, thus causing refered pain, then massaging those areas. It took several months before I noticed results, but I've been completely symptom free for years, after being told I would have to manage the pain for the rest of my life...

(Decent sleep and cold ice packs were also helpful, braces did not do anything for me.)

u/SweetNatureHikes · 2 pointsr/starbucks

You might be thinking of a Moka Pot. Besides online, you can usually find them in homeware stores, but they're often cheap (they leak and taste bad, I wouldn't bother with them).