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u/partisan98 · 36 pointsr/starterpacks

Not really OP is underestimating you are overestimating.

The $24 Philips Sonicare Essence is a great toothbrush (4/5 stars with 8,137 reviews) but it is an older version so its very bulky.

The $50 Oral-B Black Pro 1000 is the newer style that is slim works great (4.5 stars with 4,322 reviews) and can accept any style of Oral B head including the plaque bristle ones.

The expensive ones just add built in timers, More LEDs, a sexier stand and some are bluetooth capable and sync with your phone (which i guess is nice if you got kids and want to verify they are brushing)

u/random_pattern · 13 pointsr/starterpacks

It was brutal. I wasn't that good. But there were many people who were superb. It was such a pleasure watching them perform.

Here are some sci-fi recommendations (you may have read them already, but I thought I'd offer anyway):

Serious Scifi:

Anathem the "multiverse" (multiple realities) and how all that works
Seveneves feminism meets eugenics—watch out!
The Culture series by Iain Banks, esp Book 2, the Player of Games Banks is dead, but wrote some of the best intellectual scifi ever

Brilliant, Visionary:

Accelerando brilliant and hilarious; and it's not a long book
Snowcrash classic
Neuromancer another classic

Tawdry yet Lyrical (in a good way):

Dhalgren beautiful, poetic, urban, stream of consciousness, and more sex than you can believe

Underrated Classics:

Voyage to Arcturus ignore the reviews and the bad cover of this edition (or buy a diff edition); this is the ONE book that every true scifi and fantasy fan should read before they die

Stress Pattern, by Neal Barrett, Jr. I can't find this on Amazon, but it is a book you should track down. It is possibly the WORST science fiction book ever written, and that is why you must read it. It's a half-assed attempt at a ripoff of Dune without any of the elegance or vision that Herbert had, about a giant worm that eats people on some distant planet. A random sample: "A few days later when I went to the edge of the grove to ride the Bhano I found him dead. I asked Rhamik what could have happened and he told me that life begins, Andrew, and life ends. Well, so it does."

u/Desay · 3 pointsr/starterpacks

>Liberals are more intellectually enlightened and realize that race and ethnicity are social constructs

“It is inaccurate to state that race is biologically meaningless.” Source:

Race is biologically real and represents “genetic clusters” of variation. Source:

Genetic analysis “supports the traditional racial groups classification.” Source:

“Human genetic variation is geographically structured” and corresponds with race. Source:

Race can be determined via genetics with certainty for >99.8% of individuals. Source:

Ethnocentrism is rational, biological, and genetic in origin. Source:

Babies demonstrate ethnocentrism before exposure to non-Whites. Source:

Ethnocentrism is universal and likely evolved in origin. Source:

Races are extended families. Ethnocentrism is genetically rational. Source:

Ethnocentrism is biological in origin and a superior evolutionary strategy to altruism. Source:

People subconsciously prefer those who are genetically similar to them for biologically rational reasons. Source:

The rest, blah blah, Trump voters are le stupid and Clinton voters enlightened, as posted in liberal rags. Neat. I wonder why Clinton won handily with illiterates and Trump with higher income groups? I guess because obviously getting a bunch of useless degrees means you're smarter and so much better than the people actually making money.

Also what's interesting is all these sooper smart college kids who say the right things about race are secretly as racist as anyone else:

u/Snapchat_trap · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Alright I'll rephrase myself, Most modern cars should not have plastic being sucked into the engine block. That is pretty much the only way plastic is going to get onto that sensor that was installed correctly since it's placed right at the exit of the header, or in the header if the engineers felt the need to use more than one upstream sensor (depends on engine). If that is the case than there most definitely is either a hole in the tubing after the filter (What I said previously), there's a hole in your exhaust (But since exhaust has positive pressure I find it unlikely that plastic would get into any holes) Or your intake filter is installed incorrectly/not installed.

Since you know a lot about cars I'll assume you have an obd2 sensor, but if not you can pick one up on amazon for around 10-20$

An OBD2 will be able to tell you if your mass airflow sensor is malfunctioning because it will be getting readings from that sensor, You should definitely check that before replacing the ECU.

Also on most Duramax engine (I only have experience with the Focus and the Fiesta ST but this is true with most vehicles) the upstream O2 sensor is both easy to get to and easy to test, you won't need to jack up your car, just pop the hood.

u/BangedTheKeyboard · 2 pointsr/starterpacks

Ah...that explains a lot. Oh dear.

Does your sister-in-law also have the typical symptoms, such as sporting the typical Karen haircut and attitude?

If so, she probably has advanced Karenitis, and intervention is unlikely to have any tangible effect on improving her condition.

There are so many art pieces available online that would make a more classier and thoughtful decoration than that boring "inspirational quote" stuff. Why not get 3D resin fish paintings and stuff like this instead? It would be far more interesting to look at anyways.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/starterpacks

This is a consequence of having a trainable brain. The term scientists use is neuroplasticity. Fortunately it goes both ways and you can untrain it, or train it another way to be happy even when you don't have what you want. You're only stuck that way as long as you think you are. I'd like to recommend a book, The Brain That Changes Itself. It's not very hard to read, it's probably even interesting for most people. But it's still learning, and a book. Most people who need this information won't get it. If you consider that you are mostly a brain, it's a huge advantage in dealing with brain problems to know more about brain. I wish you well. Never stop learning about your problem, you're the only one with the point of view required to solve it!

u/secretlightkeeper · 4 pointsr/starterpacks

> gain attention by speaking out against the DSM

I wasn't aware of his speaking out against the DSM, but if he has, then he's in pretty good company

This is a worthwhile read on the subject:

u/owlurk · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Another solution

They use a more flexible metal that is easier to open. The big ring even has a slight bump so all you need to do is press down on one end which opens the other end to easily slip stuff in.

u/fauxxal · 4 pointsr/starterpacks

The challenge before us is very difficult, it is not easy to lift up a group of people that has been historically disenfranchised. But consider this, we had slavery for a longer period of time than we've had our independence. We have statistics, and we have the interpretation of statistics. Information helps us, but we need to look at the root causes of those statistics.

Why are more black Americans incarcerated? Why are more of them living in poverty? Is it biological? Or was it because of what we've done?

I highly suggest any material written Ta-Nehisi Coates to better understand and take in that broad view of how American and her citizens came to be.

> People are colorless and genderless as far as laws are concerned.

Statistically this is not true. Your color and gender have an astounding affect on the unique challenges you face. And we all face our own challenges, but that does not diminish the challenges others face. I highly suggest The Warmth of Other Suns and Crabgrass Frontier to better understand how policy and government has affected us.

Racism and bigotry is very, very alive today. We're not even seventy years out from the civil rights movement. 1960 was only 57 years ago. You can talk with people that lived with segregation, lived during periods of more lynching. We have to come to terms with this and address the harm we've done.

And yes it will be difficult, I don't have all the solutions to fix the problem, but being aware of our history helps us identify the wounds we need to treat. Listen to some James Baldwin, he says so much so well.

u/KungFuSnorlax · 5 pointsr/starterpacks

Go buy this code reader on Amazon and then buy the torque app. For like $26 you can see exactly what's wrong on your car and clear codes. So much easier than taking it in somewhere.

u/negrodealma · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Yeah, the original ones are made by Arcor, you can find them here

These are repackaged so sometimes they put some knock-off brand in it (not Arcor) so it's a gamble tho.

u/Tech2CPA · 2 pointsr/starterpacks

> Ah...that explains a lot. Oh dear.
> Does your sister-in-law also have the typical symptoms, such as sporting the typical Karen haircut and attitude?
> If so, she probably has advanced Karenitis, and intervention is unlikely to have any tangible effect on improving her condition.
> There are so many art pieces available online that would make a more classier and thoughtful decoration than that boring "inspirational quote" stuff. Why not get 3D resin fish paintings and stuff like this instead? It would be far more interesting to look at anyways.

She has thermonuclear Karenitis coupled with the fact she is in HR (at least in the US) the lair of Karens. Imagine, a bunch of semi-educated karens deciding who to hire, making and breaking careers every day. That's the situation in corporate America, and i think is a major contributor to the issues this country is having. The "HR bloat" is something companies will need to address. Hiring someone because of their "Meyers-Briggs" test results and the fact they took a class in "conflict resolution" is absolute bullshit. Ten years ago Briggs was with Stratton and they made engines for lawnmowers, now he's a personality expert? In the real world conflict arises because someone fucked up or is wrong. Find out which person is correct - side with him/her. The conflict is resolved.

As for the peacock thing - you don't understand. The house is big enough and she essentially has a blank check. The kitchen alone was $75,000, and then they moved out a year later. Having said that, she (they?) have peacock things AND inspirational wall quotes.

However, I will give credit where credit is due. My SIL can cook. In all honest that is what kept me from murdering her. The problem is, They moved to a wealthy area in a death penalty state and their law enforcement is actually pretty competent, so I'd get caught before I got a change to get to the airport.

u/L0ial · 1 pointr/starterpacks

For top left - there's a key ring called the FreeKey that actually works well. I got it years ago to be able to separate my car key while wearing gloves.

u/Mr_Abe_Froman · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Amazon link 6 lb. Bag because you need 6 lbs. You can select less if you really want.

u/Diesl · 2 pointsr/starterpacks

Start goin to the gym and drink this after, maybe mix in some fruit as well. And snack on peanut butter. Each spoonful is almost 100 calories.

u/meteorpuke · 19 pointsr/starterpacks

if you give me her address i'll send her this book

u/Nelliell · 16 pointsr/starterpacks

Possibly. The people I've met that fit this stereotype are always pale as fuck and always claim Cherokee heritage. This style of fashion tends to be common as well.

u/blthsfrznbns · 14 pointsr/starterpacks

This review literally made me laugh out loud. I never think about kids getting angry about books in school and then writing bad reviews on the internet, but I suppose that's a thing now.

u/cthulhu-kitty · 3 pointsr/starterpacks

If you haven’t read it, the Rolling Stone 90s coffee table book is the tits!!

The '90s: The Inside Stories from the Decade That Rocked

u/Hyperion1144 · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Any Sonicare that is rechargeable (they had ones that ran on AA batteries for awhile, they're shit).

Other than that, even the cheap E series has all the features you need. It's what I and everyone in my family uses, no cavities all around.

Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush, White

Buy replacement heads on coupon sales at Costco in the giant muktipacks.

Do not use generic replacement heads.

They are garbage and do not work.

Sonicare isn't expensive, especially if you factor in all the dental work you won't be paying for.

Walmart will sometimes have E series Sonicares for as low as $20 if money is really tight.

u/CDimmitt · 22 pointsr/starterpacks

Also, check this little guy out. If your car is model year 1996 or newer, it should have an onboard diagnostic port- usually located underneath the steering wheel in the foot well. Plug that scanner into it and pair it to your phone via bluetooth and you can read the fault codes that caused your check engine light. It eliminates A LOT of worry or guesswork.