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u/nyteryder79 · 7 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

Here are some other reasons which explain more about Rey's talents and abilities:

From "Star Wars: The Force Awakens, "Star Wars The Force Awakens: Before the Awakening" and "Star Wars: Force Awakens Incredible Cross Sections"

  • (Summary of Rey's chapter in "Before the Force"): Rey has friends on Jakku. She fixed a downed freighter and made it flyable. She even repaired/replaced it's hyperdrive and it worked. Her friends decide to steal it from her and use it to escape Jakku when they find out that Rey didn't want to leave because of her hopes of her family returning. Instead she wanted to sell it to Unkar for a lot of portions (she imagines hundreds of portions or more). Her friends end up taking the ship and leaving without her.

  • Her speeder is capable of low-altitude flight and can even do barrel-rolls. So Rey does have some real flight experience from this. However, she has never flown "off-planet". As posted in a different thread by /u/twinspiritradio:

    • In the cross-section of her speeder, it says that when it's not carrying salvage, it can gain incredible speeds and perform such moves like barrel rolls.

  • She also finds data chips which contain a flight simulator. She is so driven to master flight that she pushes herself and pushes herself. Starting out, she couldn't even take off without crashing. Through crazy determination and time there's nothing the flight simulator can't throw at her that she cannot do.

  • She has been on-board the Millennium Falcon before. She used to sneak onto not only the Millennium Falcon, but all of Unkar's other ships he had docked and did this frequently. Who knows what she did on it, but it explains how she is so familiar with the Millennium Falcon and knows how to repair it.

  • Rey has been stranded on Jakku for quite some time and has to scavenge as a means to eat. She scavenges for parts from downed Imperial wreckage. In doing so, she develops her technological know-how. To be able to know what will get her more "portions" she needed to know what was valuable. In order to learn how to get these parts, she had to learn how to properly remove them and where they were and possibly what they were used for. This is how she is so mechanically inclined, especially with Imperial/First Order technology.

  • Rey knows how to defend herself because she's had to to survive on her own for so long. It's even demonstrated in the film and even blows Finn's mind when he sees it. So her skills with a lightsaber can easily be taken from this.

    What does all of this tell you?

  • Just because she knows how to fly something doesn't make her the child of Han or Luke.

  • Just because she is familiar with the Millennium Falcon doesn't mean she is Han's daughter.

  • Just because she knows how to fix things and understands technology, doesn't make her a clone/descendant of Anakin.

  • Just because she knows how to defend herself, doesn't mean she was ever trained as a Jedi/Padawan.

    What does it not tell you?

  • Where her Force abilities come from or how she is able to understand and use it.

    Personal observations

  • To me, all of this is more evidence that she is more likely a descendant of Obi-Wan than of a Skywalker/Solo. Why? Well, it shows that she is highly intelligent, focused, determined and patient. This doesn't describe a Skywalker or a Solo in the slightest. We know all too well how impatient and unfocused Anakin and Luke were. None of those things describe Han Solo at all either. Who does it describe? Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  • You might say, well, Obi-Wan didn't like to fly. My response? Who cares what Obi-Wan did/didn't like? Vader chose the Dark Side, Luke didn't. Right there is a simple example of how a person can differ from their ancestors.

    Additional details

  • Also from /u/kremshawthethird, which is from "Rey's Survival Guide": It shows how the rebel helmet she has and the rebel forces "doll" have nothing to do with Luke Skywalker. It could however, show why she calls herself "Rey".

  • And from /u/jlsm511's post on /r/starwarsleaks:
    This sample from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary": discusses the helmet and doll briefly as well.

    Edit: Added links to sources.*
u/SanHolo91 · 21 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

In 2010, Valerie Estelle Frankel established an analytical grid of the "Heroine's Journey" in mythological stories and tales, which is closer to the Campbell's pattern, while giving a more important place to animus and the confrontation of heroine with its male part.

Maureen Murdock also worked on this subject.

The point is that Rey has to be seen from a different perspective than the classic hero (Luke Skywalker in the OT). There's a feminine specificity in her journey path that shouldn't be neglected. Rey isn't just another version of Luke in Mary Sue mode. It's something else. We also see the importance of his life prior to TFA. If for Luke, the events really begin after his meeting with the droids and Obi-Wan, Rey's journey started right after his abandonment and his "separation from the feminine".

The Kylo/Rey tandem, animus/anima, darkness/light, dead/fertility, can refer to other romantic, mythical or fictional figures.

For those who are interested, Valerie Estelle Frankel wrote an essay about Rey's treatment in TFA ("A Rey of Hope: Feminism, Symbolism and Hidden Gems in Star Wars: The Force Awakens").

u/itsapraxis · 13 pointsr/starwarsspeculation
  1. You are painting a large group of people with the same brush. They don't represent the entire subset of fans who see an interesting Rey/Kylo dynamic happening in the future. There have been many vocal "reylo" users reblogging this message condemning any fan who harasses writers/actors.

  2. We've been over the topic of Reylo in this sub before. Read this post and this one.

  3. Love of all forms is a common theme in Star Wars. Romance is a prominent part of the canon book Lost Stars which has had an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans of all kinds since its release, and it's by Claudia Gray who is a YA author.
u/joliet_jane_blues · 2 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

Finally, the official word! I don't know whether I should get the movie on Amazon as a digital movie with bonus content or the Target Bluray DVD set. If " Digital bonus offerings may vary by retailer" will I miss anything if I use Amazon?

u/SPACEMONKEY_01 · 7 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

You, my friend, need to read this book:

The Secret History of Star Wars

The book goes into Lucas' old drafts of SW and notes and basically everything that led him to creating SW. I agree with you that he made a ton of stuff up as he went along. Hell, he didn't even pick up on Vader being Luke's father until the middle of writing ESB script. It's all in this book. He basically went in to ESB wanting funds for Skywalker Ranch. Then went into ROTJ because he needed money because of his divorce. Then the Prequels were basically the same, needed money, kids were older.
The most interesting thing is the old drafts of SW and the names and places that were originally in place. The Jedi were known as the Jedi Bendu Warriors. Bendu has been introduced in Rebels season 3. The Ashla and Bogan were also introduced in Rebels. Vader was originally a different person and part of the Knights of the Sith. Knights of Ren are in the ST. Wendu was originally the main character. What I'm getting at is the LF Story Group is definitely picking through Lucas' old notes, drafts, ideas to assist in creating new SW content.

u/Flippy042 · 1 pointr/starwarsspeculation

Well thanks for the conversation.

Since we're in the business of recommending books, here's one.

u/DarthBane316 · 1 pointr/starwarsspeculation

Lucas has always said his saga was about the Anakin (the father) Luke & Leia (the children) & then Anakin's grandchildren.

Try reading this

And more importantly this which draws from lucas's own notes & interviews during & after the making of the original trilogy.

From Empire onwards he'd intended a 9 or 12 part saga telling the full story of the Skywalkers. Over time it was condensed down.

u/katttaur · 1 pointr/starwarsspeculation

I don't own it but I do see Kylo's page is a preview page on Amazon:

(I can't zoom in enough to read well on my phone ATM)

u/SpinsterTerritory · 8 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

> The big difference between this and the Khan situation is that we hear Palpatine's voice in both teasers we've gotten and he's on the poster.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Khan) did appear on a poster for Star Trek Into Darkness.

I do agree with you that the expectations of the fandoms are different. I think most fans knew, whether they liked it or not, that Cumberbatch was playing Khan. And we knew whoever Cumberbatch was playing, it wasn’t a small role.

But Ian McDarmid as Palpatine? We have no idea the size or scale of his role, if he’s alive, just a flashback, a ghost, or what. All this promotion and he could be in Episode 9 for 5 minutes or be in half the movie.

u/Ana_La_Aerf · 2 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

It’s a good’un. I bet it’s out in Trades by now, so it’ll be easy to binge.

EDIT: [Link to volume 1 if interested] (

u/TheBossMan5000 · 3 pointsr/starwarsspeculation
  • Goals
  • Conflicts
  • Tactics
  • Reversal of Expectations
  • Change of Values


    I went to film school in los angeles, this book is bible in a lot of screenwriting classes. Those 5 pieces of "DNA" should break down into every Act, Sequence, Scene, and Beat in a good movie.
u/abrende3 · 2 pointsr/starwarsspeculation
Regarding the context of Star Wars and its relation to Hinduism,
I found this very interesting, and am reading it. :) I've always known about Campbell and his influence on Lucas, and how Cambell was influenced by Eastern beliefs. Fun stuff.

u/robotical712 · 1 pointr/starwarsspeculation

~~Yeah, I thought it might be an artifact from the figure's design, but none of the other figures have it.
Edit: For Comparison.~~
Edit 2: Never mind, definitely a mechanical part of the figure. You can see where the top part of the torso ends just before the 'necklace'.

u/MerlynsBeard · 3 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

this is the book

released in October 2017

the books is a collection of stories about Luke that have been passed on verbally across the galaxy. It illustrates the "hubriss" Luke often referred to in TLJ. The story of him learning to fish with this pole is the only one in the book that is told by a storyteller with first person knowledge of the events.

u/Merkypie · 0 pointsr/starwarsspeculation

If you're gonna keep downvoting because you disagree with me, go for it. But the fact you consider this book not a legitimate source because it contradicts everything you've typed as wrong then I really have no room to continue this debate with you.