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u/jokiratv · 1 pointr/steinsgate

I actually posted something about this a while ago. I don't think the link you sent me is exactly the thing that I'm talking about, but the price seems correct. It is basically the 9 Bluray bundles which cost about 100$ each, they contain 2 to 3 episodes, a book and generally some printed pictures. But if you really want to buy them, I would suggest going for this whole bundle for half the price of all the individuals grouped. 350€ vs ~900€, you do the counting :')

The individuals look like this :

The complete bluray series is unfortunately not available on, but on it is always at a good price (it was about 25$ during Christmas)

However it seems that there are lots of bundles for the series.. There are of course the complete series in DVD, then in Bluray + DVD, then you have for 60$ the 12 first episodes in bluray, then you have 2 to 3 episodes in the collector bundle.. Arg it's seriously painful thinking about all the possibilities, but mostly I think that's really unnecessary. Either you go for the complete bluray series or for the collector bluray series.. I wouldn't want to have just one volume of the collector, just to say I have something collector.

Like I said, I didn't had any hatred for her, as I was already attached to her since the anime. But I also think that's what I would have probably felt like, if I had done the VN first... or not... Come on, that's KURISU we're talking about! :D You could probably clarify something for me, is there really a difference between the Kurisu ending and the True Ending, besides the length of course? I always thought that it was the same put cut from the true happy ending, but I read somewhere recently that is was only in the Kurisu Ending that they clearly express their feelings to each others.. I couldn't do the True Ending by myself after a lot of tries, so I finally watched it on Youtube (I know what you're going to say, don't bother : SACRILEGE!). Actually, in every endings Okabe breaks down in a certain way.. It never really ends up good except for the real True Ending. I'd really like to know how the scripting of the scenario went, how they decided which end was the best for the story and stuff like that. Maybe they voted to say "hey, which character do you like the most?" "Raise hands for Kurisu" wave of hands raising in the air I also think they figured out that if they would put a depressing ending, we wouldn't ever be able to continue exploring the series.

I guess I'll just be waiting for the good moment to have one :) But definitely on my top list, I have those two you suggested me, and the chubby Kurisu! Ok I get it, Figmas are cool, I'll try give it a look. I think they are a little bit cheaper aren't they? The REAL point I can give them, is the fact that you can do stop-motion ( and THAT is REALLY COOL! I couldn't say better, my phrase is always "More Steins;Gate, is good Steins;Gate", I know it's not correct, but who cares you get the point and I think you feel the same too :)

Her Tsundere side makes her even cute if you ask me. I know it's something most of the people hate, because they see that all the time but I don't think so. I don't see that many tsundere (actually I don't watch a lot of animes, I should have seen like a dozen in my whole life and that counts Dragon Ball+Z as one). Yeah, I think Kurisu could be the more mature in the series, even though Okabe says Mayuri hides that pretty well behind her dummy behavior. I, too, can say I was always a way ahead of my class, even though now I can't say that since we're 1300 haha.

It's clearly not a "good" fighting game, we're not talking about Street fighter nor Mortal Kombat here, it's some sort of Dead or Alive with characters you like. But the thing that really made me curious is a certain 8bit mode a little bit like a Street of rage (if you know)
And hey they even bothered putting the music of Steins;Gate in 8bits, what else? :D You can use the future gadget to fight, what else? EDIT : Ok actually the 8bit game is another DLC for that game, or even a standalone I don't even know, but basically you have to pay 10€ + 5€ for the Kurisu pack.. seriously?

What's this dude's name? He's a genius, the Hans Zimmer of Japan!

Also I would like you opinion on something, I told you about my willing to do a fanfilm of Steins;Gate and I'm more and more thinking about adapting the lightnovel The Distant Valhalla. Like I told you, I'm currently translating it for my friends, and if they like it (they are also my scenarists and actors) I would really love to do that. I wouldn't do just a basic adaptation, but I already thought about a lot of details and things to add to the main plot of the novel. But to really talk about it, I'll wait for you to read it yourself ;)

I'm sorry I missed the stream again. I woke up far too late, I ended up watching what is now one of my favorite movie : The Machinist.

u/R0FL_LAUNCHER · 1 pointr/steinsgate

As far as downloading goes, I can't help you there. I bought it off amazon. Buying it always is nice as it supports the creators, plus its legal. On top of that, the dvd is drm free so you can share it with any other friends that may be interested! If money is tight though, I understand and you could probably find an alternative online.

As far as playing/reading the VN goes, it's pretty strait forward. This is a pretty low quality example, but shows the general working of the VN. You get sentences/paragraphs displayed which you click to speed up/continue, and read it like a normal book except with music and subtle character animation. These two elements really build up the environment around you and envelopes you into the scene. Furthermore, the characters all speak their respective lines, although they are in Japanese.

You also have control of Okabe's phone throughout the story. Depending on the calls you answer and the texts you respond to, it can change the ending. It's not too hard to get the endings (with occasional exception of the true ending), and it's pretty easy to figure out when the critical moments are that will rather end or continue the story: for example when Okabe is about to time leap, you have the option to go through with it or cancel it and see what happens.

You can also save at any point in the story as well, which is handy just before a time leap, that way you have quick access to both options of continuing or ending the story.

The VN is about 30 hours worth of content , and it is really awesome. Much more character development and deeper explanations behind the mechanics and potential outcomes of time travel.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

u/TheVelvetTear · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Oh, so are they complete like the one I had linked? These just seem to be individualized sets unlike this. Yeah. I've noticed the enormous prices they are wanting for these collectibles. I don't see myself purchasing any of this for awhile. The Organization is clearly artificially inflating the prices so I won't get my hands on everything!

That's what I thought. Every chapter you end up getting one scene with her and then if you've activated the flags, you'll get bombarded with texts. Though, I say that sparingly, as she doesn't actually send that much. From the visual novel standpoint, she can be attributed to stale, forced, or even overly Tsundere. Its not until later that you finally realize more of her character, and by then you've already pent up a burning hatred for her. I suppose it comes down to the individual person to decide who is best. We can like her all we want, but other's will think differently.

They just take the whole relationship thing a bit further with Luka. The bonus CG in the end was the icing on the cake for that entire ending. No other ending was that forward. I'm sure in context, you could imagine other ends being that way. After having completed the Kurisu ending today, I can say it rates pretty high up on the charts. It might just be alongside Luka's. Not once have I seen the Great Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyouma cry like that. He had shed tears previously in the Mayuri Ending, but it wasn't vocal. It wasn't an outright breakdown. It was an outright roller-coaster of feels. I can feel the True Ending creeping up on me. Its going get worse.

I'm sure we all want a figure like that. Though, to get that pose combination, you'd either have to mold them yourself or go ahead and drop your restraint for the Okabe and Kurisu Figma. The fascinating thing about these products, is Good Smile's attention to detail, and most especially the attention to joints. Now most people, including that of collectors, are innately terrified of joints. Joints as you seem to be worried about, ruin the style of a figure. This company attempts to hide those joints. I, from owning more than eight of them, can say that they are rather unnoticeable. They are like a still figure...that you can pose? Did I mention they come with detachable limbs that are premade for that specific pose? I work for the organization? Nonsense! I'm just showing you the light! No Kurisus or Okabes were harmed in the production of this post. If you like Steins;Gate, there is no other option than to own anything and everything Steins;Gate. Also, action figure is the wrong term. These are for display.

Bringing back the Kurisu Ending and events previous to the ending, I agree. Its moments like this were her character is capable of shining beyond that of The Great Tsunderstorm. She is more womanly in the VN. However, her potential to break down is higher than that of others. She is frail under that guise, just as Okabe is. This is definitely more humane and real. Her appearance in the VN far...FAR exceeds that of the anime. That is a whole new level of portrayal within the Visual Novel than what is represented in the anime. Its not unthinkable that person matures at an accelerated rate. I, myself, am way ahead of my class and always have been. I understood the world long before most people did.

It looks like a huge portion of Characters from the Science Adventure Series were ported over to the game. It still retains original character designs from the looks of it. Game-wise, it looks a bit poor for a fighting game.

Hes also worked on many other visual novels, and I am surprised I didn't notice it sooner. That movie soundtrack has got to be his best work. Its unreal.

u/BobTheLawyer · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Does 360 support youtube? You can watch it all on FUNimation's official youtube channel. They also have the first 4 episodes of the dub on youtube, if you prefer that.
That said, it's not HD, and the recommended subs are not the official ones. WhyNotSubs are usually what this sub recommends, which you'd have to find a way to acquire yourself (I do not believe this sub can publicly condone piracy). That said, if you do download it, I'd recommend purchasing the anime as well. $30 on amazon for 12 hours of anime is not a bad deal by any means, especially for a top anime like Steins;Gate.

You could just buy the dvds, and play those from your xbox, if you'd prefer that.

u/RCgamer77 · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Well I am not a music expert but I found this which the sheet credited to Takeshi Abo, so I guess this is the original one.
Of course if you want to get the sheet that is 100% guarantee to be the original one created by Takeshi Abo, you can buy the STEINS;GATE SOUNDTRACK(CD+CD-ROM) which contain the official piano sheet for Gate of Steiner.

u/Ankasammy · 1 pointr/steinsgate

I have the Blu-ray collection but from manga entertainment instead of funimation. Exact same text on the backside though. Picture is great, sound is great though the english feels a little sharp. Translation is good except for "too-too-roo", it's also quite difficult english compared to the fandub I watched before.

Haven't watched the extras unfortunately.

u/SpaceCowboy321 · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

I am hoping they will release it sooner than when Steins;Gate 0's dub is released because that would be a long time. I don't know about all the rights issues, but episode 23 β is just one episode, so I don't think it would take too long to dub and release. They already have had the rights to the movie for awhile, so I hope they have already started dubbing it. I am also hoping they will do a release like the new upcoming Japanese Blu-ray box set that includes the original series, the movie, and episode 23 β.

u/Jayfeather113 · 9 pointsr/steinsgate


That is definitely a bootleg. The cover looks cheap, and it is extremely rare for official releases to include everything in one item (Official releases of the TV series and Movie are separate items).

I'm going to assume you don't speak Japanese and are looking for a release with english subtitles, so:

I don't know what country you live in, which is important because of region codes.
If you are in North America you are fine with this one by Funimation, and there is a European release by Manga Entertainment but elsewhere you might be out of luck.

Also if you are just looking for Steins;Gate merchandise in general, like figures or music or something, these are legit sites.

u/killmore231 · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

Amazon has a bunch of new copies for right around $30, free shipping with prime. Best part is if you go through amazon fulfilled vendor and it doesn't have what was listed (ie. missing phone) they will take care of it no problem.

u/004_Makise_Kurisu · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

Are you sure about that? I just found it for $39.99 on Amazon. Unless this isn’t it.

Edit 1: I see what you mean about them being $70+ and that’s weird. Do they not produce or print anymore English copies or something? I’ll keep updating this with more links.

Edit 2: I can't even find a reason for it being so expensive, all I've noticed is I can barely find the original volume 1 anywhere. The only ones I can find are used and around $30+ or new around $70+. The only one I can find at a fair price is the 2016 loot anime edition which are $35 or under on Ebay. You may have to settle with that if you want a physical copy of volume 1 if you don't wanna break your bank. Here's the link to some Ebay listings.!18034!US!-1:rk:3:pf:0

u/FirstLight3368 · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

Currently the manga is only available in Japanese, but a listing on Amazon for an English version appeared not too long ago. May be worth the wait if it turns out to be true.

u/BPhoenix0 · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

Actually, that is the deluxe version. I had just done a search on Amazon before posting and didn't come up with that version at all. The one I thought you were talking about (because of the price similarity) was this.

Looks like it is around $60 with shipping and tax for that edition. Much better deal than the standard new on Amazon.

u/yuukino · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Unfortunately I'm almost positive that's a bootleg, especially since that figure runs more than $100 usually. This one however on Amazon, is actually from the Kotobukiya Amazon store, which is the manufacturer. So buying from that link would pretty much be guaranteed a genuine figure. Unfortunately since it's a pretty old figure, she's really hard to find new, so sites like AmiAmi wouldn't carry her.

u/CommanderSputnik · 4 pointsr/steinsgate

Wow, I’m so envious!

Here’s the link, I don’t know if everything’s ok because I live in Europe:

u/waterflame321 · 3 pointsr/steinsgate

Well really it just comes down to do you watch to continue saving or do you want to buy the game?

If you have prime(or haven't used your prime trial) then you can get 20% the ps4 version and free shipping! -

Meaning instead of $59.99 you'll only be paying $47.99(+tax so like $2.30) so you'd be paying $50.23 so you'd be saving $9 :p !

u/nfsrookie · 8 pointsr/steinsgate

Yes it is. I own the same one brother!

Amen to best girl.

Still thinking about buying this one aswell tho. My heart says yes, but my wallet says no.

u/Pandalovar1Hundred · 4 pointsr/steinsgate

I got mine on amazon for $37. It's actually a reasonable price considering you get all the episodes in the series plus the OVA on Blu Ray and DVD. I highly recommend this to all fans, and it also supports the creators of the show. It's a win-win situation.

u/comestible_lemon · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

Not that I condone piracy, but I found this during my search for the soundtrack in the past. That page has download links for, as far as I can tell, every single piece of Steins;Gate-related music.

If you're interested in actually buying it, here are a few of the places which have it for sale:




u/UGamer81 · 3 pointsr/steinsgate

Depends on where you're at, really. I'm going to assume you're not looking for the Japanese box set or individual volumes, so...

In the U.S. and most other places (Region A), there's a complete Blu-ray set for Steins;Gate, two of them in fact: (BD only) (BD and DVD)

In the U.K. and Europe (Region B), Manga Entertainment has the distribution for it:

There currently isn't a complete series set for Steins;Gate 0, and there won't be for a while, give it another year or so. It's available in two sets, Part 1 (which also has a limited edition), and Part 2:

Region 1 (U.S.):

Region 2 (U.K./Europe)

Note that these will all be in English with English sub/dub options. If you're trying to be more specific, such as looking for it in a particular language or country, like Germany or something, let me know. Might be a little less straightforward tracking down, but it can probably be done.

u/JGZinv · 1 pointr/steinsgate

This lab coat in 52 is about as large as you can get, and okabe cosplayer approved.

u/artemisxrpg · 1 pointr/steinsgate

This has some soundtracks from both the game and anime i think. I'm sure you can find others if you look around on google. And if that doesn't work, there is youtube.

u/medicosaurus · 2 pointsr/steinsgate


At 32 dollars for the combined Blu-ray/DVD set, not too bad, huh?

u/yarkol · 3 pointsr/steinsgate

If you pre order amazon will give you the lowest price its been at since you ordered once its out. Its 35.99 on, so maybe they will put it on an even better sale on .com too. Basically have nothing to lose by preorder ordering and then cancelling later if you change your mind

u/maskofsin · 1 pointr/steinsgate

I'm guessing it's not true, I doubt EU will get it first.
Here's amazon us date:
This item will be released on November 1, 2016.

u/Sharinflan · 1 pointr/steinsgate

The only way of getting it is by buying the Steins Gate Fenoguramu of Linear Constraint Limited Edition.

You can buy it on Amazon, if you search for it.

If you don't want to buy used, try the Amazon JP

u/Enorovan · 6 pointsr/steinsgate

This is just a style of lighting, granted, here it might be overexposed, yet this is totally Nae, and this is one of the Japanese blu-ray covers for the Robotics;Notes Anime so there is no reason for it to have Kurisu. Also, the sunglasses are Nae's trademark in R;N.

u/Honaris · 2 pointsr/steinsgate

The UK release does contain the OVA as episode 25 if that's the release you were considering.
Edit: You can import the JP Limited Edition copy of the movie, that particular edition actually has english subtitles. We are getting an official western release some time next year though so you may just want to wait.

u/ieaturchicken · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Thanks for the advice. I didn't know this was the standard movie. The title says it includes the extras, unless the title is misleading? It says it here, unless I am looking at the wrong one amazon listings