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u/ProfessorNiedermeier · 4 pointsr/stephenking

The version you're looking for is available on Amazon under the same listing in paperback and hardcover, though I imagine the price is significantly more than the one you received. You can also try AbeBooks or Alibris.

It's generally not a good idea to shop for collectible/OOP books on Amazon. Amazon targets the casual reader, not collectors and uses bots to keep the listing pages neat and free from multiples. Hence, there's usually only 1 or 2 listings for any given book, even if there's dozens of editions. (Even if, as in this case, the newest edition is missing 25% of the original. Odds are that there were originally different listings for the new version, but then the bots got to it & merged them.) If you're looking for a particular cover or printing, you have to dig through & check the description on each offering under that listing and hope there's some clue there as to which edition that particular seller is offering. You can also click on the "Collectible" option (as I did in the links above), but you'll find that those are generally priced well above average market price.

u/GunnerMcGrath · 2 pointsr/stephenking

For the record we're talking about a single book called The Bachman Books that contains the original 4 stories he published as Bachman, not the individually printed novels. Those are quite rare, I'm sure, and Rage is definitely out of print for a good long time. But this book is just a reprint of those novels and can be found pretty easily.

u/jorash · 5 pointsr/stephenking

This may be how it is in the US but over in the UK this isn't a problem. My current set of DT is consistent and lines up nicely on my shelf.

My previous set was also a complete set. So if you want a good set you might want to look at ordering from the uk.

u/GrumpingIt · 1 pointr/stephenking

Heads up, the UK Publisher Hodder & Stoughton has all 8 Dark Tower novels and the Complete Concordance as a matching set, and on amazon it would actually cost me less to have the H&S set shipped all the way from the UK than it would to preorder this set. That's the 7 main books, Wind Through the Keyhole, AND the concordance, whereas I'm pretty sure this set available for preorder is only the 7 main series novels. I saw the H&S books in person in China and they're beautiful, so if this set doesn't look super beautiful or have SOMETHING better than the H&S set, I'm getting the H&S set instead. The H&S books are all available on as well as eBay.

Here are links for books 1-7, WttK, and a copy of the concordance.

The Gunslinger

Drawing of The Three

Waste Lands

Wizard & Glass

Wolves of the Calla

Song of Susannah

The Dark Tower

Wind Through The Keyhole

Dark Tower: Complete Concordance

u/HugoNebula · 2 pointsr/stephenking

There were a few books of collected interviews with King published in the '80s - Bare Bones is possibly the best of these, though the same editors' Kingdom of Fear and Feast of Fear are as good. Most of the pre-2000 interviews were with print magazines and don't exist online, so these collected books are maybe your only bet for older interviews.

u/NorswegianFrog · 2 pointsr/stephenking

From Wikipedia (pretty much accurate):

> When the novel was originally published in 1978, Doubleday believed the readers would be averse to such a long book, and that The Stand would be a bigger seller if it was much shorter. Stephen King cut approximately 400 pages (around 150,000 words) from the original manuscript.

> In 1990, a new unabridged edition of The Stand was published, billed as "The Complete & Uncut Edition". Published in hardcover by Doubleday in May 1990, this became the longest book published by King at 1152 pages. This edition reinstates most of the deleted pages (as selected by King), as well as updates the setting from the 1980s to the 1990s. This new edition features a new preface by Stephen King, and illustrations by Bernie Wrightson.

> Additionally, Doubleday published a deluxe edition of The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, limited to 1,250 numbered copies and 52 lettered copies. This edition, known as the "Coffin Box" edition due to the book being housed in a wooden case, was signed by Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson.

The 1978 version was about 700 pages or so (for some reason, 600+ sticks in my head). That's the original I'm referring to. I'm not aware of a version with 1,400 pages. Where did you get it?

Here's a link to the 1978 edition on amazon.

This listing on amazon UK is for a copy weighing in at 1344 pages. Doorstop time. ;-)

u/lokivii · 2 pointsr/stephenking

I was amazed when I found out there was a The Stand graphic novel, and then even more blown away by the existence of The Dark Tower in graphic novel form.

u/thejonnyMAGNUM · 2 pointsr/stephenking

Those are pretty!! I've never seen these printings before!

EDIT - Amazon link for those interesting in owning their own

u/Jeffbx · 1 pointr/stephenking

Sorry, it's Secret Windows:

It was only released through Book Of The Month Club - there was never a trade version sold. But pretty easy to find.

u/Tia00017 · 2 pointsr/stephenking

Not to the extent of my knowledge. You can thank Viking and contracting for that. Closest you'll get is the Scribner boxed set. Has pretty much the same illustrations.

u/TheYellowBus · 2 pointsr/stephenking

The price differential was only about $20 on amazon. Worth the price and I didn't own or read books 2 or 3 yet. Needless to say I'm excited!

u/Maturin_7 · 3 pointsr/stephenking

But you should also know that if you go on Amazon and pick the Stand, you can find an extremely discounted version of a nice hardcover. It’s usually $50, now $11. Here it is:

u/nsturk725 · 1 pointr/stephenking

Count me in!

For those looking to get the book through Amazon, I found that the Mass Market Paperback is in stock at the following page .

However, if you go to the general popular "IT" book page, it says everything is out of stock.

u/Peerke105 · 1 pointr/stephenking

Let's get some things straight.
It's not just book 1, 2 and 3.
If you look at Product Details is states that it has 4720 pages.

These covers also seem to be new. Not movie tie-in either. Im guessing this based on my new find.l
I've found covers for books 2, 3 and 4 on amazon which wi be released December 27. The letters of SK's name seem to be in line with the new SK covers from Simon and Schuster. The release date is also very close to the boxset.
The Gunslinger is on amazon as well, but without a cover. Books 4.5 - 7 I didnt find.


u/SHD1313 · 3 pointsr/stephenking

Bachman books. It's a collections of the Bachman books. Found it for like 12$ at a used book store

The Bachman Books: Four Early Novels (Plume) by Richard Bachman et al.

u/Funkentelechy · 1 pointr/stephenking

According to Amazon, it'll be a proper length novel (576 pages).

u/Newt_sCharmander · 1 pointr/stephenking

Do they have this as well? My Dad has like every Stephen King book ever but he didn't have this one

u/PartysaurusRexx · 1 pointr/stephenking

Yep. The books are called Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and End of Watch.

u/patcoston · 6 pointsr/stephenking

How are you reading The Institute? It's release date is September 10, 2019.

u/Maester_Magus · 1 pointr/stephenking

Lone dude walking down a long road, and LOTS of brown. Not a bad cover, but I prefer yours.

u/GreatJman · 7 pointsr/stephenking

Not all copies are the same page count? Death of Patrick Hockstetter starts on page 819 in the new paperback copy I'm reading. The chapter you're referencing happens in the first 1/4 of the book...